31 Days of Scares- #31 ‘Exorcist 3’ Nurse Scene
Written by Jason McDonald, October 1, 2015
Welcome to the first of 31 posts! It’s officially October so, unlike the rest of the year, we get to finally focus on horror movies.  Rather than talk about individual movies this year I thought it’d be fun to look at great scares from throughout horror. Over the next 31 days I’ll be counting down to Halloween with what

Top Ten Stephen King Film Adaptations
Written by Jason McDonald, September 22, 2015
To call Stephen King’s current body of work “extensive” would be an understatement.  To date he has written over 50 novels and nearly 200 short stories and that’s not counting the various non-fiction, collections, and novellas attached to his name. With such a wide breadth of work it’s no surprise that his bibliography has proven

State of Fear- What Does Modern Horror Say About Us?
Written by Jason McDonald, September 14, 2015
While horror is good for escapist entertainment it is, arguably, at it’s best when it shines a light on society and reveals our truest fears.  Throughout the decades horror movies have managed to reflect the issues that were plaguing our society.  Decades ago movies highlighted our fear of the atomic age with movies that showed

‘The Happening’ Honest Trailer Reveals the Best Comedy of 2008
Written by Jason McDonald, September 9, 2015
Honestly, it’s amazing that this didn’t happen sooner, but I guess it’s all about the timing since director M. Night Shyamalan is set to release his newest film, “The Visit”, this weekend. Honest Trailers is a parody series put together by Screen Junkies that puts together trailers that explain exactly what a movie is about

Anatomy of a Scare- Child’s Play
Written by Jason McDonald, September 7, 2015
Poor Aunt Maggie, she learned first hand that taking a seven story swan dive into the back of a truck was not good for one’s health.  The most tragic element about her death, though, is that it never would have happened if she wasn’t such a good friend. You see, it was Maggie who led

The Worst Jobs to Have in a Horror Movie Scenario
Written by Jason McDonald, September 7, 2015
Happy Labor Day! Today some of you are either relaxing at home counting your blessings that you’re not at work or cursing the fact that you are at work on a holiday.  Or, if you’re out of the country, you’re probably wondering what the hell Labor Day is.  That’s a great question foreign friend, allow

Let’s Not Be Dramatic- Quentin Tarantino Didn’t Hate ‘It Follows’
Written by Jason McDonald, August 28, 2015
A few days ago Vulture released some left over scraps from their interview with director Quentin Tarantino.  Among these tidbits left on the cutting room floor was a segment where Tarantino mentioned his two favorite movies from the past year: “Kingsman” and “It Follows.”  However, Tarantino didn’t stop there and went on to explain his

You Voted: 20 Worst Horror Movies, 1st Edition
Written by Herner Klenthur, August 15, 2015
You voted is a regular series where we poll our readers to decide the pulse of the horror movie genre. We never completely agree with the answers but there is no denying that when the fans speak you can’t easily dismiss it. The latest question we tossed at our hungry audience was what are the

9 Wonderfully Weird Horror Movie Bathroom Scenes
Written by Jared, August 10, 2015
The bathroom, it’s disgusting, it’s uncomfortable, it’s odors can be down right alien-like and bad things happen there, especially in horror films. Bathroom scenes have arguably become a useful trope within the horror genre and acts a never-ending reminder of our biological connection to the world. Here’s a list of bizarre and brutal bathroom scenes because why

10 New Masters of Horror
Written by Herner Klenthur, August 9, 2015
On Facebook, I asked our community members ( counted in the hundreds of thousands ) who they consider a new Master of Horror in preparation for this editorial. Many directors claim to be “Masters of Horror” but let’s be honest: it’s not a title they can bestow on themselves. It is one that only we as fans

10 Unknown Asian Horror Movies You Must See!
Written by JMH314, August 9, 2015
Alright, so the title is a little misleading.  We have a large array of horror fans and I’d be foolish to think I’m the only one who has ever seen or heard of these Asian horror movies.  However, for the most part when you talk to people about Asian horror movies you get a LOT

Before Fame & Fortune, Big Stars Who Started in Horror
Written by lizsaskia, August 8, 2015
Some celebrities are consistently cast in horror films, forever to remain on the run from knife-wielding maniacs. However, some actors have successfully used the horror genre to launch mainstream careers that have catapulted them into the A-list, leaving the world of psychos and monsters firmly in their past. Here we celebrate the film stars who

10 Horror Movie Families You Dont Want To Belong To
Written by Kristen, August 8, 2015
Look, we all have families that we’re maybe not the proudest of. There’s always that crazy cousin, the aunt who drinks too much at parties, and the grandmother who sends $5 checks in the mail for your birthday. If you’re a horror fan, though, you realize very quickly that your family isn’t so bad. Let’s

5 Vacation Spots You Should Avoid
Written by Suspiria_89, August 8, 2015
It’s been a long hard day. First you had to wake up at the crack of dawn to head out to your shitty job just so you could make enough money to be broke, then after work you go home to your apartment where you find out that your girlfriend has broken up with and

A History of Stephen King Film Adaptations
Written by PoppaScotch, August 6, 2015
It’s extremely hard to dispute the fact that Stephen King hasn’t had an effect on all things horror since his first novel Carrie was released back in 1974.  In the time since, Stephen King has became an international success and the recipient of much deserved critical acclaim.  His first novel Carrie was also his first

14 Must See Horror Movies 2014 Edition
Written by Shaun Huhn (CineNiche), August 4, 2015
Happy 2015! Welcome to another list of our favorite genre offerings. In this post we count down the best (in my opinion) horror films of 2014. This past year didn’t fare too well for the studios, but made incredible strides for independent filmmakers. Instead of heading to the theaters this year for our normal pilgrimage

Must See 80’s Horror Movies
Written by Gwendolyn Kiste, August 3, 2015
When the average person thinks of the 1980s, shoulder pads, power suits, and Huey Lewis and the News come to mind.  But when most horror fans imagine the decade, visions of Camp Crystal Lake, raucous Gremlins, and the Overlook Hotel tend to beat out Madonna and Ronald Reagan as the prevailing icons.  Back then, horror

The 10 Greatest Werewolf Movies of All Time!
Written by MovieMaven, August 2, 2015
As many of you know, werewolf films are my favorite.  All of my life I have been mesmerized by watching men change into beasts…and now as an adult I see it all too often. If you have seen these, then you are ready.  If not, I suggest you get out there and enjoy.   Howl at

Are Horror Fans Helping or Hurting the Genre?
Written by Herner Klenthur, August 2, 2015
I read a great article earlier in the week titled ‘F*ck You – An Open Letter to the Horror Community‘. Put plainly the article looked at the current state of indie horror film making and why so many up and coming talents are being overlooked because horror fans are refusing to embrace and support them. Now

10 Indie Horror Films Every Horror Fan Should See!
Written by Flay Otters, August 1, 2015
There was a bit of noise out of the Independent Spirit Awards recently surrounding the idea of ‘independent’ or ‘low budget’ and what that means. A twenty million dollar budget and a huge promotional machine behind a film seems, to me anyway, to strip away a little of what makes a film ‘independent.’ That said,