Shocking Horror Movie Endings


There are NO spoilers in this thread. None. Although I will mention the movie by title I will not give away anything. This post is the 8 most shocking endings in a horror film that really catch you off guard... and I want you to watch the movie and experience it. So I wont be saying anything about the ending or the 'shocking twist'. So without further ado here are 8 movies you should rent or buy ( all are worthy of either ) and watch for the twist.

Not some lame twist, but in some cases a twist so cool it will knock the wind out of you. In some cases admittedly the twist is not that exciting but there is still a pretty cool twist. Kudos to MovieMaven who helped me build this list. So here they are in reverse order from 'weakest' to 'holy sh*t that was awesome'. And remember there are no spoilers below. This editorial is 100% safe.

#8 The Reaping: The Reaping has an interesting twist at the end but honestly this movie is not by any means a huge favorite of mine. This one is a definite rent. I am a sucker for biblical tales and it certainly helps that I have a hard on for the female lead of the flick Hilary Swank. It has an interesting twist but definitely the weakest on the list.

#7 Identity: More crime thriller then horror this film is both confusing and full of depth. The film stars John Cusack and Amanda Peet and is about a group of people who are trapped in a hotel during a storm and soon discover that not all is as it seems. Definitely not a well known film but one of my personal favorites that for a change I do not own but have rented a few times. A great twist that is shocking and fun in this one!

#6 Sixth Sense: Shyamalan tries really hard to be a genius and most of the time he fails miserably at it. SIGNS, Lady in the Water, The Happening... all TERRIBLE movies that you should avoid as much as possible. That said I did like The Village and Unbrekable. I also thing that Sixth Sense is one of the coolest movies ever made and the ending of this film was so shocking I had one of those 'what the hell did I miss' moments. If only all of M Night Shyamalan's movies were half as good as Sixth Sense those of us who love intelligent thrillers would be happy campers.

#5 The Mist:  The Mist is a really mixed bag and I realize alot of people dont like it. I really feel its a love it or hate it kind of movie. The movie has a 76.25% approval rating on our site from all you reviewers and I frankly agree with the rating. Its at times a slow movie but at other times a fast paced and thrilling film. Without question the one thing that really made me love this movie was the ballsy ending. So often in Hollywood they are scared to do some things and The Mist crosses the line in a big kind of way with taste and in context to deliver a shocking ending.. truly shocking! Its not so much the act but what happens a minute after it that really kicks you in the gut and makes the ending of The Mist so shocking.

#4 Spiral: Spiral is directed by Adam green and I have said many times that shocked the hell out of me. I thought Hatchet was absolute crap and Spiral came out of nowhere. Where Hatchet was low brow and filled with un-intelligent toilet humor Spiral was deep, thoughtful and truly genius with an ending that is sure to make you sit up and take notice. Spiral is by far one of the best movies I have seen in recent years and well worth watching for the twist or not!

#3 SEVEN: Starring Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt SEVEN was a shocking movie and easily one of the best crime thrillers ever made. To this day it is one of my favorite movies and one that I have watched more times then I can count. The ending in this movie is absolutely genius and a rare moment in filmmaking. It is the definition of a climatic ending and without question is one of the most heartbreaking endings to any movie I have seen. Shocking and heartbreaking the ending is good but only one small part of this fantastic movie.

#2 Invasion of the Body Snatchers. This movie is a classic and I know a favorite of many of you and this one is actually MovieMavens contribution to this list. A fantastic scifi horror tale its a definite must see movie and has a great twist ending that is sure to make you grin and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Donald Sutherland was one of my favorite actors and still is today.

#1 SAW: SAW was one of the few really creative and genius films in a long time and the twist to this film was absolutely the definition of creative film making and writing. Made for dirt cheap this movie made a CRAPLOAD of money for Lionsgate and the film is one of those must see films you really need to see!

Thats the list! What do you think ? More importantly what movie endings moved and shocked you? Please note that the comments are FREE REIGN for spoilers and plot give aways so do not read the comments if you have not seen the above movies or do not want them spoiled!

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