It Came From The Desert
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 22 days ago.
Based on the 1980’s video game which features giant mutated ants wreaking havoc in the New Mexico desert. [...]

Sharktopus vs Whalewolf
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 25 days ago.
When a mad scientist mixes the genes of a killer whale and a wolf, it creates the Whalewolf, and it’s up to Sharktopus to stop it. [...]

I Survived a Zombie Holocaust
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 65 days ago.
Wesley, a young runner on a zombie film set, has the first day from hell when real zombies overrun the film set… Who are the real zombies and who are the extras? Decapitate with care! [...]

They Will Outlive Us All
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 102 days ago.
New York City has been devastated by a series of ‘Frankenstorms,’ food is scarce and all the bridges and tunnels are closed. In this post-apocalyptic city, roommates Margot and Daniel are bracing themselves for not only the next storm, but for something much more gruesome and undead – something growing right inside their apartment building. [...]

Bigfoot: The Movie
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 102 days ago.
Bigfoot has come to the town of Ellwood City, PA and is causing BIG problems. Now it’s up to three town locals to take him down. [...]

Evil Bong 420
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 117 days ago.
Polish your balls and head to the lanes. Rabbit has escaped the Evil Bong’s World of Weed, and has opened a topless bowling alley. It’s the Grand Opening and the balls are rolling, the boobs are bouncing and the weed is plentiful. When his old friends, Larnell and Sarah Leigh stop by to help him [...]

Nina Forever
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 147 days ago.
Holly wants to save Rob and has fallen in love with him. She is training to be a paramedic and works a dead end job in a supermarket, where Rob is the only remarkable thing although he’s lost and angry since the death of his girlfriend, Nina. Drawn into a relationship, the first time they’re [...]

Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 168 days ago.
Some things are better left unused. [...]

Housebound (2015)
Posted by The Cryptkeeper | Posted 168 days ago.
An American remake of the 2014 film from New Zealand: The story tells of a rebellious young woman who is forced to return to her country home thanks to forced home detention program. Living with her small-town-minded mother and stepfather seems like a fate worse than death until she begins to suspect that something malevolent [...]

Christmas At Draculas
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 179 days ago.
Told through the eyes of The Invisible Man, Count Dracula has hit rock bottom, so with the help of his noble companion Igor, he decides to throw the greatest Christmas party of all time. He invites to this – The Wolfman, Medusa, The Wicked Witch, Frankenstein, Dr Jekyll and The Invisible Man. But when two [...]

The Voices
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 200 days ago.
This genre-bending tale centers around Jerry Hickfang, a lovable but disturbed factory worker who yearns for attention from a woman in accounting. When their relationship takes a sudden, murderous turn, Jerry’s evil talking cat and benevolent talking dog lead him down a fantastical path where he ultimately finds salvation. [...]

The Mule (2014)
Posted by The Cryptkeeper | Posted 268 days ago.
It’s 1983. A naive man with lethal narcotics hidden in his stomach is detained by Australian Federal Police. Alone and afraid, ‘the Mule’ makes a desperate choice; to defy his bodily functions and withhold the evidence…literally. And by doing so becomes a “human time-bomb,” dragging cops, criminals, lawyers and his mother into his impossible escapade. [...]

Why Don’t You Play in Hell?
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 275 days ago.
There’s a war going on, but that won’t stop the inexperienced but eager wannabe film crew, The F*ck Bombers, from following their dreams of making the ultimate action epic. Ten years ago, yakuza mid-boss Ikegami led an assault against rival don Muto. Now, on the eve of his revenge, all Muto wants to do is [...]

Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 275 days ago.
When a mass of sharknadoes threatens Florida, chainsaw-wielding hero Fin must again risk his life to save his children on spring break. But as he fights his way south, the sharknadoes merge and grow bigger than ever before. [...]

Zombieland 2
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 303 days ago.
No official plot has been revealed at this time. [...]

Posted by The Cryptkeeper | Posted 303 days ago.
Bruce (introverted, well-intentioned) and Denny (domineering, a pathological liar) are two average teenage boys, if your definition of “average” involves blasting ear shattering Death Metal, setting fire to things and avoiding personal hygiene products. Tired of getting rejected by girls and being bullied mercilessly, they set about trying to utilize black magic to reverse their [...]

Confederacy of the Dead
Posted by The Cryptkeeper | Posted 316 days ago.
Just like any other American holiday in the South, families and friends have gathered for a beautiful day at the annual Civil War battle reenactment at Buck Head Creek. As the field cleared from all the smoke created by cannons and gun powder, a very real sounding musket goes off in the distance. The mock [...]

Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 330 days ago.
Sledge hits you from the beginning with humor and originality. Opening with Assly’s True American Horror television program, the action kicks off instantly with skull crushing deaths from the killer, Adam Lynch. Adam believes he is in a movie and video game that he has created in his head. [...]

Jersey Shore Massacre
Posted by The Cryptkeeper | Posted 340 days ago.
A typical weekend down the shore takes a bizarre turn as six girls and five obnoxious fist-pumpers become the unsuspecting targets of a deranged killer. [...]

Evil Feed
Posted by The Cryptkeeper | Posted 340 days ago.
The Long Pig Restaurant, known in the underground world for cannibalistic cuisine, has introduced novelty by capturing elite MMA fighters and then serving losers to their bloodthirsty customers. Perfect “Tendertainment!” Jenna, an aspiring stunt girl, is violently kidnapped with her friends by Triads and wakes up in the Long Pig holding cell waiting for her [...]