The Vatican Tapes
Written by Chris Savage, June 21, 2015
THE VATICAN TAPES follows the ultimate battle between good and evil – God versus Satan. Angela Holmes (OLIVIA TAYLOR DUDLEY) is an ordinary 27-year-old until she begins to have a devastating effect on anyone close, causing serious injury and death. Holmes is examined and possession is suspected, but when the Vatican is called upon to

Victor Frankenstein
Written by Jason McDonald, March 23, 2015
A film depicting the bond between Igor and Dr. Victor Frankenstein as they collaborate on their dark deed.

The Gallows
Written by Jason McDonald, March 23, 2015
Twenty years after an accident during a small town high school play results in death, students at the school resurrect the failed stage production in a misguided attempt to honor the anniversary of the tragedy – but ultimately find out that some things are better left alone.

Lord of Tears (2014)
Written by Goon, April 22, 2014
Lord of Tears tells the story of James Findlay, a school teacher tortured by childhood memories of a strange and unsettling entity – a figure dressed like a Victorian gentleman but with the head of an Owl, and elongated limbs with sharp claws. It took the boy years to recover from his vision, years of

7th Day (2013)
Written by Goon, April 21, 2014
A pervert, murderer, and hopeless romantic, Allen Dean (Mark Sanders) is on a seven day journey to discovery his real true love. He is torn between Denise the waitress he believes he loves and his first true love, murder. Director Jason Koch adds a surreal tone to this violent tale seen through the eyes of

Dead Nude Girls
Written by Goon, April 21, 2014
A man obsessed with bird-watching takes on a new hobby, killing young ladies.

Muck (2014)
Written by The Cryptkeeper, January 26, 2014
Muck is the highly stylized and hyper-violent middle chapter of a true horror trilogy that unfolds like a love letter to horror fanatics everywhere. Filmed completely on the Red Epic in ultra HD without any CGI, Muck simultaneously pushes the limits of what can be done both within the horror genre and independent filmmaking.

Ghost Team One
Written by The Cryptkeeper, November 12, 2013
When roommates Brad and Sergio accidentally arouse the dead, they team up with sexy amateur ghost hunter, Fernanda, to expose the evil inside their home. But just as the guys start to get close to their hot new partner, they discover that a horny demon wants in on the action. Now, cameras are up and

Red Clover
Written by The Cryptkeeper, November 10, 2013
Sixty-six years ago the town of Irish Channel, Louisiana, was the site of a horrible massacre on St. Patrick’s Day. While some blame a terrible storm that blew through the town, there are those that know the truth but will not talk about what happened. Since the incident, St. Patrick’s Day festivities have been banned,

The Quarantine Hauntings
Written by The Cryptkeeper, October 7, 2013
A disgruntled 17 yr old Jasmine is left to care of her younger brother Zac and his best friend Blake when their mother’s Sandy and Katherine decide to take a week long cruise around New Zealand. Jasmine soon discovers however, that the boys have gone missing while she’s been busy chatting to her best friend.

Compound Fracture
Written by The Cryptkeeper, October 6, 2013
Michael Wolffsen (Tyler Mane) receives an urgent phone call and takes his nephew and fiancee and makes the journey home to his only other living relative: his estranged, eccentric (and extremely paranoid) father, Gary (Muse Watson), who is obsessed with building an unassailable compound. Once they arrive at Gary’s modest home, surrounded by acres and

The Penny Dreadful Picture Show
Written by The Cryptkeeper, October 6, 2013
“The Penny Dreadful Picture Show” is a unique horror film experience. An anthology, likened to a modern “Tales From the Crypt,” ‘Penny Dreadful’ is a collection of horror shorts; Eliza Swenson’s “The Morning After”, Leigh Scott’s “Slaughter House” and Nick Everhart’s “Slash-in-the-Box.” Join the delightfully demented Penny Dreadful as she takes you through the history

Old 37
Written by The Cryptkeeper, October 6, 2013
Haunting the desolate stretches of American back roads, Old 37 is there to take the sick and injured… Two brothers intercept 911 calls in their father’s retired ambulance with horrific results. When the fraudulent paramedics cross paths with some local teens, an innocent girl becomes the victim of mistaken identity and may have to take

Dark Feed
Written by The Cryptkeeper, October 6, 2013
DARK FEED centers on a film crew shooting a low budget movie in an abandoned mental hospital with a shadowy past. The late nights and lack of sleep are taking a toll, and the longer this crew works, the more the leaky, wet building seems to be coming back to life, feeding off its new

Haunted Ship
Written by The Cryptkeeper, October 6, 2013
The Salem is an internationally recognized haunting which has been featured on numerous TV shows such as Ghost Hunters and A&E’s Ghost Story. The cast and crew of a reality TV show are sealed into the haunted ship, the U.S.S. Salem, from sunset to sunrise. They intend to film a Halloween special; but instead, they

Entity (2013)
Written by The Cryptkeeper, October 6, 2013
Following the disappearance of a close family member, Casey Hughes and Morgan Webber are sent to the vacated home to finalize affairs. Their trip takes a turn for the worse when the two discover repressed secrets and learn that what’s lurking in the home is beyond anything they could have ever imagined. ENTITY aims to