Amorosa The Revenge (2012) Movie Review


Amorosa_(Filipino_Film)Philippines has been dabbling in the art of horror films even before the 2nd World War began and after decades, it has steadily grown from a determined effort to truly frighten us into a mediocre task to bring us cheap scares. I must admit that not all Filipino horror films deliver the right amount of fear, paranoia or even gore, for that matter. Since the dawn of the 21st century, I realized how Philippine horror has slowly declined from being unique and terrifying in its own way into film reels of copycat story lines. Although, there are still a few that have been released and are yet to be released that brings enough promise in igniting the industry’s reputation and taking it up a notch. Thus, I present to you: Amorosa The Revenge.

The film tells the tale of a dedicated mother of two teenage boys: one who is slowly being blinded from a hereditary disease and the youngest one being the least given attention. They come upon an accident leaving the mother widowed and with the responsibility to take care of the two boys by herself. Apart from their story, the plot also tells of a young woman (the year probably set in the early 80s) who was tricked into going inside a derelict house by her suitor, only to be raped and killed by him and two of his friends. Back to the present, the widowed mother is now set to stay at this said house (now refurbished into a B & B) with her sons, only to realize that they’ve just walked into a bigger problem that will endanger their lives.

The story is complex due to the fact that the film itself does not focus on a single protagonist but gives equal attention to the cast itself, making the acting crew the entire protagonist and antagonist. Despite the complexity of the story, the writers and director alike made the best effort to have it arranged and organized as much as possible. I’ve noticed that past Philippines horror films put so much effort into their special effects that they almost ignore the plot and its characters. It may not be completely flawless but it was smooth enough to get my full attention and brain span. I loved how the story of the movie branched out instead of moving on a timeline pace; I guess that for me is one of the better factors that makes a horror film effective in every aspect. On a scare factor scale: it wasn’t as scary as everyone else thought it would be. The thrill, twist and plot makes up for it really well and I’ve got to say, this is one of the very very few Philippine horror films that impressed me enough. I love the atmosphere each character had around them because you could really feel their strenuous situation and their plight of worry, confusion, doubt and fear. It was that good. Although, they could have justified the twist plot part of the story, worked on the climax scenes and readjusted their ending a tad bit more. Other than that, Amorosa is definite recommendation. If any of you do watch it, you’re free to contradict my opinions below 😉

3.5 / 5 stars     


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