Official Trailer & More for ‘México Bárbaro’
Written by Chris Savage, October 10, 2015
One anthology film that I am just dying to witness is México Bárbaro, as it features eight short films from some of Mexico’s finest horror directors which includes a very talented young lady by the name of Gigi Saul Guerrero, who just so happens to be gracing the poster artwork below. Seriously, this one is something

First International Trailer for ‘What We Become’
Written by Chris Savage, September 23, 2015
At one time I loved vampire films, then suddenly they just didn’t do much for me. It’s a shame because films like Fright Night and Near Dark really helped build my love for them, but after watching the first trailer for Bo Mikkelsen’s feature debut What We Become, I’m feeling some of that love come back,

Official Poster for Francesca
Written by Chris Savage, September 17, 2015
Earlier this month we gave you guys the first official trailer for Luciano and Nicolás Onetti’s Giallo horror flick Francesca, a film that I’m so stoked to check out. But today, my friends, we have scored the official poster and you can check it out below, along with the trailer, if you missed it last time.

Official Trailer for the Giallo Horror Film Francesca
Written by Chris Savage, September 3, 2015
What year is it? The reason I’m asking is because Luciano and Nicolás Onetti’s latest flick Francesca feels as if I’ve gone back in time to the 1960s, these guys have the film absolutely nailed for that time period, it’s beautiful. You can check out the official trailer below which I think many of you will

Official Trailer for When Animals Dream
Written by Chris Savage, August 26, 2015
About halfway through last year we unleashed an international trailer and a bounty of clips for Jonas Alexander Arnby’s When Animals Dream (Nar Dyrene Drømmer), and since then we have been biting at the bit for more. Today, we finally get to sink our teeth into a little more footage courtesy of the official domestic trailer.

Official Trailer for Dark Sky Films’ Para Elisa
Written by Chris Savage, August 25, 2015
For you guys today we have some Spanish terror in the form of Para Elisa from writer/director Juanra Fernandez, and below you will find the official trailer. Not only that, we have learned that Dark Sky Films will be unleashing the film onto VOD and DVD this September 1st. Synopsis: Desperate for some post-graduation cash, party girl

New Official Poster & Trailer for Lucio A. Rojas’ Sendero
Written by Chris Savage, August 15, 2015
Have you guys ever ventured down the wrong path? I did once, and let me tell you it was not pretty, you should have seen how dirty that path was! But in all seriousness, we have scored a brand new trailer that takes us down a very dangerous path in Lucio A. Rojas’ Sendero (Path). The

[Trailer] ‘Goodnight Mommy’ Gets Under Your Skin
Written by Chris Savage, July 30, 2015
What we have for you today could be the sleeper hit of 2015. Below we have the first trailer and details for Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala’s Austrian psychological horror flick Goodnight Mommy, and it looks eerie, moody and just freakin’ intriguing. Make your way below and check out the trailer and let us know what you

Witness ‘German Angst’ With This NSFW Trailer
Written by Chris Savage, July 15, 2015
Love anthology films? How about those that bush boundaries into the extreme? If so, my twisted friends, I think we have the film for you. Below we have the first details in regards to the upcoming horror anthology German Angst, along with a NSFW trailer to really get you in the mood for a massacre.

[Trailer] First Look at the Brazilian Creature Feature Mosquitoid
Written by Chris Savage, June 30, 2015
A little intriguing Brazilian creature feature hit our inbox this morning courtesy of our good friend Avery. The film in question is entitled Mosquitoid or The Mosquito Alien – Nights of Terror, and it’s set to feature all kinds of mayhem from a giant mosquito monster to even human-like mosquito zombies! Care to know more? Read

New Trailer for Ju-on: The Final
Written by Chris Savage, June 5, 2015
It appears as if the end is perhaps upon us, or until they decide to reboot this one again or simply remake it in the States, but for now we have Ju-on: The Final, the sequel to Ju-on: The Beginning of the End, which was the reboot in Japan, it’s all very confusing. Either way,

[Trailer] A ‘Ghoul’ Is Summoned onto Home Video This June
Written by Chris Savage, May 29, 2015
A couple of months ago we gave you guys the first details for the upcoming Czech supernatural cannibal film Ghoul, and it definitely got many of us to take notice. But, if you were one of the select few that had the opportunity to witness this one in select theatres this past March, please let

Official NSFW Trailer for Bunny the Killer Thing
Written by Chris Savage, May 25, 2015
Seriously, guys. Brace yourselves for what you’re about to see, if you’re offended by nudity, killer genitals and copious amounts of gore, you may want to skip this one. You have been warned. If not, let me introduce you to Joonas Makkonen’s Finnish horror flick Bunny the Killer Thing, and we have scored the official NSFW trailer for you guys

Dark Sky Films Takes a Bite out of México Bárbaro
Written by Chris Savage, May 19, 2015
When it comes to anthology films I just can’t get enough of them, but there is one that I am super stoked for and it comes from eight visionary directors from Mexico, and it’s entitled México Bárbaro. The film has some super awesome talent attached, most notably our good friend Gigi Saul Guerrero, who gave us one

First Trailer for the Korean Horror Film ‘The Silenced’
Written by Chris Savage, May 18, 2015
When we get word of a new Korean horror flick we can’t help but get excited, I mean their track record is second to none. These guys certainly know how to deliver the goods when it comes to horror and I’m hoping that Lee Hae-young’s latest flick The Silenced also delivers. So, to give you guys a

Dark Star: H.R. Giger’s World Documentary (2014) Review
Written by Flay Otters, May 16, 2015
More often than not, documentaries that profile artists have an agenda to put forth, something they want to say. A narrative through-line that creates a kind of plot, as it were, to advance the director’s thoughts on the subject. This is common, expected and often very boring. Thankfully, Belinda Sallin’s lovely, emotional documentary, Dark Star:

New Official Trailer for The Transparent Woman
Written by Chris Savage, May 6, 2015
From Domiziano Crisopharo comes his latest flick The Transparent Woman, and we have scored the brand new trailer and some artwork for the upcoming film. Upon watching the trailer you definitely get an Mario Bava and Dario Argento vibe, and if you’re into the whole giallo style then I recommend you give this one a look. Synopsis: Anna is

The Dead Lands (2014) review
Written by Flay Otters, April 17, 2015
Toa Fraser’s The Dead Lands plays very much like a redemption action film on its surface. You have the unlikely hero, the grizzled anti-hero, the quest for ritious revenge. All the normal beats. What sets the film apart, though, is the Māori culture and tradition – from weaponry to cultural beats to a more honest-feeling

Nina Forever Movie Review – SXSW 2015
Written by Flay Otters, March 30, 2015
There are so many many things about Ben and Chris Blaine’s Nina Forever to admire – whether it is the matter-of-fact way in which they approach decidedly off-center sexual dynamics or the practicality of blood effects or maudlin dark humor or the sweet nature of ever-challenging romance – it all works so well. So whether

Turbo Kid Movie Review, SXSW 2015
Written by Flay Otters, March 28, 2015
There is no logical, intelligent or rational way anyone could take a film like Turbo Kid and filter it down to some easy explanation. It is part Richard Stanley’s Hardware, it is part coming-of-age film, it is part 80s splatter and, lord, a dozen more. What is really is, when you get down to it,