Fantastic Melted Crayon Horror Character Art
Written by Herner Klenthur, August 8, 2015
Unlike me Jessica Jolene is a seriously talented artist who can make any kind of art out of melted crayon. The only creative juices  I have are the ones I used to build this site and it is far less ‘sexy’ and cool as making fine art with nothing more than melted crayon wax. Jessica’s

Fan Film : Batman vs Jack The Ripper
Written by Herner Klenthur, August 7, 2015
Did Jack the Ripper stop killing? Or was he stopped by the greatest detective of them all… Josh hit me up on twitter to share a fan film called Ripper in which you guessed it The Dark Knight takes on the most notorious killer of all Jack the Ripper. The filmmakers are no stranger to

[Video] The History of Freddy Krueger in Five Minutes
Written by Chris Savage, August 5, 2015
What we have for you here is a pretty sweet little video that was created by YouTube user Idiomanic. It’s a video which chronicles Freddy Krueger’s life and the Elm Street films, minus the remake. So, sit back and witness the rise of Freddy Krueger and the fall of Springwood in about 5-minutes. It’s a

Watch This Video To Make Your Spider Phobia Worse
Written by Herner Klenthur, August 3, 2015
I have a major spider phobia and because I am a giver  not a taker I want to share my phobia. The vine video below makes it super easy to share my terror for spiders Enjoy this creepy vine video and the questions it will bring. First question, where was this video taken? Second question,

‘The Prince of Darkness’ Will Be Screened Inside of the Church Featured in the Film
Written by Jason McDonald, August 1, 2015
In L.A.there are a lot of neat movie experiences to be had.  Personally I’m a big fan of the outdoor screenings we have here like Street Food Cinema or Cinespia where they play movies in the Hollywood Cemetery.  But then there are some events that stand out above all others. This year Horror’s Hallowed Ground

Amazing Freddy Krueger Makeup Video
Written by Herner Klenthur, July 29, 2015
I lack the skill to do makeup but perhaps even I can do this super simple tutorial. This tutorial requires no latex and uses standard off the shelf makeup but to look at it you would never know. MadeyeLook the creator writes; There are a lot of liquid latex, and other sticky tutorials out there

Horror Nerdgasm: ARCHIE vs Sharknado
Written by Herner Klenthur, July 28, 2015
You might think I made this up but no friends this slice of heaven is all truth and you can buy yourself a copy for the low low impossible resist price of $4.99.  It’s that time of year in Riverdale! The end of the school year. Time for beaches, barbecues, fun in the sun and…

Horror NerdGasm: Amazingly Terrifying IPhone Cases
Written by Herner Klenthur, July 26, 2015
Afraid your cell phone might get stolen ? What better way to deter a would be thief then a case that is sure to give them second thoughts. MorgansMutations an indie case maker and artist has just the cases for you and put simply they are spectacular. MorgansMutations is an artist based in Kansas who

Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘Crimson Peak’ Coming to Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood
Written by Jason McDonald, July 12, 2015
It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The time of year when they begin to announce the various houses that’ll be featured at Halloween Horror Night in Universal Studios Hollywood.  Today Guillermo Del Toro participated in a panel for his upcoming film “Crimson Peak” and they had a special announcement regarding his film. Universal

Freddy Vs. Jason Coming to Universal Studios Orlando
Written by Jason McDonald, June 11, 2015
It’s my favorite time of the year! At around this time Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando begin to make their big announcements regarding their annual event Halloween Horror Nights.  The first park out of the gate this week is Orlando which came out with a rather big announcement. Universal Studios Orlando has announced that they

[Video] Jason Voorhees Goes One on One with Scorpion
Written by Jason McDonald, June 4, 2015
As you probably know by now you can take Jason Voorhees into the world of Mortal Kombat and find out for yourself how well the unstoppable killing machine would fare against the world’s deadliest Kombatants.  However, if the Kombatants took on Jason in the cinematic universe, how well would they do there? The guys at

Predator Goes Medieval in New Fan Film ‘Predator: Dark Ages’
Written by Jason McDonald, May 27, 2015
After a small, but successful, Kickstarter campaign last year director and writer James Bushe was able to put together his intricate fan film dedicated to the “Predator” series. “Predator: Dark Ages” sees the classic Predator alien take on a group of knights during the crusades.  If Arnold Schwarzenegger utilizing modern weaponry had difficulty fighting the

Mario Meets Mad Max in Mario Kart Fury Road
Written by Jason McDonald, May 25, 2015
Have you seen “Mad Max: Fury Road” yet? Cause it’s pretty awesome, you should probably check it out.  If I had seen it the week it came out, I probably would’ve written a review for it with a final score of 5/5. Alright, now that I have that out of my system, let me tell

Win a Copy of Shout Factory’s Carrie/The Rage: Carrie 2 Blu-Ray
Written by Jason McDonald, March 27, 2015
On April 14th Shout Factory will be releasing a new edition of their “Carrie” double feature “Carrie/The Rage: Carrie 2″ on blu-ray.  This new edition comes with brand new commentary tracks for both features along with an alternate ending for “The Rage: Carrie 2.”  As a thank-you for being readers of the site, we’re giving

[Video] How Kevin Smith Really Wanted ‘Red State’ to End
Written by Jason McDonald, March 27, 2015
Kevin Smith has talked about the actual ending to “Red State” many times before, so you might already know this story, but whether you’ve heard the story or not you can experience it in animated form now. Entertainment Weekly has a video feature where artists come on and talk about unfilmed scenes they wanted to

[Video] 8 Bit Cinema Returns with Walking Dead Season 3-4
Written by Jason McDonald, March 26, 2015
If you haven’t seen it already 8 Bit Cinema produced a video recreating the first two seasons of “The Walking Dead” in a glorious pixelated format.  Now the group is back with an all new video recreating the events of “Walking Dead” season 3 and 4.  Complete with a well-used “Walking Dead” meme. Check it

[Video] Oddball Trailer for Portuguese Gremlins
Written by Jason McDonald, March 23, 2015
If you’re a fan of “Community”, then you already know where this post is heading.  If not, then you should know that the aforementioned trailer for Portuguese “Gremlins” is not a real thing, but it’s still glorious. Featured in the second episode of the sixth season of “Community”, Portuguese “Gremlins” is a parody trailer for

First Look at The Dude Designs’ VHS: Video Cover Art Book
Written by Chris Savage, March 9, 2015
Way back in the late 80s early 90s, I remember going into the local video store and being mesmerized by all the films on the shelves, not necessarily because I knew what they were but because of the box-art. It was stunning and so much variety. It was so hard to choose just one, but there

[Video] What if John Carpenter Directed Frozen?
Written by Jason McDonald, February 21, 2015
“Do you want to build a horribly misshapen human? Come on lets go and slay!”  John Carpenter’s “The Thing” is pretty much the definitive movie to watch on a snowy day, but in the years following the film’s release a new challenger has come to take that title. Let’s face it, if you have kids

[Video] The 90’s Were a Pretty Weird Time
Written by Jason McDonald, February 4, 2015
Sometimes a video comes along and you realize that you can’t really explain it without ruining best parts of said video.  So instead, why don’t you check out the video below as it takes you down 90’s memory lane.  A time when neon clothing and cool kid drinks were worth their weight in gold. Oh