Foreign Horror Films

First Poster & Trailer for Sadako 3D 2
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 323 days ago.
Well, I’ll be honest. I didn’t see this one coming. But it appears as if Sadako 3D 2 is on the way, in fact its closer than you think. The film is actually slated for a release in Japan this August 3oth!  So yeah, if you haven’t seen the first one yet, you’d better get [...]

Golden Scene Announces Fruit Chan’s The Midnight After
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 334 days ago.
After nearly a decade, Fruit Chan (Dumpling’s) is returning to Hong Kong to unleash a brand new feature for us all which is entitled The Midnight After. According to Screen Daily, Golden Scene will b e producing the sci-fi thriller The Midnight After, which is based upon the best selling novel Lost On A Minibus From [...]

India Horror Goa Gone Is Ready To Bite
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 340 days ago.
Another first for India! So yeah, zombies are so really far from stepping down the pedestal of the horror entertainment industry. In spite of so many films, series, games, etc. about every possible zombie that Man has ever known (and created), our drive for anything media-related to the living dead will never die. That being said, [...]

SADAKO 3D Sequel Announced
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 340 days ago.
Yes, folks! You read that right! Mr. Nakata’s film adaptation franchise of Ringu is on a roll and is making its way into the next half of 2013 with a 3D sequel to Sadako 3D. The joy! Announced last October with little details pertaining to the sequel, a teaser of the disturbing continuation was streamed on [...]

Zombies Fear the Living in Zombie World
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 345 days ago.
Well, talk about turning the sub-genre on its head or what!? Here we have our first look at Juan José Patón’s upcoming independent Spanish zombie flick, Zombie World. I know, yet another zombie flick, and while I love zombies, even I have to admit that it is becoming over-saturated  so how do you rectify the same scenario [...]

Official Teaser Trailer for REC 4: Apocalypse
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 346 days ago.
Well look what we have here. We just unleashed a brand new teaser poster for the film, and within a flash the teaser trailer has dropped, and as always, we have it for your viewing pleasure below. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m stoked, here’s hoping they can deliver. Synopsis: Angela Vidal, the young [...]

New Teaser Poster for REC 4: Apocalypse
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 346 days ago.
So, how many of you are excited for the fourth installment in the [REC] franchise? I know the third may have swayed a few of you away, but I’m up for another one, I’m just too damn intrigued! Thanks to the folks over at B-D, we have scored yet another brand new teaser poster for [...]

TX Frightmare Weekend: Shorts Collection Review
Posted by Flay Otters | Posted 347 days ago.
I’m always excited for the chance to see genre’ short films at a festival or event because very often they are hard to track down otherwise. So with two separate collections of shorts showing during Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas, I was pretty jazzed at the chance to see some off the beaten path work [...]

Official Trailer & Poster for Vilius Petrikas’ Ruins
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 348 days ago.
We here are all about horror. We love it, and if you’ve got a horror film, short, or even a trailer, we want to see it. So, next up we have our first look at Vilius Petrikas’ upcoming flick Ruins via a trailer and poster as well as the usual details, and I have to say, [...]

12 Best Asian Horror Films You’ve Never Heard Of
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 349 days ago.
I believe most of you have already come across an article with a similar title by JMH314. I commend him for coming up with a great list of overlooked Asian horror films and I take inspiration from his article idea. Although, I noticed how most of the films he wrote about were from Japan so I’ve [...]

Popular Manga “Blood Lad” to Get Anime Adaptation
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 352 days ago.
While most anime series are getting their break with live-action film adaptations, well-known horror manga series are now being slated to get their own anime series. Is it me or is this trendy transition beginning to look like a manufacturing assembly line? Created by Yuuki Kodama and serialized in Young Ace since 2009, Blood Lad [...]

Werewolves Have Never Looked So Sexy! – NSFW Trailer for Mujer Lobo
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 352 days ago.
As much as I love horror flicks, there just doesn’t seem to be enough werewolf flicks out there, or at least not many that actually hit the spot. But what we have for you today is one which gives you a false sense of security, I mean, who can turn down a stunning babe hungry [...]

Feel The Thrill of The Incredible Truth’s New Trailer
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 354 days ago.
Have you guys been noticing the recent film associations between eastern and south-eastern asian countries? How Indonesia is teaming up with Japan, China with Japan, South Korea with China, Philippines with Indonesia? What the hell am I even saying? You get the jist of it, yes? There’s already a handful of collab films (I don’t [...]

Trade In Your Soul for Pawn Shop’s Gruesome Teaser
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 354 days ago.
It’s been a long time since we were gifted with a horror film that featured a hapless individual selling their soul to the Devil just for kicks or little bit of fame. And you have to admit, you love the feeling of wit as you shake your head, roll your eyes and sigh out the [...]

Dare To Check-In At The Haunted “Diplomat Hotel”
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 354 days ago.
The Diplomat Hotel is an upcoming Filipino psychological horror about a disgraced reporter seeking redemption for her career. She ends up leading her documentary crew to spend the night at the infamous Diplomat Hotel in Baguio, Philippines and to tell the story of what really happened here. The film stars Gretchen Barretto, Art Acuna, Mon [...]

First Teaser Trailer for Sion Sono’s Why Don’t You Play In Hell?
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 356 days ago.
One of the most fascinating directors of our time has returned, and I for one cannot wait to see the final onslaught. Below we have scored the first teaser trailer for Sion Sono’s (Suicide Club, Cold Fish) Why Don’t You Play In Hell? And yes, it looks as if this one has kept Sono Sion’s [...]

The Legend of Mae Nak scares its way to the top!
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 357 days ago.
Remember my entry of the legend of Mae Nak Phra Khanong on this post? Well, the iconic urban legend is evidently still so popular that despite the countless number of adaptations (film in 2D and 3D, animation… and even porn), Thailand’s film industry was willing to fund another film based on it. This time though [...]

Ghost On Air (2012) Review
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 361 days ago.
Are you ready for “Ghost on Air”? Ghost on Air is 2012 psychological horror hailing from Singapore about a popular radio DJ who gets into trouble for public violence and ends up jeopardizing his morning rush-hour slot. Desperate to reprimand for his actions and recover from a tragic loss, Ping Xiao accepts the offer to [...]

Chinese film “Bunshinsaba” Scares up a Sequel
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 361 days ago.
Back in 2004, South Korean director Byung-ki An directed and released the much-acclaimed psychological horror Bunshinsaba (a.k.a BiXian). After years of unconfirmed and speculated news, a Chinese remake was done in 2012 also directed by Byung-ki. The remake was a box-office hit at Chinese local theaters garnering over 40 million yuan (USD 6,471,640.00) in just a [...]

Thai Horror “Ghost Coins” & “Second Sight” Releasing in 3D
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 361 days ago.
It seems the use of 3D in horror films won’t be going anywhere for quite a while. Dammit. Sorry but my opinions on 3D are not discreet and it may sound very petty but an individual post about it wouldn’t be sufficient enough to accumulate it all. I’ll probably make it go serial-wise. I kid. [...]

Official Trailer for “Screaming Lessons”
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 362 days ago.
On March 22, the official website for the live-action film adaptation of Emi Ishkawa’s Zekkyo Gakkyu shojo began streaming the first trailer prior to its theatrical release. It has been confirmed that the film is to open in Japanese theaters on June 14. The trailer features the official cast and Shiori Niiyama’s song, “Dont Cry”, [...]

First Photos from Dead Snow 2
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 367 days ago.
What with Tommy Wirkola’s latest flick Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters now firmly under his belt, it appears as if Wirkola is back where he belongs, in the world of Dead Snow, and I couldn’t be happier. So who wants a glimpse at the sequel Dead Snow: War Of The Dead? Well, our friends over at Twitch [...]

Watch: Horror Short Spider Danger
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 368 days ago.
Got arachnophobia? Then it's a pretty safe bet that this one will leave you on edge for the rest of the day. Filmmaker Andrea Ricca is back with yet another stellar horror short and this time he deals with gargantuan spiders from outer space, real good b-movie stuff here. Andrea Ricca is basically a one-man [...]

Trailer and Poster for Bollywood’s Aatma
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 368 days ago.
It’s great how South Asian films are catching up on the trend of vengeful spirits and demons along with their Eastern neighbor and what’s even better is that they’ve managed to avoid the use of musical numbers in most of their horror films. Don’t get me wrong but I really enjoy Hindi films and have [...]

Teaser Poster for Horror Stories 2
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 368 days ago.
There are many things most people would completely spazz over or fangirl on. Me? It would be sequels. Even better: anthology sequels. You do know what this means, right? Horror Stories 2 is definitely getting close! Just a mere nine months ago, a group of talented directors had embarked us on a journey so terrifying that [...]

Official Teaser Trailer & Poster for Haunted Poland: The Origins
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 373 days ago.
Going back a year or two now, Pau Maso unleashed his very low-budget horror flick Haunted Poland. This one was made for something like $900 and it obviously shows, but you can’t deny the man’s passion. In any event, Pau Maso unleashed the film for free and you can check it out HERE if you [...]