Frankenstein’s Army Movie Review

Simon Rother

Frankenstein's Army Poster 1Fantasia International Film Festival saw the Canadian premiere of “Frankenstein’s Army”, the first non-short movie from Richard Raaphorst.

In the midst of the Second World War, a small band of Russian soldiers are lost while filming their journey with a hand-held camera. When they receive a message of distress from what seems like Russian compatriots crying out for help, they rush to the location they are told. What they find instead is seemingly a crazy madman (Karel Roden; “Hellboy”) who turns out to be more threatening than he first seemed to be. This lunatic had agreed in helping the Nazi bring deceased soldiers back to life to create robotic, living-dead soldiers.

The concept of the movie was something that I found very original, despite being a “found footage” type of flick: a first-person view of a Second World War clan of soldiers involving zombie-robot soldiers. Not bad. The movie does present very original types of undead soldiers, however: some with blades and claws on their arms; others with long spikes that not only help them move around but also stab the enemy; another with a helicopter-type blade rotating directly where it’s face or head should have been. Very original stuff.

However, very lengthy pauses occur throughout the movie with a lot of unnecessary arguing among the soldiers that unfortunately makes the viewer lose interest in the movie. When the zombie-robots are onscreen, it certainly is entertaining material, but the rest of the movie seems bland, in addition to a very plain ending.

All in all, “Frankenstein’s Army” receives 3 stars out of 5 from my part.

3 / 5 stars     


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