Phobia (2017)
Written by Chris Savage, June 11, 2017
This film delves into the horrors of phobias in each segment about one phobia and the bloody twist of it.

Monster Pool: Chapter Two
Written by The Cryptkeeper, November 15, 2016
One Movie. Ten Tales of Terror. Dive deep into murky and bloody waters with Vampires, Ghosts, Demons, Death, Succubi, Mind Control, The Monster Under Your Bed, Cults, Zombies and Serial Killers!

Patient Seven
Written by Chris Savage, November 7, 2016
Dr. Marcus, a renowned psychiatrist, has selected six severe mentally ill and dangerous patients from the Spring Valley Mental Hospital to interview as part of research for his new book. As Dr. Marcus interviews each patient, one by one the horrors they have committed begin to unfold. Dr. Marcus soon learns that there is one

Tales from the Dead Zone
Written by Chris Savage, September 3, 2016
TALES FROM THE DEAD ZONE is about a medical examiner who imagines how victims of a horrible car crash may have lived their lives.

Tales of Halloween
Written by Jason McDonald, August 15, 2016
Ghosts, ghouls, monsters, and the devil delight in terrorizing unsuspecting residents of a suburban neighborhood on Halloween night.

Hell Town (2016)
Written by Chris Savage, August 15, 2016
Debbie Rochon (Model Hunger, Return to Nuke ‘Em High, The Theater Bizarre) headlines as the hostess of the three surviving episodes of “Hell Town”, following the melodramatic, small-town and potentially short-lived lives of Krysten Day, Amanda Deibert, Owen Lawless, Ben Windholz, Jennifer Grace and Balderson muse Pleasant Gehman.

Southbound (2015)
Written by The Cryptkeeper, March 26, 2016
Weary travellers confront their worst nightmares — and darkest secrets — over one long night on a desolate stretch of desert highway in this spooky anthology that merges five tales of death and mayhem on the open road. Mitch and Jack are on the run from their past when they turn up, blood-splattered, at a

Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories
Written by The Cryptkeeper, March 26, 2016
A couple plans to purchase an old home, but would like one last tour before the closing. They’re guided around the estate by a creepy realtor that may have more in store than they bargained for. Searching floor by floor, they begin to discover the remnants of its sordid and terrifying past… A popular 80’s

The Last American Horror Show
Written by The Cryptkeeper, March 26, 2016
NIGHT OF THE SEA MONKEY: When a young boy’s mail order pet fails to hatch it is washed down the sink only to reprise weeks later. Now mean, mutated and thirsty for blood. Starring: Lynn Lowry, Joe Mannetti and Rob Edwards. LAMB FEED: When overconfident businessman Mitchell Barnes gets a blowout in a quaint sleepy

Written by The Cryptkeeper, March 20, 2016
In “Holidays” a bunch of traditional family-friendly holidays get a twisted make-over as the anthology looks to explore the darker side of Halloween, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas, Easter, and Father’s Day.

XX (2014)
Written by The Cryptkeeper, March 4, 2016
XX is a new horror anthology with a gender twist – all segments will be helmed by female directors and will star female leads. The directors have been given free creative rein within budget and time constraints, but all of the segments themselves will involve the horror genre.

Terror Tales (2016)
Written by Chris Savage, February 25, 2016
A husband who is abducted by a psychopath, gives the man the ride from hell, subjecting him to three horrific tales of the macabre – while his family is held captive in an attached cargo trailer. The tales include one of a demon that takes a mother (Lynn Lowry) on a journey of self-discovery and

All Hallows’ Eve 2
Written by Chris Savage, January 13, 2016
Alone on Halloween, a young woman finds a mysterious VHS tape on her doorstep—a tape that shows a series of gruesome and ghastly tales that appear to be all too real. But these terrifying glimpses of damned souls are not the only horrors that stalk her. A sinister, pumpkin-faced killer is using the videotape as a portal into our reality; and if

The Invoking 2
Written by The Cryptkeeper, October 11, 2015
Although hundreds of disturbing paranormal events occur every year, most of these chilling encounters go unreported… until now. Bear witness as hapless victims experience the unspeakable terror of confronting demonic forces, murderous poltergeists and other evil entities that are dead set on claiming their souls. Descend into an abyss of waking nightmares as these bloodthirsty,

México Bárbaro
Written by Chris Savage, October 10, 2015
Mexico Barbaro brings to life stories that form a part of our culture, and even some that have haunted our nightmares since childhood, which took away our innocence. The boogeyman, trolls, ghosts, creatures, Aztec sacrifices, and of course our beloved traditions such as Day of the Dead immerse in urban and rural stories. Mexico Barbaro

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
Written by Jason McDonald, October 4, 2015
An adaptation of some of the Scary short stories about a group of outcast kids who stand up to their fears to save their town when nightmares come to life.

Written by Chris Savage, October 4, 2015
No official plot details have been released.

Volumes of Blood
Written by Chris Savage, October 4, 2015
Five tales of dread are interwoven when a sociology student gathers several of his friends at the local library on Halloween night to help him create a new urban legend with deadly consequences. Lily is in for a late night of researching and needs something to keep her going. It isn’t until she’s approached by

Dreadtime Stories
Written by Chris Savage, October 3, 2015
A party turns bizarre when a malevolent book makes its way into the hands of the attendees who reveal its tales of monsters, madmen and the supernatural. Some stories are better left untold.

German Angst
Written by Chris Savage, October 3, 2015
“Final Girl” (Jörg Buttgereit) The first episode, tells the story of a young girl who lives with her guinea pig in a dirty apartment in Berlin. Seemingly a little lonely except for that bound and gagged man tied to her bed. “Make a Wish” (Michal Kosakowski) This gut-wrenching tale involves a young deaf-mute couple who