American Guinea Pig: Song of Solomon
Written by Chris Savage, July 16, 2017
Mary witnesses the brutal suicide of her Father. His death unleashes the savage forces of demonic possession in his daughter. The End of Days is upon the world, famine, drought, looting and chaos is ripping the world apart and the Catholic Church is trying to save an innocent soul from the ravages of satanic possession.

Adam K
Written by Chris Savage, August 25, 2016
When a lonely, awkward insurance claims adjuster is rejected, only the blood of his victims can keep him warm. In this horror/thriller – referred to as “Sadistic, Vile and Will Get Your Attention!” and “A Dementedly, Fucked Up Slice of Humanity” – watch as ADAM K kills to be your friend.

An Ending
Written by The Cryptkeeper, April 17, 2016
No official plot has been revealed at this time.

Red Eye (2016)
Written by The Cryptkeeper, March 20, 2016
Set in the backwoods of Black Creek West Virginia, RED EYE is the tale of a group of friends who set out to document a local legend. Will their passion bleed? or Cross the line?

Truth or Dare (2014)
Written by Herner Klenthur, June 16, 2014
The plot of the film revolves around 6 friends who find internet stardom when they make “truth or dare” videos online. It is all fun and games until their number one fan decides he wants to play. Nothing is what it seems, and everyone has something to hide…

Save Yourself (2014)
Written by Chris Savage, June 5, 2014
Five women on a road trip to LA cross paths with a deranged mad scientist.

Sisters (2014)
Written by Chris Savage, May 22, 2014
Sisters is the story of Gwen, Selene, Ana and Skye. They are four sisters, sharing a house together and also happen to be witches. Gwen is dating Ray, an abusive, alcoholic jerk. One night Ray goes too far in his abuse and Gwen accidentally kills him. The sisters bury Ray’s body in the woods, hoping

Written by Chris Savage, February 25, 2014
An agoraphobic unwed mother finds her psyche unraveling as she becomes convinced that her unborn child is more monster than human.

A Grim Becoming
Written by Chris Savage, November 12, 2013
A tale about a young, bitter executive who has the unfortunate experience of seeing a Grim Reaper at work. This sighting results in the man becoming a Reaper and having to explore his own conscience and the lengths he will go to get his own life back.