Topic: The talking stages of Dawn of the Dead 2

The Dawn of the Dead remake is one remake that i can honestly say that i enjoyed, And in the near future i think that there will eventualy be a Dawn of the Dead 2, It has been said that dotd2 will not be a remake to Day of the Dead ( ) theres already a remake to that in works, It makes me wonder what kind of story line will Dawn of the Dead 2 have, Feel free to share your thoughts

Re: The talking stages of Dawn of the Dead 2

Actually this is something I have always wanted them to do with the original Dawn of the Dead.. So this could be interesting.. Although I think it will turn into sort of a big Zombi 2.. If you remember the ending they land on an island that is inhabited with tons of zombies.. It would be interesting.. I'd like to see if they can get some of the original cast back though..

Re: The talking stages of Dawn of the Dead 2

Definatly agree Goon.  Now all they need is a rave, a house, a crazy gun smuggling German, just kidding.  Too good to resist.

But, it would be cool to have them clearing out the island of zombies, trying to eek out a living and maybe butt heads with another group of survivors who lands.

But, of course, original cast.  Hopefully they will.  And of course if it is done well.  I hope if this gets steam Zach Synder will consider coming back to direct.