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13 Scariest Horror Villains
Posted by BlondeRobynGirl | Posted 159 days ago.
Horror villains are usually meant to be scary, and some of them are downright terrifying. Villains in horror movies have a way of making us cringe, jump, scream, and even have nightmares. Although most of us will probably not admit it, some horror villains can scare even the best horror fan. I wanted to put [...]

7 Movie Characters You Want on Your Side During & Zombie Apocalypse
Posted by Suspiria_89 | Posted 159 days ago.
The day is finally among us.The day that all horror fans dream of. Yes, I’m talking about Z-Poc. The day where almost all of Earths population is turned into ravenous brain munching zombies who want nothing more than to turn your internal organs into lunch.Ok, it’s too good to be true. Z-poc isn’t among us.(Yet) [...]

You Vote: Will The Death of Blockbuster Help Mom & Pop Video Stores?
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 160 days ago.
With the death of Blockbuster Video last week an astute reader pointed out that he was pleased by this news. He also commented that he always shops at the local Ma & Pop video rental stores. This was an interesting comment since I get ALL my movies on demand. When I want to buy something [...]

5 Unexpectedly Great Horror Movies
Posted by PoppaScotch | Posted 160 days ago.
When we hear about a new horror film coming down the pipeline, there are a lot of factors that come into play that fuel our expectations. Casting, crew selection, synopses, and on set photos all add layers to the expectations that we have before a film is released. Some films never live up to the [...]

5 Vacation Spots You Should Avoid
Posted by Suspiria_89 | Posted 161 days ago.
It’s been a long hard day. First you had to wake up at the crack of dawn to head out to your shitty job just so you could make enough money to be broke, then after work you go home to your apartment where you find out that your girlfriend has broken up with and [...]

The Conjuring Hoax Is a True Horror Story For Some
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 163 days ago.
The alleged new owners of the Farm are clearly calling hoax on the truth behind The Conjuring and worse yet they are living a real life horror story as fans destroy their privacy and dream home. To give you some background when The Conjuring was released in theaters a bunch of morons took it upon [...]

7 Iconic Horror Movie Weapons
Posted by Jeremy Turner | Posted 164 days ago.
In the realm of the horror film, if the villain doesn’t have massive claws and teeth, then they’re going to need some serious hardware to do their killing. This is a list of some of the most memorable killing implements in horror movie history. Michael Myers – Kitchen Knife Let’s get the obvious entries out [...]

Under the Radar: 4 Horror Films I Really Dont Like
Posted by Christopher Horton | Posted 166 days ago.
You probably read this article title, and wondered: “What the hell is he getting at?” No, I haven’t recently been abducted by aliens. I also didn’t have a stroke while writing this article. I did, however, notice that in most of my “Under the Radar” articles, I write about films that I absolutely love. I [...]

31 Days of Halloween Horror Movies 2013 Full Recap and Wrap Up
Posted by Goon | Posted 173 days ago.
Today is Halloween and that means my 31 day binge on horror films has officially come to an end. Halloween is always bittersweet for me. It is my favorite day of the year but it also leads into the very end of the Halloween season. No more television specials, no more store displays, everything is [...]

31 Days of Halloween Horror Movies: Week Four Recap
Posted by Goon | Posted 174 days ago.
Every month of October for a few years now I have committed myself to watching at least one horror movie every day in preparation for Halloween. Just yesterday I posted my week three viewings because of a huge time crunch I was under. Now today I’ll have week four and a little later tonight I’ll [...]

31 Days of Halloween Horror Movies: Week Three Recap
Posted by Goon | Posted 174 days ago.
Every month of October for a few years now I have committed myself to watching at least one horror movie every day in preparation for Halloween. If you have been paying attention I am WAY behind on schedule but don’t worry I’ll be doing week three and week four back to back here as well [...]

31 Days of Halloween Horror Movies: Week Two Recap
Posted by Goon | Posted 184 days ago.
Every month of October for a few years now I have committed myself to watching at least one horror movie every day in preparation for Halloween. If you were around last week you may have read my week one recap and if not feel free to go back now and check it out. You might [...]

Halloween Horror Movies: 10 Best Horror Anthologies
Posted by Stacy Buchanan | Posted 185 days ago.
With Halloween just around the corner we all have an extra excuse to partake in even more horror movies. Admittedly do we really need  an excuse like Halloween to watch some fantastic horror movies? Anthologies are my absolute favorite sub-genre within the world of horror films. And as a community, we’re so lucky to have [...]

Horror Spotlight: Steven C Miner
Posted by Cineniche | Posted 190 days ago.
When you think of dominant horror filmmakers the names Wes Craven, John Carpenter, George A. Romero, Sean Cunningham, Dario Argento, Herschell Gordon Lewis, William Castle, Roger Corman, Clive Barker, Alfred Hitchcock, David Cronenberg, and Lucio Fulci are probably among a few that spring to mind. There is an unsung director that is normally overlooked. Steven [...]

25 Best Halloween Movies Safe For The Family
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 193 days ago.
Time for another edition of You Voted which is easily one of my favorite editorials we do on site.  This go around we asked our community on Facebook what your favorite Halloween Movies are that are safe for the whole family. We will of course do a followup piece later on the Best Halloween Horror [...]

31 Days of Halloween Horror Movies: Week One Recap
Posted by Goon | Posted 193 days ago.
Every month of October for a few years now I have committed myself to watching at least one horror movie every day in preparation for Halloween. This year has been a little more difficult than the past because I now have school and work to contend with but I’m on track so far. I should [...]

Carrie Gets a Cup of Coffee
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 197 days ago.
You know how it is.  You’re just minding your own business, getting a cup of coffee, when suddenly an argument breaks out.  And before you know it, someone whips out their telekinetic powers and all hell is breaking loose.  Typical day in L.A. Sony Pictures is once again using the viral marketing method in their latest [...]

Ten Family Friendly Horror Movies
Posted by MovieMaven | Posted 198 days ago.
Perhaps some of you are parents looking for fun ways to share Halloween spooky times with your kids but don’t think they are quite ready for the heavy stuff. Or maybe you would enjoy to revisit some favorites from your own childhood. Or maybe you are just a wuss. Either way, this list could be [...]

Why Do Fans Hate On George Romero?
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 199 days ago.
George Romero is a major figure in the horror genre and his franchise of Dead films will forever put him at the top of the heap of most influential horror filmmakers. That said in recent years it seems that some hard fans have turned against the talented and legendary horror director. George Romero first came [...]

True Story Horror Movies, How True Are They?
Posted by Captain Howdy | Posted 199 days ago.
If there’s one thing more abundant in horror films than elaborate death scenes and nudity, it would be clichés. Don’t have sex; never wander off alone; don’t stand up to the guy in the mask. The one cliché that tops them all in terms of ridiculousness, however, is the simple tagline “Based on True Events.” [...]

Top 7 Halloween Themed TV Show Episodes
Posted by DarkwingMantis | Posted 199 days ago.
Growing up as a kid from the late 80’s / early 90’s, Halloween was always a favorite season for me. Scores of horror movies would be out for the season and everyone would run to the theater each time to see the latest scare fest. However, I grew up kind of poor and didn’t have [...]

Halloween Horror Movie Marathon Suggestions
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 201 days ago.
It’s Halloween which means its our favorite time of the year where we have all kinds of bonus reasons to do nothing but watch copious amounts of horror movies. Sitting down and building a list of excellent Halloween horror movies is no simple task. Just limiting the list to under 50 films is a challenge [...]

5 Unexpectedly Bad Horror Movies
Posted by PoppaScotch | Posted 207 days ago.
Very recently, I wrote a piece about horror  films that completely caught me off guard when it came down to the surprisingly great quality department.  This is one of the many great things about the horror genre that we all know and love.  I would bet that every horror fan has had similar experiences where [...]

7 Actual True Story Horror Movies
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 209 days ago.
I despise True Story Horror Movies that end up being 90% B.S. Or in the case of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre pretty much near 100% crap. Don’t get me wrong I like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre but saying it is based on a true story is like saying The Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny [...]

My Plea For Original Horror Movies & Less Horror Remakes
Posted by Cineniche | Posted 212 days ago.
As we all know, our beloved genre has been overrun by economically safe films. In the past decade we have been bombarded with remakes and sequels. Some of these are wins, while most are fails. It is up to us to champion the original ideas that fly under the radar and not give in to [...]

An Ode To Crispin Glover
Posted by Cineniche | Posted 212 days ago.
I had the amazing opportunity to see Cripsin Glover during his last tour at the Music Box: Chicago.  I missed his first time through the windy city, but made it a point not to miss his second.  Over the course of two nights we were given a glimpse inside the mind of one of the [...]