Trailer for Brillante Mendoza’s New Horror Film SAPI


Ah! Brillante Mendoza is at it again with a new project on a more horror prospect. I may not entirely be a fan of Mendoza but I personally enjoyed Kinatay and Masahista and honestly, his new film is giving me enough anticipation. Upon watching the teaser, I can’t help but wonder what enticed Brillante to pursue in the direction of horror. Is it a motive of self-improvement or just the mere thought of jumping the shark to see how it’s all going to go? But that’s just me and my simple opinion.

From the trailer, the film SAPI shows actor Dennis Trillo as a journalist covering a story on what appears to be students possessed by demons and evil spirits. The character is accompanied by two others, played by Baron Geisler and Meryll Soriano, in helping him document these activities.

I’ve the translated and transcribed the dialogue according to the teaser but mind you, some words weren’t clear namely the name of the school and the remarks towards the end. But I tried and I could only make out “What is that?” and of course, a few screams.

UNSEEN PERSON: Is your audio OK? Is it OK now? OK, we’re rolling! Rolling!

[Dennis Trillo]: Wrapped in utter fear and a strange phenomenon is [UNCLEAR] National High School. We can clearly hear the screams of those students that are believed to be possessed by evil spirits.


Release Dates are yet to be announced.

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      1. Gershom March 11, 2013 at 4:11 pm

        Glad there’s more news on Filipino horror here! 😀