Halloween Horror Films: Best Horror Movies of 2011

Herner Klenthur

Halloween is almost upon us and that means more excuses as to why we should all be watching even more horror films than normal. We have already shared quite a few top lists with you and we have no plans on slowing down anytime soon.

This go around I wanted to share some Halloween Horror Film ideas based off the votes of our community. This is honestly the hardest lists for me to do since I have to set aside my own opinion and list films based on overall site consensus. As somebody who is a huge fan of 80’s horror movies it’s hard to forget that there is a new generation of fans who have different tastes then mine that are just as equally valid as my own.

We have had almost 300,000 votes on our film database and 2011 is one of the most popular years with our readers. So here are the Top 10 Horror films of 2011 based off your votes which should be a good starting point for what you should watch or re-watch this Halloween.

#10) Apollo 18

I am quite shocked that Apollo 18 stole the number ten spot for best horror film of 2011. Frankly I think that Apollo 18 is not deserving of a top films list but this is not MY list it’s the communities list and once again I have to remember to set my feelings aside. I for one would have put Attack The Block, HELL or even RED STATE in its place but based off the overall votes Apollo 18 ranked higher. If anything this movie will certainly put a new found fear of the moon into many of you. [ Available on Netflix USA to Stream ]

#9) The Woman

This movie is very deserving of recogniition and made many top lists as one of the most well thought out and disturbing films of the last decade. The Woman is a film based off the work of Jack Ketchum which is a perverse view on religion, the role of the man in a family and how quickly things can unravel even in the most well managed families. I can honestly say that I love just about every film based off of a Jack Ketchum book. [ Available on Netflix USA to Stream ]

#8) Final Destination 5

The Final Destination movies long ago stopped being much more than a venue for showing off 3D mutilation but that does not change the fact that it works. Final Destination 5 did not win any critical awards but just as PIRANHA is effective because it’s all about b-movie cheese and TNA, Final Destination 5 works for it’s in your face over the top kills in 3D.

#7) Fright Night

I am not a genre fan who craps on horror remakes just because it’s a remake. The Dawn of the Dead remake was outstanding as was the Hills Have Eyes and I Spit on your Grave proving that with some thought and effort a horror remake doesn’t have to be a complete waste of film.  I was very dubious of how well the Fright Night remake would end up especially with Colin Farrell starring but I have to confess it is one of the better remakes of our time and all and all deserving to make the list.

#6) Paranormal Activity 3

I hate to admit it but I have never seen a single Paranormal Activity movie. The nauseating marketing spoon feeding how terrifying the first film was turned me off.  My feelings and views aside the film has been a massive hit and made Paramount more money than many can even begin to comprehend and built a film franchise that fans rave about. One day perhaps I will experience it and stop being such a snob [ Available on Netflix USA to Stream ]

#5) Grave Encounters

You just finished reading what I had to say about Paranormal Activity and for whatever reason I thought Grave Encounters was a low budget cash in on the concept. Clearly since the film has gotten top ranking from our community I need to get past that and watch Grave Encounters on its own merits. [ Available on Netflix USA to Stream ]

#4) Super 8

JJ Abrams Super 8 is an interesting scifi monster movie that is heavy on nostalgia. As a fan of Close Encounters and ET this movie brought back some fond memories. Although clearly developed for a younger more tame audience then a true blue horror fan there is no denying that the movie was a well polished monster movie that pays tribute to a better time for sci-fi scares.


#3) Troll Hunter

Not since JAWS and Godzilla has there been a finer monster movie in my view. Troll Hunter is not only one of the best films of 2011 it is also one of the best foreign films of all time, one of the top monster movies of all time and I would say one of the best horror films of the decade.  Troll Hunter is one of the few great movies of our time with an emphasis on character and storytelling and an absence of cliché scares and massive special effects. [ Available on Netflix USA to Stream ]

#2) I Saw The Devil

What happens when a deranged killer murders the fiancée of a government assassin? The heinous villain becomes the victim and the hero see’s the devil within. This is easily one of the best thrillers of the last 20 years and is one of the most intelligent and powerful movies I have ever seen. If you love movies that are not afraid to make you think, kick you in the balls and then rip out your throat I Saw The Devil is for you. I Saw The Devil is brutal, intelligent and just simply outstanding. [ Available on Netflix USA to Stream ]

#1) Insidious

James Wan’s insidious is one of those movies that depending on when you ask me I will say I love it, or am only luke warm on it. It is filled with cliché scares and boogey men but in the same breath it is a true homage to classic movies like Evil Dead and Exorcist. This is the closest thing to an 80’s horror movie that modern film fans can experience in theaters. INSIDIOUS was polarizing but even I have to agree it’s a deserving movie for best horror film of 2011 and although it would not be #1 on my list it would definitely be close. [ Available on Netflix USA to Stream ]

So there you have it 10 horror films to watch this Halloween that were released in 2011 based off the views of our community. Curious what other movies almost made the list? Go checkout the Top 52 Horror Films of 2011 and rate a few of them while you are there.

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