8 Erotic Horror Movie Scenes Gone Wrong

Herner Klenthur

It goes without saying that some horror films can be pretty damn erotic and in many cases it ends quite badly. In some cases it is done with good taste and adds to the film and in others its blatant, cliche and although hot…. quite lame. Whether it be character development, comedy, or in some cases nothing more then gratuitous TNA there are quite a few erotic horror scenes in film that end oh so badly.

I prefer not to watch movies that yes blatant sex to drive the story just as I do not enjoy watching horror movies that rely on gore and nothing else. I like to think I have taste and although I love carnage and I definitely love a hot looking chick but I want it done in good taste and with some reason. Not just random boobs and beheading.

With that said here are 8 of the most erotic horror movie scenes in horror… that end badly. This thread does not contain nudity but is adult in nature of course. I have taken the time to put pasties over any naughty bits since we try to avoid anything pornographic on the site. Some of these Erotic Horror Movie Scenes are in good taste, some not so much but all erotic without a doubt.

Linnea Quigley, Return of the Living Dead Strip Tease

 The photo below courtesy of SFTH pretty much says it all. If you cant quite read it, it says ‘Warning Really Awesome Boobies’. There was really nothing not to like about Return of the Living Dead but when you combine a funny story, some great characters and one of the most erotic strip teases ever done in a cemetery you have a winning formula in my books.

The strip down was fantastic, entertaining and really told alot about her character ‘TRASH’. This one goes wrong in a hurry when Trash finds herself being ripped to pieces by a bunch of zombies while half naked.

Selma Hayek Gets Near Naked as Santanico Pandemonium in From Dusk Til Dawn:

This one was one that came when Justin and I were talking earlier today. This is easily one of the most erotic and telling vampire movies in a film. Vampires are supposed to seduce you, draw you in then pounce and make you into flesh meat.

Salma Hayek did EXACTLY that. Not a single man alive was not mesmerized by her role as the suck head Santanico Pandemonium and if you say you were not… you are just not a real man. :) This one goes wrong when Salma gets hungry for blood and meets her doom at the end of a chandelier

Julianne Guill’s Sex Scene in the Friday the 13th Remake:

This one will go down as the most blatant non essential pornographic moment I have seen in awhile. Admittedly Julianne Guill is INSANELY hot and was gifted by god with her completely natural assets but why they felt the need to have a 10minute hump fest is beyond me.

It left next to nothing to the imagination and was so off the wall I fast forwarded through most of it. I like everyone else appreciates a good looking chick and the odd booby flash ( especially when they are real which is so rare ) but if I wanted a porn I would get one… and I don’t.

So erotic yes.. but also way off the wall and un needed. This one goes wrong when said naked chick… yes you guessed it… gets it from JASON… dun dun dun. When will they learn that the #2 cliche of a horror remake is the chick who gets naked and screws… gets dead. Photo courtesy of Fleshbot. Caption for PG sakes courtesy of my awesome photoshop skills.

Psycho Shower Scene:

 We can all probably agree the remake of Psycho was really not very good but I have to say that the shower scene in both films was very well done and not truly erotic in every sense of the word but it still added a ‘sexy’ element to the film.

At least until the deranged killer turned up and whacked her in the shower with a kitchen knife.

The innocence that it brought to the character and the ‘unease’ of the situation made it at first sexual, and then very much tragic character moment.

Shannon Elizabeth Has a Bad Experience With Jack Frost in the Bathtub:

Jack Frost is one of the best b-movies I have seen. It is so cheesy but it is also really well done and oh so awesome.

It tells the story of a snowman possessed by a killer that you guessed it… kills. One of the pivotal, cheesy and insane moments is when Shannon Elizabeth strips down to take a bath. Highly sexy it shows just enough to keep you interested while remaining in good taste. It then however takes a quick u-turn into WTF land. This one goes all wrong when evil Frost The Snowman shows up.

I am really not quite sure how she died but I am pretty sure she got molested by the snow man. Not at all erotic but definitely off the wall and weird. Classic B-Movie Cheese that worked because of the context of the film.

I Stink of Flesh Zombie ‘Garage Scene’

This movie will go down in history as having THE most messed up moment. It much like Jack Frost is over the top and somewhat funny because of the context but Stink of Flesh takes it to all new levels.

The movie is very very low budget and definitely has its low points but without question the ending of this film and the ‘garage scene’ are not truly erotic… but definitely twisted and funny as hell.

It made my sexy list just so you would go watch it and contemplate how messed up I am. :) Those of you who have scene it are no doubt chuckling. I don’t want to give it away so here is a photo of Goon and the star of the movie.

Jack ketchums the Lost:

Next up we have Robin Sydney from Jack Ketchums the Lost. A highly disturbing Hitchcockian film which I strongly encourage you all to check it out.

Robin delivered as the super hot chick who gets lucky with the killer on the beach. Easily one of the most erotic scenes in a horror film. I have not seen this movie in quite some time but I am pretty sure the Gone Wrong moment happens when she ‘gets it’ in the end.

Christa Campbell’s Insane 2001 Maniacs Sex Scene

Campbell gets all kinds of naked and has all kinds of fun with a lucky stud… who she then kills. Can you say Black Widow? Its a pretty erotic moment that is cheesy that turns quickly to WTF … save me now.. run run run.


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      1. Kyle Styres August 9, 2012 at 2:19 am

        i haven’t seen any of these movies :(

        • HorrorMovies December 6, 2012 at 1:32 pm

          I am shocked you have not seen ANY of these. Some are real gems go check em out.

      2. Eric DeTrask August 9, 2012 at 8:37 pm

        What about Teeth? All the sex scenes end up with a guy getting castrated. That’s a pretty messed up movie. (funny too)

        • HorrorMovies December 6, 2012 at 1:31 pm

          GREAT call. TEETH Should have made the list.

      3. Ron Nocella August 10, 2012 at 12:25 am

        Youve never seen Psycho?! Poor thing. You need to immediately log onto Amazon and purchase this. Dont ask questions. Just do it. lol

        • HorrorMovies December 6, 2012 at 1:31 pm

          If I said I did not see PSYCHO I was clearly off my meds. I definitely have lol