Volumes of Blood
Written by Chris Savage, October 4, 2015
Five tales of dread are interwoven when a sociology student gathers several of his friends at the local library on Halloween night to help him create a new urban legend with deadly consequences. Lily is in for a late night of researching and needs something to keep her going. It isn’t until she’s approached by

The Bad Man (2015)
Written by Chris Savage, October 3, 2015
The Bad Man centers on a young couple who are kidnapped in their own home by a homicidal clown who begins training them to become sex objects that he will sell at auction to a cult of wealthy deviants.

Kill, Granny, Kill!
Written by Chris Savage, January 8, 2015
Answering an in-home help ad for an elderly woman, Abby Daniels leaves family and friends for a remote farmhouse in the country. But all is not as it seems with her fluffy employer, whose locked doors and cellar seem to be hiding some unusual hobbies. When she drunkenly sneaks her boyfriend into the house, breaking

The Hospital (2013)
Written by The Cryptkeeper, December 14, 2013
Old St. Leopold’s Hospital has many urban legends surrounding it, but the residents of Bridgeport all agree on one thing: tortured souls roam its abandoned halls. The mystery proves too much for a pretty young student who decides to investigate for her senior class project. Unfortunately, she does not find ghosts. She, instead, finds Stanley…