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First Official Poster for FrightFest 2013
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Yes, folks. It is nearly that time of year again, where the world of horror descends onto the streets of London, yes, FrightFest is officially on the horizon. With the festival looming ever closer, we have scored the official poster which is once again designed by the ever awesome  Graham Humphreys, and yes, its freakin’ [...]

The Horror Films of LA Film Fest 2013
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The Los Angeles Film Festival in sunny Southern California is arguably one of the biggest film festivals in the state. As such it attracts a wide breadth of films from countries around the world and filmmakers who specialize in a multitude of styles.  Films from all genres will be represented at the festival including documentaries, [...]

Spending the night at “The Diplomat Hotel”: Exclusive Interview with Director Chris Ad Castillo
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Last month, I came across the teaser trailer for a Filipino indie-horror film that is slated to release this July at the Cinemalaya Film Festival in the Philippines. Not only was I surprised that the famed haunted landmark of the Philippines will finally get its share of the limelight, I was taken aback by the [...]

Texas Frightmare Weekend: Maniac (2012) Review
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I’ve been gestating on Franck Khalfoun’s Maniac since last week when I saw the film with a packed crowd at Texas Frightmare Weekend on Saturday evening. Prior to the screening, I rewatched the 1980 William Lustig/Joe Spinnell original and now that I’ve had some time to stew, I don’t know if that was the best idea after all. [...]

Texas Frightmare Weekend: Byzantium (2012) Review
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In the post-age of the Twilight films, it is tricky business to venture into vampire mythology without running the risk of having tomatoes thrown in your direction. Gone are the days of Cronos and Near Dark and Nosferatu and lately we’ve instead been bombarded with the slug of vapid, shallow Twilight films strewn with emotionally [...]

TX Frightmare Weekend: Shorts Collection Review
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I’m always excited for the chance to see genre’ short films at a festival or event because very often they are hard to track down otherwise. So with two separate collections of shorts showing during Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas, I was pretty jazzed at the chance to see some off the beaten path work [...]

Texas Frightmare Weekend: Scream Park Review
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The midnight screening at Texas Frightmare last night was the often goofy, 80’s throwback Scream Park. While far from perfect (seemingly deliberatley so), the film is a bit of fun romp through the standard clichés’ of teenage slasher fare that left me chuckling and grinning as it ran its credits. Thankfully, the film is not [...]

Jacob (2011) Movie Review
Written by Flay Otters, Posted 752 Days Ago. | 3 Comments
While preparing myself for this weekend’s Texas Frightmare Weekend up in Dallas, I went over what would be screened and when. For anyone who attends a lot of festivals like me, (music, film, otherwise) you’re familiar with the concept of scheduling conflicts and Texas Frightmare is no exception. On a lark, I found out that one of [...]

LA Film Fest Announces Lineup
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Earlier today the LA Film Fest came out and announced its lineup for this years film festival which will take place from June 13th to the 23rd in Los Angeles, California.  Quite a few films will be making their premiere at the festival in categories ranging from documentaries, to short films, to narratives and so on and [...]

Dare To Check-In At The Haunted “Diplomat Hotel”
Written by Mahiwaga, Posted 755 Days Ago. | 4 Comments
The Diplomat Hotel is an upcoming Filipino psychological horror about a disgraced reporter seeking redemption for her career. She ends up leading her documentary crew to spend the night at the infamous Diplomat Hotel in Baguio, Philippines and to tell the story of what really happened here. The film stars Gretchen Barretto, Art Acuna, Mon [...]

Toronto After Dark Calls for Early Entries!
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Are you an aspiring filmmaker? Do you have dreams of achieving worldwide recognition through your indie film?  Have you tried selling your soul to the devil for a chance at the big time? No? Oh..well you could always try entering a film festival! And if you’re going to enter a film festival, why not Toronto After Dark?  It’s one of [...]

AFI Night at the Movies Returns
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After a five year hiatus, AFI proves that you can’t keep a good fan event down.  On April 24th, AFI will present the return of “Night at the Movies.” This is a one-night-only event in Hollywood, California where AFI will showcase 12 movies in one night and have a star from each film come out [...]

Hero Complex Announces Festival Lineup
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The Los Angeles Times has just announced their lineup for this year’s Hero Complex Film Festival and it’s sure to please horror fans. This year the festival will run from May 10th to the 12th at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California.  The first day will include a double feature of They Live and Halloween along with an appearance by [...]

The Philip K. Dick International Film Festival Is Open for Submissions
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The Philip K. Dick International Film Festival of Science Fiction, Fantastic Film, Science and the Supernatural is back for another year, and they have just opened their doors for all you aspiring filmmakers out there. So, if you guys have something that is a little different, be  it a film, trailer, web-series or even a documentary, [...]

Interview: Creators of Days of the Dead Convention
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I’m sure most of us would agree that Horror Conventions are AWESOME.  You get to mingle with fellow horror nerds, get autographs, see kick ass costumes and spend lots and lots of money on wicked merchandise. But how many of us stop to think about the man behind the curtain?  Who is running this show [...]

Tribeca Film Festival 2013 Horror Films Announced
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When the Tribeca Film Festival opens it’s doors on April 17th, it’ll be celebrating it’s twelfth year in operation.  Among the many films that’ll be making their debut at the festival, we’ve learned that seven horror films will be playing during their “Midnight Section.”  Four of which will be making their world premiere.  Director Marina [...]

DEDfest Gets in the Christmas Spirit with Silent Night & Breaking Santa
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With Christmas literally just around the corner it sadly appears as if horror is dwindling away for the year, but it has gone in to hibernation just yet as some of us will always bring the horror no matter what the season and what better way to celebrate Christmas than with some killer Santa themed [...]

First Details for the 2013 Horror-on-Sea Film Festival
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Unfortunately when it comes to living in the UK the weather is, well, pretty dire to say the least. But with that it makes the perfect setting for a night or in this instance a weekend of horror frights! From the heart England in Southend-on-Sea comes the horror film festival, Horror-on-Sea, and we have the first [...]

The Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival Announces Its Line-up
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Over the past few years, Canada has been a major player in horror films, I mean, look at the likes of the Soska sisters with their most recent flick American Mary, and then there is Jason Eisener with the totally awesome Hobo With a Shotgun, and of course, who can forget Astron-6 with the likes [...]

Mondo Does John Carpenter’s Halloween – Posters Inside
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For those of you who will be attending this years Debra Hill Film Festival, will be in for one very special treat indeed. In addition to having John Carpenter in attendance (VIPs get a Meet & Greet), all attendees will receive an awesome piece of Halloween artwork courtesy of Mondo, which you can view below thanks to /Film, [...]