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Torture Chamber Release and Alice Remake News
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All of Dante Tomaselli’s films have a real nightmare quality to them. His next project, Torture Chamber, has finally been finished and it will premiere at this year’s Sitges festival in Spain, screening on Wednesday, October 10. according to Fangoria. Of course when one project ends another begins. Tomaselli will start work on his long [...]

Fantastic Fest Announces Final Wave of Films
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I think the guys over at Fantastic Fest have totally outdone themselves this year. If you can make it to the festival from September 20th -27th, then you will be in for one heck of an awesome time. Right now I am totally envious of my American friends, but for those that do go I [...]

Toronto After Dark Film Festival Announces the First Ten Films!
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Yes folks, its that wonderful time of year again when the ever awesome Toronto After Dark Film Festival is nearly upon us, and it looks as if they are continuing the outstanding trend of delivering us some awesome genre fare. Below we have the first ten films announced and they are simply awesome, if this [...]

UK’s Horror Channel Announces FrightFest 2012 International Short Film Lineup
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Its almost that time of year again where horror invades London via the ever awesome film festival FrightFest. And the lineup is shaping up to be absolutely killer, what with screenings of the Soska sisters’ American Mary, V/H/S, [REC] 3 and the Cabal Cut of Nightbreed just to name a small fraction. This is one [...]

Experience Indie Horror at the Cochise Film Festival
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We here absolutely love independent cinema. A place where there are no rules and creativity runs rampant. Without the guys rocking the indie scene, horror would be in a rut, but thankfully they are fighting from within the trenches to give us some truly unique and often controversial films. So what better place to showcase the [...]

Horror-on-Sea Are Seeking Feature Length Horror Films
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There’s a new horror film festival afloat, and this one sounds pretty damn killer. Not to gloat too much, but the UK is a breading ground for horror films, yes we have had a fair few stinkers, but the majority of the time we produce gritty and in your face horror flicks. So with that, [...]

Viscera Film Festival 2012 Official Selections
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The Viscera Organization is pleased to announce that the official selections have been made for the 2012 Viscera Film Festival Carpet Ceremony and Tour.  Featuring the best new short horror films by women, the Viscera Film Festival’s carpet ceremony is taking place on July 7th at the American Cinematheque’s Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, CA. A [...]

Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2011 Tickets & Films
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I am not exactly sure why we don’t get updates anymore but once again the Toronto After Dark Film Festival has arrived and for some wierd reason once again nobody told us. I think it must be because I am kind of bitey in social environments and may have eaten one of the projectionists in [...]

Suspiria 35th Anniversary Reunion At Shock Stock 2012
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Are you a fan of, Dario Argento’s Suspiria? Live in Ontario, Canada? If you answered yes to both of these questions. Boy, do I have an event for you! Now, if you live in Canada, then I’m sure the horror convention, Shock Stock is nothing new to you, but if you have not heard of [...]

Visit The Munster Mansion This October
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Who doesn’t want to visit The Munster Mansion? I would jump at the opportunity if I could, unfortunately its a bit of a swim for me. But, for those of you in the States, boy, are you in for a treat. First things first, thanks to DreadCentral for the heads up and this isn’t the original Munster [...]

Scream For Halloween Horror Nights
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How awesome is Universal Studios, Halloween Horror Nights? The event is filled with all types of horror themed mazes and now they have added yet another well known hot property to the list. So, lets give a rundown as to what is there thus far, we have, Alice Cooper: Welcome to my Nightmare, Eli Roth’s Hostel: Hunting [...]

Human Centipede Director Tom Six Interview
Written by Sam, Posted 1127 Days Ago. | 2 Comments
During the Empire Big Screen weekend I was lucky enough to attend a press conference with Human Centipede director Tom Six. Given his films, Six is a surprising person, less scary than you might expect; relaxed and funny, he sat back in his straw cowboy hat and took questions on how he got started, the [...]

B-Movie Mayhem At The New Hope Cinema Grill
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For those of you who love b-movies, beer, scantily clad cave women and pizza will not want to miss this event. If you happen to live in Minnesota or at least can make your way down check out The New Hope Cinema Grill located at 2749 Winnetka Avenue North, New Hope, MN. On September 1st. [...]

Aliens 25th Anniversary Convention
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It has been 25 years of James Cameron’s Aliens and in celebration of this, a convention is being held in the UK in the city of Leicester at the National Space Centre from September 24th – 25th. According to AliensCollection special guests include, Rico Ross, Daniel Kash, Cynthia Scott and Trevor Steedman plus armour co-designer and [...]

Full Line-Up For UK’s FrightFest 2011
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It is almost that time of year again when the UK showcases one of the greatest film festivals in the world, Film4′s FrightFest. Each year, you know they will be showing some of the best genre films around and this year is no different. The festival is rammed with 37 flicks, showing in London’s West [...]

HM Movie Night 6 – 1970s Haunted Houses
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On Saturday, June 25th, 2011 we held our 6th HorrorMovies.ca Movie Night and it was 1970′s Haunted Houses, The Legend of Hell House (1973) and The Sentinel (1977) Those who attended are; Azathoth FloridaPossum GardenOfStone Godzilla LoudLon Lutano TheCreature Vampy Wolfy This selection of movies came from a selection of LoudLon’s.  He wanted to do a more [...]

HM Virtual Movie Night- May 7, 2011
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Hello everyone! Well, we had our 2nd (apparently I was not a member when the first one occurred) HM Virtual Movie Night on May 7, 2011.  By all accounts relayed to me, everyone had fun, and no one complained (that I know of), so I will say it was a success.  Most of us showed up [...]

Horror Realm 2011 Guest List Announced
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I have never been to Horror Realm but in all honesty the only horror festival I ever went to was the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear in Toronto. For those of you in Pittsburgh we have the complete list of the guests who will be appearing at this year Horror Realm which will be held September [...]

12th Annual Tromadance Announces Short Film Selection
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The 12th Annual TromaDance Film Festival have announced the first round of short films selected to screen over the course of the cult two day festival, 22-33 April @ The Showroom Theatre- Asbury Park, New Jersey. With a record number of entrants and a lengthy screening process, TromaDance Program Director Jonathan Lees announced that the [...]

The Science of Horror Film Festival
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DecadesOut, Inc., a nonprofit organization that develops and promotes programs that examine the intersection of the arts and science, and nonprofit film and theater production company EdibleBrains Productions announce the call for entries for the first international Science of Horror Film Festival in New York, highlighting the role of women in the horror and science [...]