Where Have the Horror Cartoons Gone?
Written by Chris Savage, January 22, 2017
I think as time winds on, we often get a little nostalgic from time to time. For me though, it doesn’t take much to trigger a fond memory of days gone by, you’d think I’d have a case of those “Member berries” from South Park lying around the amount I procrastinate about the good ol’ days.

Top 5 Creepy Books for Women in Horror Month
Written by Gwendolyn Kiste, January 21, 2017
Women in Horror Month is right around the corner, so now is the perfect time to catch up on reading some female-penned scary stories. And while Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House are staples on every literary horror lover’s bookshelf, let’s delve into a few authors that maybe you aren’t

9 Awesome Christmas Themed Short Horror Films You Must See!
Written by Chris Savage, December 22, 2016
**[UPDATE]** As more and more Christmas themed shorts are created, I’ll be growing this list with the best that I can find, so enjoy and check out the festive mayhem below! I’m pretty sure you guys have seen every single Christmas-themed horror movie known to man, and let’s be honest, you can only watch the same

‘Blair Witch’ 2016 Made Less Than ‘Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2’ This Weekend
Written by Jason McDonald, September 18, 2016
Let me preface this by saying that I don’t think box office results are indicative of movie quality. Otherwise the last few “Transformer” films would have been damn near masterpieces in cinema.  However, something happened at the box office this weekend that I think is worth talking about. As you all know “Blair Witch” hit

Haunted Houses: Horror Movie Filming Locations You Can Actually Visit
Written by Herner Klenthur, September 11, 2016
No matter how mentally tough you think you are, there is nothing eerier than going to an actual horror movie location. One of the coolest aspects of horror films is that sometimes the filming locations are at real places. This means that you can actually put yourself in the shoes of the characters in certain

The “Real Life” Conspiracy behind NETFLIX’s Stranger Things
Written by Cameron Evans, July 23, 2016
If you’re a fan of ‘80s horror or Steven Spielberg’s Amblin movies, chances are you’ve spent this week binging the Duffer Brothers’ new Netflix series Stranger Things. The show was added to the streaming service on Friday, just in time for cinephiles to camp out in their underwear and spend the weekend in a nostalgic

Five Horror Films to Beat the Summer Heat
Written by Jason McDonald, June 30, 2016
Judging by the way things are going so far, this will most likely be an intensely hot summer.  I don’t know about you, but I’m a Fall season kind of guy, so when the temperature starts to rise I start to wilt. The only thing that could possibly help is the distraction of a bone

13 Horror Movies To Watch on Mothers Day
Written by Herner Klenthur, May 8, 2016
Its Mother’s day this weekend which means today you should be doing incredibly nice things for your mother dearest. If you dont you might just face her wrath! In honor of Mothers Day we are looking at 13 horror movies to watch on Mothers Day that are sure to make you want to hug your

Mother’s Day Horror Movies
Written by MovieMaven, May 8, 2016
Here it is Mother’s Day again. What better way to say I love you, Mom, than to treat her to some horror films with a matriarchal theme? It may seem as if women have gotten the shaft as far as horror films are concerned. But I think there are plenty out there that celebrate our

Happy Valentine’s Day: Ten Worst Married Couples of Horror
Written by Gwendolyn Kiste, February 14, 2016
So Valentine’s Day is upon us, that overwrought occasion filled with far too many phony chocolates and more than a few wilting flowers. But not everyone is having a saccharine time. In fact, some couples are experiencing anything but wedded bliss. For your horror-loving pleasure, I give you the top ten worst married couples of

Valentine Day Horror Movie Suggestions
Written by Herner Klenthur, February 14, 2016
It is that time of the year again where corporations force us to buy gifts and chocolate under the pretext of some kind of holiday. ( Boy am I snarky today ). What better way to spend Valentine day then to watch some horror films whether alone or with a loved one. If they love

X-Files Recap- ‘Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster’
Written by Jason McDonald, February 2, 2016
SPOILERS! If you haven’t seen the latest episode of “X-Files” then avoid this post. I’ll be talking openly about tonight’s episode, so you can expect spoilers down below.  Here we go! The third episode in the six-part “X-Files” revival forgoes the usual doom and gloom for a bit of levity as Mulder and Scully set

10 Most Disturbing Horror Movies Of All Time
Written by Cole, January 27, 2016
Admit it.  You love it when you watch a film that sits with you for hours, even days after.  Your stomach twists and turns, you cover your eyes but peek through your hands because you can’t miss a minute.  You get that strange internal shudder that goes down your spine all the way to your

Top Ten Supernatural Sleuths
Written by Jason McDonald, January 26, 2016
I’m riding on a X-Files high and that’s caused me to start thinking about my favorite fictional characters that have dabbled in the supernatural.  While a lot of characters have sold their souls to the devil and been complacent in some dark activities, a few have have taken a stance against the darkening tide and

Most Anticipated Horror Films of 2016
Written by Jason McDonald, December 31, 2015
This is it. In just a few hours we will be officially done with 2015 and on our way to a brand new year.  And with a new year comes a whole slew of brand new horror films.  Some of them will be great, many will be okay, and a certain few will be really

Chris’ Top 5 Horror Films of 2015
Written by Chris Savage, December 29, 2015
And another year has shot by just like that. It’s insane, but as such, it’s that time once again where we bring you our favorite horror films of the past year, in a list of our personal favorites. Some may agree and some may disagree, but that’s what makes the horror family so great, we have

Jason’s Top Ten Horror Movies of 2015
Written by Jason McDonald, December 28, 2015
It’s that magical time of the year where I get to make a list and people get mad.  With the New Year just a few days away I’m putting down my favorite horror films of the year down below for you to agree with, judge, and mock.  Let the criticism fly so we can start

DethBanger’s Holiday Gift Guide for 2015
Written by Chris Savage, December 11, 2015
As you’re well aware, the Holidays are coming thick and fast and while many of you might be more organised than me and probably many others when it comes to buying your gifts in time, we thought that we’d give some of you a helping hand in the horror department of gift buying. So, we

31 Days of Halloween Horror Movies 2015: Complete Recap and Wrap Up
Written by Goon, November 2, 2015
Well, sadly, the Halloween season is now over. Another 330 some odd days until the season is upon us again. This entire month I have invited you to come along with me on my journey as I watched over 31 horror movies this month. It’s been a great time sharing my experiences with you and

31 Days of Halloween Horror Movies 2015: Week Four Recap
Written by Goon, October 31, 2015
Hey guys! It’s been a wild ride so far this month and I can clearly see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you didn’t already know, I have been doing my annual 31 Days of Halloween where I watch a horror movie every day in the month of October. This year I