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i think they start at 9pm this sunday the 22nd on FUSE

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The Scream awards were better, the dumb ass crap they were doing in between awards with Jamie Kennedy was beyond stupid. The did give a well deserved award to TDR and a few others but mainly it was crap. If I were Fangoria I would be ashamed to have my name on that show. Just my opinion though.

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I agree with hard2kill.
It could have been done so much better, darker,creepier, cooler, instead they tried too hard and it looked plastic and was boring. Rob Zombie and Sheri were a breath of fresh air in an otherwise cloying atmosphere.

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Agree with both of you.  The stage should have been made more into a graveyard or a morgue.  Zombie hands like rise from the graves to hand the envelope or something like that.  I did like pulling the body apart to get the tag..but that was about it.

It seemed too much like the MTV Movie and Music Video Awards in apperance and style spare horror was the primary focus.  Rob and Sheri Zombie were both great to see, along with Englund...and Garris' acceptance speech for Masters of Horror was short, but hit hard about Masters showing horror is more than just remakes and sequels. 

The Lifetime Achievement Award....what the hell?  A Gangsta Hood version of Death?  I thought it would have gone to Robert Englund.  But, they should have given it to Roger Corman imo for all the careers he has started and all the classics he has been associated with.  Or Hooper, Romero, Garris, Argento...anyone...that GH Death just made me about turn it off.

They need to change, make it more more creepy and macabre on stage and stuff.  Better comedy stuff too.  That alone plus giving the Lifetime Achievement Award to someone would have been better.

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The Chainsaw Awards was more of annoyance than something I could enjoy.  Sure there were somethings which made it good, like Garris' speech and Robert Englund, but other things just made me want to throw the TV off the roof of my building.  In short, a list of things which I greatly disliked:

1) The Lifetime Achievement Award:  It should have gone to someone who has had a profound impact on the horror genre.  It should not have been taken as something foolish and unrealistic.  If anything, it should have been more like the Academy Award given for people who have made a great impact on movie history.  But no, it went to a trashy hood rat Death.  That was horrible... since when did Death (who found his origins in Greece) become gangster?

2) The Fake Leatherface:  The fact that so many countless people will believe that guy is the only Leatherface was a disappointment.  In my opinion, when they were asking for Leatherface, the guy should have said he could not do it but someone else could, and then they bring on Gunar Hansen.  Hansen is the true Leatherface, and this guy is nothing but a mockery.

3) The Damien Kid Winning?:  Oh, how I despise the remake of horror movies and even more when it is stuff like The Omen.  When that kid accepted the award and threw the little paper airplace I wish Freddy could have come out and killed that kid.  Ellen Paige, in my opinion, should have won for Hard Candy.  She was scarier and truly evil.