Diary of the Dead Straight to DVD?


The guys over at Dread Central have just revealed that George Romero may take his new project, Diary of the Dead, straight to DVD. Why would he do such a thing? One word. Freedom. By taking out the factor of a big studio and the MPAA for the most part this film will be completely uninhibited. But you can always hope because there is always the possiblity that it may get a theatrical run.

During the interview he reveals that the story will go back to when the uprising began. He also answered a very important question of who will be doing special FX. Something that we have been discussing on our boards. Luckily he is currently talking to the best man in the buisness, Gregory Nicotero to handle all of the gory bits.

Another project revealed during the interview sounds like our intial scoop several months ago "Zombisodes". At that point we had no clue what it could be about but today it was revealed to be a project for cell phones. Here is what Romero had to say about it.

"It's a comedy. It's gonna be like the Road Runner and the Coyote cartoons. It's one zombie and one victim. This zombie keeps trying to nail this woman, and everything backfires on him. He just keeps getting fucked over. And of course zombies don't die so if he gets flattened by a boulder, he'll remain flat!"

Sounds like a lot of fun! If you want to hear the audio from that interview just click here.

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