Horror DVD Release Dates & News

‘Maggie’ Takes a Bite Out of Home Video This July
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Henry Hobson’s latest flick Maggie, is currently available in the in limited theatres and digital, but for those of you who prefer physical copies and of course extra features, you will be pleased to know that the film will be making its way to DVD and Blu-ray this July 7th and we have all the [...]

[Trailer] First Look at Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs
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Well, I don’t even… Yeah. If you thought Cowboys vs. Aliens was ridiculous, you ain’t seen nothing. Let me introduce to you Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs from Ari Novak, which just so happens to star Eric Roberts, and we have scored the official trailer and some artwork courtesy of Dread Central. Check out the insanity below [...]

Scream Factory Unleashes the Toolbox Murders 2 This August
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It’s finally on the way. The sequel to Tobe Hooper’s 2004 reimagining of the 1978 flick is making its way Stateside and the guys over at Scream Factory will be unleashing the film onto Blu-ray this August 4th. Make your way below for the artwork and let us know if you’ll be adding this one to [...]

Infected Hits DVD This June
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Do you still have a hefty appetite for the shambling undead? If so, we have another zombie flick to feed that beast inside of you. From Image Entertainment comes Andrew Gilbert’s Infected, and it has been set for a release on DVD this June 2nd. Read on for the details and some artwork. From the [...]

Scream Factory Unleashes GhostHouse and Witchery onto Blu-ray
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The folks over at Scream Factory have a couple more titles heading to Blu-ray, and if you like witches, freaky clown dolls, demonic spirits and David Hasselhoff, then you’re in for an absolute treat! Scream Factory are putting together GhostHouse and Witchery on a double feature Blu-ray this June 30th. From the Press Release: Clown [...]

Zombies from Outer Space Finally Hits DVD
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A couple of years ago we gave you guys the first look at a little indie flick entitled Zombies from Outer Space, but since that time it has sadly been extremely silent. Thankfully however, the silence has finally been broken as Zombies from Outer Space is making its way to DVD this May 26th via Olive [...]

[Trailer] LeglessCorpse Films to Unleash The Rohl Farms Haunting
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Many years ago when I first witnessed The Blair Witch Project, I just didn’t get it. But after a re-watch it quickly became a staple in my collection and I love it. But since then, we have been inundated with “found-footage” movies and most of them have simply drifted off without so much as a [...]

Raiders of the Lost Shark Hits DVD This May
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You guys didn’t think this one died did you? Oh, not a chance. Brett Kelly and Scott Patrick’s Raiders of the Lost Shark (Best title of the year!) is still very much alive, in fact this one is making its way to DVD this May 19th via Wild Eye Releasing. If you missed the trailer last [...]

Scream Factory Announces ‘Metamorphosis’ and ‘Beyond Darkness’ for Blu-ray
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Our friends over at Scream Factory certainly know how to pry our wallets open as they have just announced two surprise titles to be released on Blu-ray for the very first time this August. At this time we don’t have much to go on, but we can tell you that both George Eastman’s Metamorphosis and Claudio [...]

[Trailer] Evil Inhabits the Woods in ‘Cub’
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It’s been a while since we last had an update for you guys in regards to Jonas Govaerts’ Cub, but thankfully today we have scored a ton of information and a new trailer for the film which looks set to be a whole lot of awesome. Make your way below and check out the footage from the [...]

Scream Factory to Unleash The People Under The Stairs onto Blu-ray
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What with the news that Wes Craven’s The People Under The Stairs, will soon be receiving the TV treatment, it makes perfect sense to revisit the cult classic and what better way than on Blu-ray in a special collector’s edition! Yep, the folks over at Scream Factory have announced the release with some brand new [...]

Zombieworld Hits The UK This June
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I’ve been hearing quite a lot in regards to Zombieworld, a film that our friends over at Dread Central have had a hand or two in and it’s something I really need to get around to watching. Thankfully, for those of us in the UK, we will soon be able to witness the film as [...]

They Will Outlive Us All Hits DVD This May
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For those of you who are after a little creature feature action to kick of their weekend, you’re in luck as with have just the remedy in the form of Patrick Shearer’s giant bug flick They Will Outlive Us All. It’s a horror-comedy which looks set to be one of the better ones, or at least here’s hoping. [...]

Witness a ‘Blood Slaughter Massacre’ on DVD
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Have we got a massacre for you guys today, and not just any massacre, this is a Blood Slaughter Massacre! Yep, and it’s ripe for the picking. If you love your 80’s slashers that are full of slicing and dicing, then then Manny Serrano’s homage to that era is definitely the one for you. So, head [...]

‘Spring’ Is Sprung onto Blu-ray & DVD
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I am yet to see Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead’s Spring, but I’ve heard nothing but things about the film. In fact I think I’m yet to hear a bad word about it, so if that isn’t more reason to check this one out I don’t know what is. And speaking of which we have just [...]

Prepare to be ‘Eaten Alive’ on Blu-ray This July
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We have just received some truly awesome news. You guys love Tobe Hoppers Eaten Alive, right? Well, the fine folks over at Arrow Video USA have just announced that they will be unleashing the seminal classic onto Blu-ray this July 28th and it is chock full of special features, so you guys can truly dig [...]

The Strain Season 1 Collectors Edition Details Arrive
Written by Herner Klenthur, Posted 41 Days Ago. | 2 Comments
The studio has just dropped us details on the new STRAIN Season 1 release which will hit June 9th. Experience the first season of TV’s hottest, most blood-curdling sci-fi series – from Executive Producers – Writers Guillermo Del Toro, Carlton Cuse and Chuck Hogan – along with behind-the-scenes special features that explore the story’s journey [...]

Girls and Corpses Team Up with TomCat Films for ‘Blood Rites’
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You guys are familiar with the awesome Girls and Corpses magazine, right? Of course you are! I mean, it is a little bit awesome. So it just makes sense that one day they would get into the whole video distribution gig and it just so happens to be with TomCat Films, and they have partnered [...]

Madman Finally Hits Blu-ray This May
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I’m fairly sure many thought it would never happen, but Madman Marz is back, and this time he is going to be featured in 4k from the original 35mm camera negative. Yep, Madman is getting the Blu-ray treatment finally and we have all the details you need regarding the release. From the Press Release: Years [...]

Not Human Is Available on DVD Right Now
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We have been following Adam R Steigert’s Not Human, for quite some time now, as it looks like it could be something you guys will be willing to check out, and speaking of which, the film was released on DVD this March 3rd, so if you haven’t yet go give this one a gander. From the Press [...]