Laundry Man
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 64 days ago.
One day, a police patrol is called to investigate a strange smell in a building that is situated in a neighborhood where there is quite a lot of chemical activity. Just before they arrive at the site, the driver can barely avoid a collision with a young woman, who crosses the street. The woman, Laurie, [...]

Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 87 days ago.
An American Senator has a vision directing him to share a dire warning. When the warning goes unheeded, he struggles to deal with the blowback, finding one ally as the rest of the world turns on him. [...]

At Grannys House
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 87 days ago.
A typical Midwest house. A sweet little old lady. When a caretaker moves in to help out, Granny’s House becomes a macabre place of death – and love. [...]

The Harvest (2013)
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 87 days ago.
A couple who keeps their sick son in a secluded environment find their controlled lives challenged by a young girl who moves in next door. [...]

Private Number
Posted by The Cryptkeeper | Posted 101 days ago.
A series of sinister phone calls haunt an ex-alcoholic writer as he struggles to finish a novel. Efforts to trace the calls result in dead ends, leaving the author with no choice but to solve the mystery himself. As he pieces together scant information, he discovers the local police are hiding details about a horrific [...]

Posted by The Cryptkeeper | Posted 181 days ago.
The apparent is never the truth as an ex-con and aspirant filmmaker set out to manufacture a horror film by scaring people for real; however, when it goes too far and someone actually dies, the pair decide that killing for real on film is the way to make a truly terrifying movie. [...]

It Follows
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 235 days ago.
For 19-year-old Jay (Maika Monroe), the fall should be about school, boys and weekends at the lake. Yet after a seemingly innocent sexual encounter she suddenly finds herself plagued by nightmarish visions; she can’t shake the sensation that someone, or something, is following her. As the threat closes in, Jay and her friends must somehow [...]

Mania (2014)
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 235 days ago.
Two lesbian lovers are forced to flee their hometown after a brutal murder changes their lives forever. [...]

Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 265 days ago.
Two Navy SEALS, Trevor and Doug, are sent to an abandoned island in search of a “package,” but instead of being the hunters, they find they are being hunted. During their escape they come across a camera left in the hands of a dead man. After taking refuge the two men watch what’s on the [...]

Gore Orphanage
Posted by The Cryptkeeper | Posted 265 days ago.
The feature film based on the Ohio urban legend. Welcome to Gore Orphanage: There are some things worse than losing your family! [...]

Day of the Mummy
Posted by The Cryptkeeper | Posted 270 days ago.
Welcome to Egypt, land of the Pharaohs. A place steeped in history and legend; Gods and spiritual guides; untold wealth – and the bone-cracking, blood-spilling guardians of its riches. Jack Wells has arrived in Egypt in search of the famous diamond known as The Codex Stone. His journey leads him to the tomb of the [...]

The Thing on the Doorstep (2014)
Posted by The Cryptkeeper | Posted 275 days ago.
A new psychological horror film based on the story by H.P. Lovecraft. Daniel Upton’s relationship with his friend Edward Derby is abruptly changed after Edward becomes romantically involved with enigmatic hypnotist, Asenath Waite. As Edward’s behavior becomes more erratic and events unexplainable, Daniel investigates. Is it madness…or something far more terrifying? “It is true that [...]

Not Human (2014)
Posted by The Cryptkeeper | Posted 340 days ago.
Peaceful, rustic Metzburgh is a quiet village which was a former industrial town whose glory days are long past after the collapse of Metzburgh Grain. Teenager Mark Lowe (Jason John Beebe) and his ex-girlfriend Lucy Greenheart (Sarah Manzella) are stuck in a lovers quarrel when a meteorite crash lands in the passive community. Glen (Robert [...]

The Girl (2014)
Posted by The Cryptkeeper | Posted 340 days ago.
A kidnapped girl is rescued by a young boy and, in return, she tries to free him from his terrifying home. [...]

Frankenstein’s Hungry Dead
Posted by The Cryptkeeper | Posted 345 days ago.
Halloween night 1983: A group of teens break into a wax museum for some fun but instead find a gruesome secret awaiting them deep in the basement. Doctor Frankenstein himself has been piecing together the ultimate monster and creating a small army of the dead with the leftovers. Now, the teenagers must stop Frankenstein and [...]

Frankenstein’s Patchwork Monster
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 355 days ago.
A wager is made, a book of horror fiction is written. It becomes known as, “Frankenstein, or a Modern Prometheus”, by Mary Shelley. Though what happens if fiction was fact? Can a soul be immortal. Is everlasting life worth such misery? [...]

Pieces of Talent
Posted by The Cryptkeeper | Posted 362 days ago.
Set in the small coastal town of Bright Leaf, North Carolina, Pieces of Talent centers around Charlotte, a disillusioned aspiring actress that can barely get by. Charlotte catches a break when seemingly chance circumstances put her in contact with a local filmmaker, David Long. David and Charlotte form a quick friendship that leads to Charlotte [...]

Chemical Peel
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 366 days ago.
A weekend trip to the woods for a bachelorette party turns deadly when a nearby train accident causes a chemical reaction to overtake the secluded valley. But waiting out the disaster inside could prove to be just as dangerous as the outdoors. [...]

Headless (2015)
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 387 days ago.
The body count climbs as a skull-faced killer battles his inner demons in this retro-slasher epic. [...]

Final Girl
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 415 days ago.
Loner Veronica is new to school, shy and vulnerable the perfect target for a group of teenage boys who lure girls into the woods to hunt and kill them for sport. It’s only after they get her alone that she turns the tables on them, escaping and revealing she’s armed and knows how to defend [...]