NECA’s Deluxe Bat Gremlin Figure is a Thing of Beauty
Written by Chris Savage, February 10, 2016
In August of last year, NECA announced that they would be unleashing the Bat Gremlin from Gremlins 2 sometime this month, and while we still don’t have a confirmed date or retail price, we have scored a closer look at the figure, and yes, this thing looks freakin’ awesome! If I owned a house, I’d

Check Out This Incredible Gingerbread Recreation of the Overlook Hotel from ‘The Shining’
Written by Jason McDonald, December 24, 2015
Man, I can’t even make a freakin’ Gingerbread man that doesn’t look like it was exposed to horrible amounts of radiation.  And, yet, this family managed to recreate the Overlook Hotel from ‘The Shining’ in gingerbread form.  My jealousy is off the charts. And this isn’t just some superficial recreation.  A lot of work and

A New Study Shows Horror Movies Might Actually Be Curdling Your Blood
Written by Jason McDonald, December 18, 2015
The phrase “bloodcurdling horror” isn’t used as much anymore, but it used to be one of those cool taglines you would throw on a movie to convey just how “scary” it was.  But can a horror movie actually curdle your blood?  Turns out that it might be possible. The Guardian posted a study today conducted

[Video] [NSFW] The Simpsons Get Mashed with ‘You’re Next’ in this Twisted Short
Written by Jason McDonald, December 18, 2015
Yeesh.  This is one of those videos where I had to lean back from my computer and contemplate how crazy the internet is.  It’s definitely NSFW and features a lot of claymation violence. Lee Hardcastle is responsible for a lot of crazy and impressive claymation videos on YouTube and his latest project certainly lives up

[Video] Kevin From ‘Home Alone’ Grew Up to be a Psychopath
Written by Jason McDonald, December 17, 2015
I’m sure you’ve all seen the many fan theories and videos out there that suggest that sweet lil Kevin McCallister from the “Home Alone”series grew up to be the evil mastermind Jigsaw from “Saw.”  From similar physical appearances to their penchant for diabolical traps, the two figures share enough similarities to make it a fun

Now You Can Cuddle Up with George A. Romero with This New Plushie
Written by Jason McDonald, December 15, 2015
Of all the directors I could think of turning into a plushie doll I’d have to say that George A. Romero doesn’t rank very high.  Not that I wouldn’t want a plushie of him, but I’d probably go with directors with a bit more heft so that the doll is nice and cushy. Like a Alfred

Clive Barker Unleashes An Exact Replica of the Lament Configuration – Extremely Limited!
Written by Chris Savage, November 28, 2015
Now this, this is freakin’ awesome! I’m sure many of you have some sort of Lament Configuration in your collection, but do you have an exact replica of the original from which has been in Clive Barker’s personal collection for over 25 years? Well, now is your chance, but these don’t come cheap and they

Dark Horse to Unleash the ‘Aliens’ 30th Anniversary Hardcover
Written by Chris Savage, November 17, 2015
We have just received some awesome news in regards to Dark Horse unleashing a new hardcover collection of their 1988 Aliens comics to coincide with the 30th anniversary of James Cameron’s Aliens, and yes, it sounds awesome! Dig right in and let us know if you’ll be picking up a copy? From the Press Release:

First Look at NECA’s Life-Size Facehugger & Egg
Written by Chris Savage, November 13, 2015
Looking for Christmas presents for this year? Well, we have some good news and we have some bad news. The good news is that NECA have announced that they will be unleashing a life-size Facehugger along with an egg so it can fit inside! Yes, life-size Facehugger and egg! The bad news? Well, it ain’t

First Look at Mezco’s Good Guy ‘Chucky’ Vinyl Figure
Written by Chris Savage, November 6, 2015
We have just received word that the folks over at Mezco Toyz will be unleashing their Good Guy Chucky Stylized Vinyl Figure this February/March 2016, and we have your first look at that sinister little doll below. The figure is available for pre-order right now at a price of $23.00, and it comes complete with

Love Trick ‘r Treat? You Gonna Love Fright-Rags’ Collection
Written by Chris Savage, October 20, 2015
While we don’t have anything for you in regards to the highly asked for Trick ‘Treat sequel, we do have some awesome news regarding some sweet merchandise, so you can showcase your love for the film in style. From Fright-Rags comes their Trick ‘r Treat collection, and it is seriously sweet, check out the goods below

[Video] What if ‘Jurassic World’ Was Made in the ’70s
Written by Jason McDonald, October 19, 2015
YouTube user ChiefBrodyRules has a whole channel filled with creative fanmade trailers where he reimagines movies in different settings.  His latest creation takes the most recent “Jurassic Park” blockbuster and sends it back to a simpler time. The video below features a reimagined “Jurassic World” that was made in the ’70s.  Using footage from various older

Universal Releases Official Trailer for . . . ‘Jaws 19’
Written by Jason McDonald, October 5, 2015
They said it couldn’t it be done.  They said “Jaws 18” was pretty much the pinnacle of the series and that a new sequel would fail in every where, but I didn’t believe it. I knew that they had at least one more good “Jaws” move in them and, well, I’ll let the trailer speak

[Video] Mac and Me Recut into a Horror Movie Trailer
Written by Jason McDonald, September 28, 2015
If you’ve somehow never had the pleasure of seeing “Mac and Me” then let me reassure you that you are somehow one of the fortunate few.  “Mac and Me” was a terrible attempt at making some quick cash by being a poor “E.T.” imitation.  The film bombed horribly in the U.S. and has achieved a

[Video] Dexter Meets Al Bundy in ‘Murdered With Children’ Starring James Franco
Written by Jason McDonald, September 24, 2015
James Franco and his buddies have a new series on AOL where they throw together different ideas and try to create a scene that represents those ideas.  It’s mostly a comedic show that allows James Franco and his friends to riff on some strange concepts. In Wednesday’s episode they had to create a show that

‘The Happening’ Honest Trailer Reveals the Best Comedy of 2008
Written by Jason McDonald, September 9, 2015
Honestly, it’s amazing that this didn’t happen sooner, but I guess it’s all about the timing since director M. Night Shyamalan is set to release his newest film, “The Visit”, this weekend. Honest Trailers is a parody series put together by Screen Junkies that puts together trailers that explain exactly what a movie is about

[Video] Key & Peele Reveal How Gremlins 2 Was Made
Written by Jason McDonald, August 30, 2015
Even if it doesn’t live up to the original, I still love me some “Gremlins 2.”  It’s a lot cornier and a bit too zany with its story direction, but  damn it, it features Gizmo dressed up as Rambo and that’s cool as hell. However, did you ever wonder how they came up with some

Knott’s Scary Farm Reveals New Attractions and Old Favorites for 2015
Written by Jason McDonald, August 27, 2015
The folks at Knott’s Berry Farm hosted a special media event today that gave us a brief glimpse at the horror that is to come this Fall.  Soon the ghouls and creeps will be descending upon the California theme park and when the sun goes down the once family friendly destination will transform into Knott’s

The Queen Mary Announces Dark Harbor Lineup
Written by Jason McDonald, August 27, 2015
Today was the day for Halloween attraction announcements.  First out of the gate was the historical Queen Mary which announced its lineup for the annual Halloween event “Dark Harbor.” There are a lot of Halloween events taking place in California throughout the Fall season, but for my money, Dark Harbor is the scariest big ticket

[Video] Horror Theme Songs Played in Major Key Are Really Cheerful
Written by Jason McDonald, August 26, 2015
It might seem like a no-brainer that when you play a song in major key it generally has a more upbeat tune.  However, when you hear classic horror movie themes played in major key it’s pretty remarkable how different they are. Take, for example, the theme to “Halloween.” It’s a theme that is synonymous with