Aftermath (2014)
Written by Chris Savage, June 12, 2014
The devastating horror of a nuclear apocalypse is now reality and nine desperate strangers find themselves clinging to life in a farmhouse cellar, while radioactive fallout descends on the darkened world above. These would-be survivors face the nightmare of dwindling supplies, poisonous air and the greatest threat of all — the hordes of zombie-like refugees

The Last Light (2013)
Written by The Cryptkeeper, May 17, 2014
Seven strangers find themselves trapped in an unknown institution after an unexplainable apocalyptic event.

Aftermath (2014)
Written by The Cryptkeeper, April 18, 2014
When the devastating horror of a nuclear apocalypse becomes a reality, nine strangers find themselves holed up together in a farmhouse cellar. These would-be survivors are faced with dwindling supplies, radioactive air and the greatest threat of all – the hordes of zombie-like refugees who want in.

Stitch (2014)
Written by Chris Savage, January 7, 2014
Stitch follows the story of grieving parents as they cope with the loss of their young daughter. At the height of their desperation, they turn to their best friends for healing advice, who lead them into the deep desert for a weekend ritual meant to burn away emotional baggage. Unfortunately the amateur ritual goes awry,

Crave (2013)
Written by Chris Savage, November 15, 2013
Aiden (Josh Lawson) craves a better life. A life away from his gruesome job as a crime scene photographer, working alongside his detective friend Pete (Ron Perlman). A meaningful life where he can escape the hard streets of Detroit, fall in love with the perfect woman and save the world from evil. As Aiden’s dark