Brides of Satan
Written by Chris Savage, October 30, 2016
When a gang of satanic strippers kidnaps an innocent young couple, a horrifying scenario ensues leaving the sole survivor and her newfound family of social outcasts to band together and seek revenge against the sadistic cult.

Marilyn: Zombie Hunter
Written by Chris Savage, March 24, 2016
1961. Beauty Queen. Movie Legend. The world is obsessed with her, with her films and her personal life. But, what they didn’t know was that she was protecting us. Her late night trips to the White House were just the beginning of what the world believed was a scandal. A mutated strain of the Bubonic

A Blood Story
Written by Chris Savage, June 10, 2015
A Blood Story centers on the discovery of the legendary Fountain of Youth and the awaking of a centuries old demon that unleashes upon the guests of a nearby villa, subjecting them to unspeakable acts of depravity, perversion and murder.

Lizzie Borden’s Revenge
Written by The Cryptkeeper, January 21, 2014
A group of sorority girls are having a slumber party at their house. One of the new sorority girls is Leslie Borden, a descendant of the infamous Lizzie Borden family. They believe that they are holding a harmless séance to conjure the ghost of Lizzie. But they get locked in the house with an evil,

The Mangled (2013)
Written by The Cryptkeeper, November 3, 2013
The Mangled tells the bloody tale of a family celebrating a 25th anniversary on a rainy night in Southern, Texas. When four twenty-somethings come pounding on their door desperate for help. And one of them serious injured. But as the night goes on, we find out the Bates have secrets of their own. Cletus is