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New Official Trailer for Sorority Party Massacre
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 108 days ago.
Okay guys, it’s New Years Eve and 2014 is just around the corner. So, what better way to celebrate than by venturing off to a secluded island with some gorgeous sorority girls wearing pretty much nothing, and oh yeah, I forget to mention that Ron Jeremy is in for the ride as well. yep, it doesn’t [...]

Thanatomorphose Hits US DVD This January
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 115 days ago.
Eric Falardeau’s Thanatomorphose looks set to be utterly disgusting, and yet at the same time totally intriguing. This sucker is just ripe for the picking, and speaking of picking, you can soon pick up your copy of the film on DVD, as this one is finally heading Stateside. Unearthed Films have just announced that they [...]

The Children of Sorrow to be Unleashed on DVD
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 122 days ago.
We here have been following Jourdan McClure’s Children of Sorrow, ever since we got word of its conception, and then when Bill Oberst Jr. was announced to star, well, shit just got serious! We have unleashed trailers, posters and all sorts of photos, but the time has finally come, Children of Sorrow is making its way home. [...]

Evilspeak and Final Exam to Receive the Scream Factory Treatment
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 126 days ago.
Are you guys ready for another Scream Factory announcement? I know I am. So let’s get to it. The folks over at Scream Factory have just announced that they will be unleashing Evilspeak and Final Exam onto Blu-ray next year. As per their Facebook page; Fans of early 80s school-themed horror films are in luck [...]

Antisocial Makes Its Way to DVD This January
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 127 days ago.
We have been following Cody Calahan’s feature debut, Antisocial, very closely around these parts as the film looks pretty damn awesome! So, if you would like to own the psyical copy, we have all the details you need. From the Press Release: Breaking Glass Pictures, Monster Pictures, and Vicious Circle Films are excited to announce the [...]

We Are What We Are Invades Blu-ray & DVD This January
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 128 days ago.
Ever since I laid witness to Jim Mickle’s Stake Land, I’ve been following this director very closely. But when it was announced that he would be helming a remake, I was, at first, a little skeptical, but then I remembered this is Jim Mickle taking on some freakin’ cannibals! So yeah, I’m now pretty damn stoked [...]

Witness The Asylum’s Future of Law Enforcement – Android Cop!
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 132 days ago.
Oh The Asylum, how we love you so. Well, you know that the RoboCop remake is on the horizon, right? Well, it appears as if The Asylum have their very own future cop in the shape of Michael Jai White, and he is to now be known as Android Cop! Read on for the early [...]

Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide Hits U.S. DVD
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 133 days ago.
I absolutely love this collection. It thoroughly takes us through the time of extreme censorship in the UK, which is still in force to this very day, although they seem to be much more lenient these days. So, if you’re yet to see Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide and Moral Panic, Censorship & Video Tape, [...]

Blu-ray & DVD Artwork for Scream Factory’s Beneath
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 135 days ago.
From Larry Fessenden, comes his latest flick Beneath, and we have been following this one for what feels like an eternity, but rest assured, this one is making its way to home video. Recently the folks over at Scream Factory unleashed the DVD/Blu-ray artwork for the film and we have it below in two versions. The [...]

Dolph Lundgren’s Battle of the Damned Hits Blu-ray & DVD This February
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 136 days ago.
This may just be the greatest thing ever! On the one hand we have zombies and on the other we have some robots. Sounds pretty good, right? But then you throw freakin’ Dolph Lundgren in the mix and suddenly this shit gets real! Are you guys as stoked for Battle of the Damned as I [...]

Monsters: The Complete Series Hits DVD This February
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 142 days ago.
Any of you guys remember the cult anthology TV show Monsters? It ran from 1988-1991, and since then it has had re-runs on the Syfy and Chiller channels. But, finally, the complete series is making its debut onto DVD and we have the early details and artwork courtesy of Fangoria. According to the site, the [...]

Brace Yourselves for the Zombie Pirates!
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 142 days ago.
For you guys today, we have the first details for Steve Sessions’ Zombie Pirates, courtesy of our friends over at Dread Central, and while there isn’t much to show you guys, just the sound of this one has me ready for a boat load of fun! Head on down for the early details including a release [...]

Hellbenders Hits Blu-ray & DVD This February
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 143 days ago.
To be honest with you guys, I don’t think I have heard anything but good things when it comes to JT Petty’s Hellbenders. So, I’m pretty damn stoked to finally check out this sucker and see if it lives up to these expectations. If you too are anxious to check this one out, we have [...]

Machete Kills Hits Blu-ray & DVD This January
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 149 days ago.
Judging by the box-office figures, Machete Kills took a terrible nose dive. But, is it as bad as the figures suggest? I doubt it as I loved the trailers, so if you’re like me and haven’t seen this one yet, then perhaps home video is what you have been waiting for? So, head on down [...]

Scream Factory Picks Up ‘Dog Soldiers’ and ‘Ginger Snaps’
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 152 days ago.
Can the wonderful folks over at Scream Factory do no wrong? They are so freakin’ awesome, and we have just heard that they have acquired two of the best werewolf films of recent times, if not, of all time! But, that’s just my opinion. Yep, Scream Factory have just announced that they have acquired Ginger [...]

Silent Night, Bloody Night Restored in HD for DVD This December
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 153 days ago.
With Halloween been and gone, all eyes are now on the holiday season. People will soon be running around frantic trying to get the latest gift for their loved one’s and spending every last penny that they own. And some of us will have got their shopping done early so we can be sitting here [...]

Never Sleep Again Finally Hits Blu-ray This January
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 154 days ago.
Any chance I get to write about A Nightmare on Elm Street, I simply jump at the chance. I freakin’ love the series and of course, I’m always hoping for one more that includes Robert Englund. But, while my dreams hardly ever come true, it is still awesome to hear that the legacy of Freddy [...]

Official UK DVD Artwork for Thanatomorphose
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 154 days ago.
Brace yourselves guys. What we have for you here might be the most disgusting piece of artwork to grace DVD shelves, although, I’m pretty sure their is much worse out there. Still, the UK artwork for Thanatomorphose is pretty close to being absolutely disgusting. Check it out below and let us know what you think? Look [...]

Blockbuster’s Last Movie Rental: This Is The End! RIP BlockBuster
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 157 days ago.
Blockbuster is closing its doors for good. Blockbuster was a behemoth in the rental business and it would seem that the times have caught up with it. I am sure that most people just like me don’t go to the video rental store anymore when you can just rent movies on demand and never leave [...]

Official Home Video Artwork for Insidious: Chapter 2
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 165 days ago.
I know that we are pretty much split down the middle when it comes to Insidious, but I for one enjoyed, but saying that I am still yet to see the sequel. So, with the film set to hit Blu-ray and DVD this December 24th, we have scored the official artwork courtesy of Dread Central, [...]

Full Details for Scream Factory’s Witchboard & Night of the Demons Blu-rays
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 166 days ago.
We all love Scream Factory, right? These guys bring back classic and forgotten films from the dead and give them the respect they deserve. So, with Witchboard and Night of the Demons set for release on Blu-ray on 02/04/2014, the full details for both have come in. Read on for all the details you need. Witchboard [...]

Ghost Team One Hits DVD, Best Horror Movie of 2013?
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 167 days ago.
Apparently Ghost Team One the horror movie I never even heard of is the best horror film of the year.  The trailer is funny as hell but I am not so sure I agree with AICN’s claim that its the best horror movie of 2013! Press release and trailer below. The outrageous and subversive horror [...]

Synapse Films Acquires Suspiria!
Posted by Goon | Posted 169 days ago.
About a week ago Synapse Films Founder Don May Jr. made a long and heartfelt post about why he loved his job and that he had a huge announcement to make soon. They had acquired something big. So big he was literally at a loss for words. Today, on Halloween, they have revealed that they [...]

Scream Factory Announces Sleepaway Camp for Blu-ray Next Year
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 169 days ago.
Don’t you just love Halloween? What with all the scares, the candy and of course, all the awesome horror news! So, what do we have for you today? Well, the awesome folks over at Scream factory have just announced that they will be unleashing the original uncut version of Sleepaway Camp onto Blu-ray next Spring! [...]

Grabbers Hits U.S. DVD This November – Artwork Inside
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 171 days ago.
How many of you guys have had the chance to check out the creature feature Grabbers? If you still haven’t seen this one I recommend that you do, and what better way than to get your very own copy on DVD. Yes, the film is finally hitting U.S. DVD this November 12th and we have [...]

Arrow Video Unleashes Brian De Palma’s The Fury onto UK Blu-ray
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 171 days ago.
I hope you guys have saved some space for more horror purchases, as we have just received word that Brian De Palma’s classic supernatural thriller, The Fury, is currently released on UK Blu-ray, as from yesterday. Read on for all the details below. From the Press Release: Arrow Video is pleased to announce the UK Blu-ray [...]