Scrapped Deadgirl 2 Script Surfaces Online

Britta Moline

Deadgirl 2 may never make it to theaters, but like its titular hottie, it’s come back from the dead.

Deadgirl is one of the best modern horror films. Period. Criminally underrated, deliriously joyful, and ruefully short, Deadgirl was a spark of promise in a dull genre. Like a lot of indie horror, Deadgirl didn’t quite get the reception it deserved, but it became an unsurprising cult-classic.

Rumors of a sequel cropped up, and were recently, unfortunately, put down by the film’s writer Trent Haaga. “I’m not going to get into all of the terrible particulars that killed the project, but needless to say the outcome wasn’t pretty,” Haaga wrote on his blog, going on to say that it probably will never see the light of day and, certainly, not without his participation.

But good movies (like good zombies) never really die. Haaga graciously posted the entire script for Deadgirl 2 online. It’s fascinating, it’s gross, it’s funny, it’s shocking and, best of all, it’s morally ambiuous– it’s everything the original Deadgirl was (minus the excellent Noah Seagan). It’s a terrible pity it will never be filmed, but if you’re a horror fan, trust me on this one and check it out.

Morbidly obese zombie and woodchippers. That’s all I have to say.

Deadgirl 2 Script


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