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[Trailer] Bratty Kids Go Missing In The Malibu Tapes
Written by Stephanie Joyce, 1 Day Ago | No Comments
Take four teenagers from a well-to-do high school partying around one of the most glamorous places in the world and make it scary? Now, while The Malibu Tapes seems like your cut and dry party gone bad, it does look like (by hints we see in the trailer) like there’s something more than just a [...]

Living With Strangers May Make You “Sick”
Written by Stephanie Joyce, Posted 3 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
If you haven’t already seen enough undead mayhem with the Walking Dead show and all the new zombie films coming up on the horizon, we got one more for ya and it may make you “Sick.” Coming to us from Acort International, Sick follows three strangers that have to band together to survive the night. [...]

[Trailer] Hunting The Legend Reveals a Murderous Bigfoot
Written by Stephanie Joyce, Posted 5 Days Ago. | 4 Comments
It seems that Bigfoot is this season’s popular foe of monster lore chosen to walk around on the silver screen as there has been several indie horror movie titles trying to take a stab at depicting our “Bigfoot-ed” friend. Just recently released in Canada and making its way to the American Film Market is Hunting [...]

Australian Film Wyrmwood Is “Mad Max” Meets “Dawn of the Dead”
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Making its way from Fantastic Fest to the American Film Market this coming week is Australian zombie film Wyrmwood. Already hailed as “a fearlessly fun and bloody B-movie that mixes up sci-fi-style action with zombie mayhem” comes an enjoyable and a smart bit of midnight movie fun. We’re crossing our fingers that this title will [...]

[Trailer] “The Sleeping Room” Introduces Novel Haunt Device
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Coming to the American Film Market circuit is The Sleeping Room which showcases one of the more unique and unheard of devices for a paranormal horror movie called a “Mutoscope” that works like a flip-book. Before we get into the details of the story, you might want to watch the trailer just to see what [...]

“The Last Showing” Features Robert Englund
Written by Stephanie Joyce, Posted 13 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
Coming to us from the UK is the psychological thriller/horror movie The Last Showing that stars Robert Englund whose character “Freddy Krueger” has kept me up many-a-night when I was young. This movie proves to be an interesting twist from your traditional horror movie as we have Englund’s character, who is a veteran projectionist, fired [...]

[Trailer] Demons Abound in Disciples
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Things are really heating up on the American Film Market circuit as every A and B-movie horror production is gearing up to be shown to an international audience in just a couple of weeks. What I like about this trailer is that is prominently showcases some of the best horror actors in the biz, in [...]

[Interview] “The Control Group” Director Talks Dario Agento and Film Styles Worth Revisiting
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We scored an exclusive interview with director Peter Hurd of The Control Group as he’s gearing up to sell his film at The American Film Market this early November. He tells us why Dario Argento films are super cool and how grindhouse is a fun style to shoot in. But don’t take my word for [...]

[Review] Rare WWII Hitchcock Documentary “Night Will Fall” Reveals A Dark Humanity
Written by Stephanie Joyce, Posted 19 Days Ago. | No Comments
Many do not know about Night Will Fall and the long, arduous journey through several wars to finally bring it to theaters. It is a forgotten, then found-again, WWII documentary helmed by Alfred Hitchcock as he was a key consultant in advising the team to “take long shots to avoid any ideas of fakery.” This [...]

[Trailer] Things Get Out of Control in “The Control Group” Trailer
Written by Stephanie Joyce, Posted 20 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
If Dario Argento had a baby with a grindhouse film, you would have the ghoulishly-made horror experiment that is The Control Group. And this title is rated X as in “No one allowed under 16″. So there’s something seriously forbidding, and at the same time enticing, about seeing a film with this kind of rating. [...]

[Exclusive] Real Murder Spree Highlighted In House on the Hill
Written by Stephanie Joyce, Posted 20 Days Ago. | 2 Comments
Earlier this month we reported the new with American Horror Story creator taking a walk on the wild side as he’s featuring real killers in American Crime Story. Now we have House on the Hill and,  just by watching the trailer, I get the chills as the real serial killer that inspired this film is [...]

[New Trailer] Avengers: Age of Ultron Frightens
Written by Stephanie Joyce, Posted 21 Days Ago. | 2 Comments
Expertly played and timed to the famous Pinocchio song “I Have No Strings” comes the brand-spanking new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. We got the trailer and it looks pretty epic as the Iron Man-esque robot that is controlled by “Ultron”, which is the first robot Ant-Man creates that gains sentience (free-thinking), is frightening. Only [...]

[Review] The 13th Unit Makes You Feel Claustrophobic
Written by Stephanie Joyce, Posted 21 Days Ago. | No Comments
If you like well-made, low-budget horror flicks, you may have found your next title to add to your Halloween line-up. The 13th Unit does boast having good actors, music, camera-work and editing and most critics say it’s good for the little horror film it is. But what got me into watching it more than anything [...]

[Trailer] Like Noir? And Zombies? Get Ready For Zombie Noir
Written by Stephanie Joyce, Posted 21 Days Ago. | 3 Comments
One of the cooler and niche-ier titles to coincide with the zombie genre is the just released Zombie Noir trailer brought to us by IMD Films. This looks very much in the vein of Sin City, but with zombies and has a considerably smaller budget, but hey, the effort and style has to be applauded. [...]

[Trailer] Hillbilly Horror Show Hits TV
Written by Stephanie Joyce, Posted 22 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
In the vein of ABC’s of Death meets Tales from the Crypt, only a bit nuttier and way more comical, is the Hillbilly Horror Show. The series has already come out with two volumes available on Roku and the Tubi TV channel. Both are packed with award-winning horror shorts that are sure to be a [...]

More Ouija Mayhem In “The Ouija Resurrection”
Written by Stephanie Joyce, Posted 24 Days Ago. | No Comments
While tampering with and facing the consequences around messing with a Ouija board seems to be one of the more popular story-lines this year, looks like we got one more title that claims to be based on true events. And just in case you didn’t know, this is the second installment or sequel to The [...]

[New Poster & Trailer] Day Of The Mummy With Danny Glover
Written by Stephanie Joyce, Posted 26 Days Ago. | 2 Comments
After checking this one out, I have to say it looks totally cool and very reminiscent of The Mummy franchise that debuted 15 years ago. Where this one differs is that the whole movie is shown in first-person POV, like Doom or the campy horror flick House of the Dead. If you were a fan [...]

Only Government-Confirmed Possesion Chronicled In “The Atticus Institute”
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The Atticus Institute movie has been reported to be in post for almost a year now. So what’s up with the release and where the heck can we find a trailer!?! Well, call me superstitious, but perhaps things are being delayed as this story is related to real events based around one mysterious woman. She [...]

Get Ready To Join “Club Dead”
Written by Stephanie Joyce, Posted 30 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
This title is about as straight forward as they come. Its a club everyone wants to get into, but the only catch. Everyone who’s anyone running the place inside is a vampire. Some look like your typical dark and sexy goth-type vamp while others appear as the traditional “Nosferatu” variety. One things for sure, this [...]

Blood Moon Trailer Shows Dog’s Bite
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Here comes another movie in the vein of werewolves, only these creatures are described as “skinwalkers” in the story for Blood Moon. This title looks highly stylized as it is set in the old wild west and, instead of robbers being the one thing that passengers of a stagecoach should worry about, it is a [...]