Foreign Horror Films

Trailer for Thailand’s Thongsuk 13
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 372 days ago.
Revenge films. Everyone just loves to see the supposedly weak character exact their revenge on their good-for-nothing bullies. Admit it! You love that teeth-grinding feeling you get when you see them die one by one for their so-called “sense of superiority” and in the end, you'd go “Who's laughing now, bitch.” I'm getting carried away. [...]

Trailer for Indonesia’s Belenggu
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 372 days ago.
What is it with bunny-related characters and plots in horror films these days? Is it still Easter? And most importantly, why the crap are they making cute and fluffy herbivores into gore-loving carnivores?! Do let me know and comment it below. Haha! Jokes aside, hailing from Indonesia comes Belenggu (Shackle) an atmospheric psychological thriller about [...]

Thale (2012) Movie Review
Posted by Flay Otters | Posted 374 days ago.
This write up for the Norwegian film Thale might ultimately end up being a ‘provide your own ranking’ type of review – a first for me. I don’t want this to see like a cop-out at all but I feel like this is a film that is not universal by any means. It couples an [...]

Trailer for Bollywood’s First Zombie Film: Rise of the Zombie
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 375 days ago.
Rise of the Zombie released in India on Friday and is the first zombie movie ever made by Bollywood. Apparently the decision to do so was to recapture a younger audience that are not interested in 'musical numbers' which is apparently what Bollywood does best. Bollywood horror traditionally does not focus on zombies and there [...]

English Trailer for Vietnam’s “House in the Alley”
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 375 days ago.
Ngoi nga trong hem or House in the Alley was Vietnam’s horror flick of the year last 2012 and it was utterly popular that it was screened for over 7 times a day in some theaters, killing the local box office. It has now caught the attention of international distributors, mainly US buyers and news [...]

Asian Horror Films Based on Haunting Urban Legends
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 376 days ago.
One of the main foundations of horror films are the premise and integrity of its plot and sometimes, just for the sake of giving the films an extra creep factor, most plots are based on urban legends. It may either be supernatural legends, hauntings and so on and so forth. The perfect movie example for [...]

The Grave Bandits Adventure
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 376 days ago.
My! Oh my! It has been a while since the Philippines has decided to make use of the fame of the walking dead and to some who are aware of this film: yes, I know I’m late in delivering the news about this but lo and behold! I have more! Fresh out of Filipino-American director [...]

3AM (2012) Movie Review
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 377 days ago.
I don’t know if I should take pity on this film or feel utterly disturbed by the idea that I actually spent my afternoon trying my best to finish it. What can I say about this? Hmm.. painfully disappointed. After 4bia’s and 5prang’s success amongst local and international audiences, I felt that the premise of [...]

The Year of the “Black Butler”
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 382 days ago.
A few of you have already probably heard that Yana Toboso’s hit supernatural manga and anime series Kuroshitsuji or Black Butler will be getting its much-awaited live-action film adaptation by the mid of this year. With Hiro Mizushima (BECK, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e) taking on the iconic role of Sebastian Michaelis, fans and spectator audiences [...]

Official Full Trailer for Nakata’s The Complex
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 382 days ago.
It is finally here! Yatta! Hideo Nakata is the mastermind behind Ringu and Dark Water and he out to get us with his new film, Kuroyuri Danchi (The Complex) Nursing student Asuka (Atsuko Maeda) has just moved into an apartment complex with her parents and younger brother. On the first night in her new room, [...]

Horror Stories (2012) Movie Review
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 385 days ago.
I made the mistake of watching this too close to the TV and late at night. I regret turning off the room's lights for this and I regret watching this with someone who shouts and reacts more louder than me. Damn, I've never regretted this much before. In spite of the meager confessions, I can't [...]

Teaser Poster for Hong Kong’s Baby Blues 3D
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 388 days ago.
Oh for the love of..! MORE DOLLS!? And in 3D!? Clearly, I'm showing signs of exaggerated excitement. Updates on UK born director Po-Chih Leong's new and high-end horror Baby Blues 3D has hit post-production and has released a teaser poster and a plot summary. Pretty soon, a trailer (an English-subbed one, I hope!) is right [...]

Malaysian Director Adrian Teh to pursue Horror
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 388 days ago.
It seems the trend to pursue horror films are catching quite on for most first-time directors of the genre. From Arthouse director, Brillante Mendoza to well-known Malaysian comedy director Adrian Teh. He has decided to put the sequel to his comedy, “The Wedding Diary 2″, on hold to pursue a yet-to-be-titled horror film. It has [...]

Top 5 Asian Horror Movies Featuring Inanimate Objects
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 390 days ago.
I previously said that Asia is known for its habit of taking the most simplest items then scrambling and molding them into instruments of vengeful or killing intent. I won’t be surprised if a film comes up about a killer table. Ha! I wonder how creative they’ll be with something like that. As such, I [...]

“Screaming Lessons” shrieks its way to the big screen
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 391 days ago.
It seems animes and manga are striking gold with all the up-and-coming film adaptations. Apart from Black Butler and last year’s Another, a well-known horror shojo manga, Zekkyō Gakkyū (Screaming Lessons), has been greenlit into getting its own movie adaptation. The manga’s original story follows Yomi, a ghost girl who tells the reader various scary [...]

Juno Mak & Takashi Miike Become The Torturer, The Cleaner And The Gravedigger
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 393 days ago.
How about that for a film title?! Yes, it is just the one film and not three, as it appears that Juno Mak and Takashi Miike are working together to unleash a dark psychological thriller which is entitled The Torturer, The Cleaner And The Gravedigger or The TCG for short. According to Screen Daily, Juno Mak [...]

English-Subbed Trailer for Chinese Horror “The Chrysalis”
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 394 days ago.
It's never too late to profess your love or shower your partner with cheesy gifts of chocolate and passion… nor is it to late to slash their hearts and bask in the blood of a smitten revenge. Ahhh Valentines! Everyday is Valentines' day, don't you think? Released in theaters last February, The Chrysalis follows a [...]

Official Teaser for Malaysian Horror PENANGGAL
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 395 days ago.
Now, it would be very biased of me I always keep posting related news and reviews on that “popular” side of Asia but I guess it's safe for me to say that I have not watched Malaysian horror nor do I know anyone who does. It's sad, really. But, I'm going to go out on [...]

English Subbed Trailer for Thai Horror 9-9-81
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 399 days ago.
Last February 28, Thailand has released 9-9-18, a new horror twist with a “based on true events” subplot. Featured on their official film website are the said true accounts of those deaths that give life . How creepy could that get, eh? One morning, a beautiful lady, Wipawee, wearing her white bridal gown jumped from [...]

5-minute clip of South Korean Thriller PSYCHOMETRY
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 399 days ago.
I am completely envious of the people who got the chance to see Kim Bum in Psychometry last week (March 7). Knowing that we have to wait for any news of an English subbed release and when this release will be, so on and so forth, just utterly fuels my petty frustration. Oh, woe is [...]

Fortissimo Films Picks Up Rigor Mortis
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 400 days ago.
This one right here could turn out to be something very special indeed. Still, its early days but nether-the-less, I have a very good feeling about this one. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fortissimo Films recently secured the International rights to Juno Mak Chun-lung’s Rigor Mortis, with plans to shop the film around at Filmart next week. Takashi Shimizu [...]

Helter Skelter (2012) Movie Review
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 400 days ago.
Sometimes, the term horror doesn’t really need to mean monsters, evil spirits or gore. You see, Horror is the genre that need not generalize the prospect of a film; it is a complex and branched out genre, both poetic and literal at the same time. The horror in this film comprises of inner demons and [...]

Amorosa The Revenge (2012) Movie Review
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 400 days ago.
Philippines has been dabbling in the art of horror films even before the 2nd World War began and after decades, it has steadily grown from a determined effort to truly frighten us into a mediocre task to bring us cheap scares. I must admit that not all Filipino horror films deliver the right amount of [...]

First Awesome Trailer for Witching and Bitching
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 401 days ago.
This is by far the most awesome and yet equally most bizarre thing I have seen this month and I absolutely love it! Now for fans of Álex de la Iglesia’s (The Last Circus) this probably comes as no surprise, but if you’re after something a little out there, Álex de la Iglesia’s Witching and Bitching has [...]

Poster Art for The Mo Brothers’ KILLERS
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 401 days ago.
I am ashamed to say that I’ve only recently heard of the Mo Brothers. Macabre was just as outstanding and terrifying in every gory aspect and I can’t help but feel the crave and thrill for what is to come in their new film, Killers. Based on the original story of Nightmare Detective producer Ushiyama Takuji, Killers is [...]

Dark Trailer for Pakistan’s SIYAAH
Posted by Mahiwaga | Posted 401 days ago.
You read that right. The Pakistani film industry is making it’s move up the Asian Horror genre (chill, Pakistanis are Asian too.) with SIYAAH, a “classic tale of a modern family haunted by their own disbeliefs and a skin-crawling punch of horror which will leave you squealing with fear and anxiety.” With its best efforts [...]