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New Horror Movies on Netflix USA, Feb 2nd 2014
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 76 days ago.
We all love to bemoan the poor selection on Netflix but in the same token where else can you find the selection they do have at the price they offer? Netflix continues to add more and more new titles both good and bad and we are back to recap the latest additions. Last month we [...]

Overlooked & Underrated : Black Christmas (1974)
Posted by Tim Hannigan | Posted 76 days ago.
The entire horror movie genre is often overlooked by main stream movie-goers and critics. Some of the most important and well respected horror films often began their existence by being overlooked by audiences and completely underrated by critics. Take John Carpenter’s “The Thing” for instance. If you ask anyone worth their salt to list the [...]

7 Horror Movie Couples that Make You Grateful to Be Single
Posted by Gwendolyn Kiste | Posted 78 days ago.
With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, your unlucky-in-love status might be on your mind lately. But don’t feel too bad if you’re on your own this February 14th. It could always be worse. You could be in some messy romantic entanglement like one of the seven couples below. Sure, you don’t have an evening [...]

I Watched the RoboCop Trailer . . . and I’m Disgusted.
Posted by Frank | Posted 79 days ago.
I watched the RoboCop trailer . . . and I’m disgusted. The Hollywood machine has no shame. Next, they’ll be remaking Die Hard which will include up-to-date alterations such as a dead terrorist with a t-shirt that reads, “Now I have a machine gun. LOL.” The first thing that sucks ass about the Robocop trailer [...]

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid: 11 Eerie Horror Movie Lines
Posted by MiseryMachine | Posted 79 days ago.
We all know horror movies are chock full of great lines, whether it’s a one liner or a monologue the potential for the disturbing, gross, or downright terrifying is simply limitless. So without further ado here’s a list of some of the most eerie horror movie lines! “A census taker once tried to test me. [...]

You Voted: 20 Best Vampire Movies
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 83 days ago.
What are the best vampire films? That is the question that we asked our community last week.  With 877 votes, and 87 vampire films nominated our readers have chosen the 20 best vampire films of all time. As with anytime you poll a large and diverse group the results can be interesting. That said this [...]

6 Iconic Horror Characters with Almost No Screen Time
Posted by Gwendolyn Kiste | Posted 83 days ago.
As a horror fan, you may sometimes feel like you’re spending more time with simpering victims instead of unflappable villains. And you’re probably right. Filmmakers like to deceive viewers with a litany of lead-up scares but no actual reveal. Other times, we hear swathes of back story about certain diabolical characters before they’re introduced, which [...]

The Walking Dead Season 4, What The Future Holds
Posted by Richard L. Haas III | Posted 87 days ago.
With every passing week since the end of December, a Sunday has gone by without brand new episode of The Walking Dead; this past Sunday is no different. Left on the edge of our seats after that midseason finale, it’s only natural to be anxious about the season’s continuation. So while you chew on your [...]

Please Stop Killing the Dog
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 87 days ago.
In all forms of entertainment there exist three types of creatures which are utilized to extract sympathy from a viewer: the elderly, small kids, and dogs.  If your movie needs a cheap emotional pull to get people invested in it, you simply inject one of those three in to it and you’re bound to tug [...]

Horror Spotlight: Next Wave’s Adam Wingard
Posted by Shaun Huhn (CineNiche) | Posted 89 days ago.
To tell the story of Adam Wingard, we must first introduce Evan Katz (E.L. Katz). Katz has been working in the genre since 2007. He finally received his big break this year with Cheap Thrills. His first feature as a director has already won the SXSW Audience Award and The Gold Hugo from the Chicago [...]

7 Movies That Changed the Landscape of Horror Forever!
Posted by Gwendolyn Kiste | Posted 89 days ago.
Horror is the hydra of film genres; watch one movie and two more will already be shot, edited, and released for your viewing.  But we all know that not every flick out of the gore-covered gate will proceed to the pantheon of horror, so the ones that do become even more meaningful.  As for those [...]

How My Childhood Love of The Horror Genre Started
Posted by Michael Allen | Posted 89 days ago.
‘Why do you like these kind of films?’ my girlfriend asked me the other day while we were watching (or, rather, I was making her watch) a particular gruesome scene in Frankenstein’s Army (2013). It made me stop and think. I know the reasons why I like horror and they’re probably similar to yours, but [...]

5 Best Horror Siege Movies
Posted by PoppaScotch | Posted 90 days ago.
There are few things in life that are more satisfying than a great siege film.  With horror films it may be a little difficult to distinguish the classic “haunted house” film from a siege movie, but the difference is the motivation for being stuck in the enclosed area. Siege films can be defined as films [...]

10 Unbelievably Good Horror Sequels
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 101 days ago.
Horror Sequels are many times relegated as direct to dvd cash ins where studios can make a quick buck and not spend too much money doing it. Take a big name movie, dump a bit of money at a sequel, tap a talented unknown director and hope for the best. Sometimes it turns into a [...]

Top Winter Horror Movies : Frozen Treats
Posted by Miss Lisa | Posted 102 days ago.
Here we are in January, that limbo time of year between the holidays and Spring Training. We grudgingly venture outside into the cold; see the grey skies, the dead trees, and think, what a perfect setting for a horror movie! In the movies below, the cold, snowy settings are integral to the plot, contributing to [...]

5 Horror Movies To Watch during Snowmageddon
Posted by PoppaScotch | Posted 103 days ago.
Living in Eastern Pennsylvania, we usually get a few good snowfalls each winter.  Usually this trend starts some time after thanksgiving and usually doesn’t hit the full stride until about February. This year however, some surrounding towns with higher elevations ended up ten inches of snow already.  Just to give you reference, I haven’t even [...]

5 Reasons Nightmare on Elm Street 2 Kicks Ass!
Posted by DirtyGirl | Posted 103 days ago.
Certainly Freddy’s Revenge is not one of the best sequels in the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, but it by no means is the worst one either. Given an earlier article on our site where it was listed as one of the worst horror sequels ever made I feel compelled to list off a few [...]

13 Mind Blowing Horror Movies of 2013
Posted by Shaun Huhn (CineNiche) | Posted 103 days ago.
Happy New Year everyone! With the end of 2013, everyone who posts online reveals their lists. I’m no different. It is the age old tradition to compartmentalize a years worth of media into an easy to read checklist. In some cases writers attempt to be unique. Their lists can include best of, worst of, best [...]

13 NetFlix Instant Horror Movies To Watch While You Still Can [ USA ]
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 104 days ago.
Earlier we posted a list of 47 new horror titles that have just arrived on NETFLIX instant and it got many of our readers thinking about whether the service was starting to offer more for horror fans. I for one have always been a fan of Netflix because what else am I going to use? [...]

Your Favorite Horror Icons vs Vampires!
Posted by PoppaScotch | Posted 104 days ago.
Since teenagers and their mothers are treating vampires as if they are brand f**king new (they aren’t), our site Editor is forcing me to write an article about vampires (he said he would return my cat unharmed, and I really want to believe him). Since I’m half wacked out on liquor and sharpies right now [...]

47 Horror Movies Recently Added to Netflix Instant USA
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 104 days ago.
Over the last two years we and our readers have become notorious at bitching about Netflix and saying how much it sucks. Well folks we have not been even remotely fair to Netflix. I for one may complain  I want more movies but I still have Netflix and have no intentions of getting rid of [...]

Top 10 Modern Day Horror Villians
Posted by GingerSnap | Posted 105 days ago.
I am a big fan of the horror villains that came out in the 1980′s, but we don’t seem to give credit to modern horror villains.  As we have been in the remake/reboot kick as of late, we tend to forget about the serial killers that were originally created to follow in the footsteps  of [...]

Zombie Mania: The Best & Worst of 2013
Posted by Richard L. Haas III | Posted 107 days ago.
Although other years have been filled with more exuberance in zombie fandom, 2013 has been a remarkable year. One thing in particular it has done is created resurgence into the zombie genre among the general public, which could mean that the genre is evolving again, for better or for worse, but only time will tell. [...]

The Most Annoying Horror Movie Cliches
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 107 days ago.
Earlier in the week I was watching the Mothers Day remake and it had a particular scene which annoyed the crap out of me. Overall its a great film but the scene that irked me involved the cast running into a garage to pick up an air nailer and using it as a machine gun against [...]

The Best Horror Movies of 2013 You Probably Did Not See!
Posted by Christopher Horton | Posted 107 days ago.
Well, last year is history. Was it good for you? It was great for me. There were some great major releases last year ( Insidious Chapter 2, Evil Dead, The Conjuring).  But there were also quite a few indie releases that were worth checking out. The indie flicks: bastard sons of the blockbuster. You often [...]

Top 10 Buzz Worthy Horror Films of 2013
Posted by The Cryptkeeper | Posted 108 days ago.
Now that I look back at 2013 and all the movies that came out, I realize that I actually enjoyed last year’s horror way more than I did in 2012.  We saw a few remakes, some sequels, and even a few good original movies. I know a lot of people won’t agree with some films on [...]