The Bonesetter (2014)
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 63 days ago.
A century ago a traveling healer was lynched for killing the town’s children, and now, in the present, the current generation of townsfolk are faced with the supernatural return of the murderous Bonesetter. [...]

Another (2014)
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 70 days ago.
A beautiful young woman is driven into a dark underworld of demonic possession, desire, and extreme indulgences when she learns she may be the devil’s daughter. [...]

Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 71 days ago.
A young couple deliberately moves into a haunted house to contact the other side. Until their conduit, a painted black mirror proves to contain a malevolent presence hell-bent on bringing harm to their new family. [...]

Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 75 days ago.
The story for Treehouse focuses on missing teenagers and unknown shadows in the local Missouri woods. A brother and sister are kidnapped and two brothers find one of the victims, Elizabeth. Elizabeth is alone and afraid, in an isolated fort; several shadows lurk below. All three classmates will have to face an unimaginable evil, if [...]

Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 75 days ago.
Since childhood, Jessica has been haunted by recurring nightmares in which she is chased by a mysterious horse-headed monster called Horsehead. In the hope to find peace at last, Jessica has started studying Psychophysiology of Dreams. Following the death of her grand-mother, Jessica reluctantly returns to the family home for the funeral. Upon her arrival, [...]

When Animals Dream
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 75 days ago.
Marie is a beautiful and lonely 16-year-old who lives in an isolated village on a small island off the west coast of Denmark. Marie’s mother is seriously ill, suffering from an unknown disease – on medication, mentally absent, and tied to a wheelchair. Marie’s father, Thor, runs the small grocery store and tries to make [...]

Raven’s Cabin
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 76 days ago.
Bound, gagged and blindfolded, several teens are grabbed in the middle of the night and taken to Redback, a youth behavior modification facility deep in the Australian bush. They’re completely cut off from the rest of the world; isolated and tested in the unforgiving camp. Rumors travel through the camp that a few years earlier [...]

Inner Demons
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 76 days ago.
When the teenage daughter of a religious family transforms from A-student into heroin addict, her parents agree to allow a reality TV crew to stage an intervention and tape her recovery. What they don’t know is that she has been taking drugs to deal with the unnatural, evil feelings growing inside her. When she agrees [...]

Ghost Bride
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 79 days ago.
Young Chinese immigrant Jason Chen is trapped between two women; kiwi girl Skye and Chinese bride May Ling, two cultures; modern New Zealand and traditional China, and two worlds, that of the living and that of the dead. [...]

The Shelter (2014)
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 86 days ago.
On a star filled night, widower and homeless man Thomas (Michael Pare) finds shelter for the night when he falls upon a vast two story house with the lights on and an inviting open front door. He strolls on in thinking he just caught a lucky break and for a while, it would appear as [...]

Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 86 days ago.
Eloy de Palma is an exorcist pastor roaming the darkest corners of the country with his granddaughter, Alba. Their mission is to help those possessed by The Evil One, an infection of the soul that is spreading fast, especially among the most vulnerable members of society: children, mental patients, and drug addicts. There is also [...]

Don’t Look in the Basement 2
Posted by The Cryptkeeper | Posted 88 days ago.
In 1973, in a small town in Texas, Stephens Sanitarium was the site of a grizzly tragedy. Doctor Stephens was brutally murdered, and with no one else in charge, the patients took over control of the asylum. The result was mayhem, and the eventual death of almost all the patients as well. The only surviving [...]

The Legend of Hell House (2015)
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 88 days ago.
Based on the Richard Matheson novel, The Legend of Hell House told of a physicist, Dr. Barrett, who is hired by a wealthy, dying old man to find evidence of the afterlife in the Belasco House, a.k.a. “Hell House,” the “Mt. Everest of haunted houses.” Barrett accepts the job bringing his wife, a psychic and [...]

Anna (2014)
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 91 days ago.
A man with the ability to enter peoples’ memories takes on the case of a brilliant, troubled sixteen-year-old girl to determine whether she is a sociopath or a victim of trauma. [...]

As Above, So Below
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 92 days ago.
Miles of twisting catacombs lie beneath the streets of Paris, the eternal home to countless souls. When a team of explorers ventures into the uncharted maze of bones, they uncover the dark secret that lies within this city of the dead. A journey into madness and terror, As Above, So Below reaches deep into the [...]

The Canal (2014)
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 92 days ago.
The story of David Williams and his wife, Alice, who move into a beautiful period house by the canal with their small child, Billy. As David begins to suspect that his wife is cheating on him, he also starts to have nightmarish visions of an evil presence he believes inhabits his home. [...]

Some Kind of Hate
Posted by The Cryptkeeper | Posted 92 days ago.
A bullied teenager is sent to a desert reform school where he accidentally summons the spirit of a girl, herself a victim of bullying, who takes vengeance on his tormentors. [...]

Way of the Wicked
Posted by The Cryptkeeper | Posted 97 days ago.
After a series of inexplicable murders sweeps a small, isolated community, Father Henry (Slater) goes to a local police detective (Jones) with a theory on why the murders are occurring. The two learn that a troubled teen with a dark past has recently moved to town and has set his sights on the cop’s beautiful, [...]

Posted by The Cryptkeeper | Posted 97 days ago.
A microbudget supernatural horror film written by Eli Roth and Nicolas Lopez. [...]

Black Chapter
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 100 days ago.
Follows a FBI agent who is drawn into a classified military program that trains its operatives to use paranormal abilities. [...]