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Universal’s Wolfman May Have a Writer
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With Universal Studios setting out to revive their classic monster franchise, there’s been a lot of speculation (mostly by me) as to which of their classic monsters would get a movie after “The Mummy.” Recently we learned that Universal had pegged April 21, 2017 as the date for their next big monster film.  However, there [...]

IFC Films Picks Up Australian Zombie Film ‘Wyrmwood’
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As soon as you usher in the words, Mad Max and Dawn of the Dead, I’m sure all our interest is piqued, and it just so happens that Wyrmwood, is described as a mix of both of these films and I can’t wait to take a peek! But in the meantime, Bloody-Disgusting has received exclusive [...]

Alien Movie ‘Beyond Skyline’ Gets A-List Cast, Stunt Team and Poster
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So it’s been too long since we got word on when Skyline (2010) would come out with a sequel. The effects and action in the 2010 title were plain-right awesome and the alien creatures and danger made this film one of the few that literally made me sit at the edge of my seat only [...]

[Casting News] The Joker and Harley Quinn To Be Played By Jared Leto and Margot Robbie In “Suicide Squad”
Written by Stephanie Joyce, 1 Day Ago | 4 Comments
What’s more important than finding the right guy to play “The Joker” as they will have huge shoes to fill while following-up on the late Heath Ledger’s performance? That’s a rhetorical question.  I mean, who can beat that performance or at least bring his own unique (and bad-ass) rendition to one of the most beloved [...]

Evil Dead Series Coming to Starz with Bruce Campbell set to Star
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 2 Days Ago. | 2 Comments
It may not be the “Evil Dead” sequel that fans were hoping for, but it’s still exciting news to say the least.  It would appear that Bruce Campbell is reprising the role of Ash on the small screen. According to Deadline Sam Raimi has inked a 10-episode deal with Starz for a brand new series titled [...]

Living With Strangers May Make You “Sick”
Written by Stephanie Joyce, Posted 3 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
If you haven’t already seen enough undead mayhem with the Walking Dead show and all the new zombie films coming up on the horizon, we got one more for ya and it may make you “Sick.” Coming to us from Acort International, Sick follows three strangers that have to band together to survive the night. [...]

Watch the First Trailer for Gore Orphanage
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When I was growing up I lived in Ohio and just down the street from my grandmothers house was where the legend of Gore Orphanage had happened. Growing up kids always dared each other to go and spend the night there.. I remember hearing many stories about people who had gone up there. So when [...]

Zombeavers Gets a U.S. Release Date
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Every now and then a movie comes along with a premise so unbelievably absurd that it gets absorbed into the public conscious and becomes an instant sensation.  Most recently we saw such a thing happen with “Sharknado.”  But where will the next big sensation come from and what animal will be helplessly sucked into the [...]

TV Series Based on Phantom of the Opera Heads to NBC
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NBC is continuing to roll the dice on the horror genre and, even if they aren’t all successes, I applaud their efforts.  So far they’ve produced shows like “Hannibal”, “Grimm”, and “Constantine” which have all been enjoyable in different ways.  Then there was that “Dracula” show, but I never watched it, so maybe it was okay? [...]

Universal Sets Another Date for Classic Monster Movie Revival
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Universal’s plans to revive their roster of classic movie monsters was first announced several months ago and now we’re starting to see those cogs slowly spin into motion.  There was some speculation that “Dracula Untold” could be the first movie in the new expanded universe that Universal is trying to create with their monsters, but [...]

Australian Film Wyrmwood Is “Mad Max” Meets “Dawn of the Dead”
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Making its way from Fantastic Fest to the American Film Market this coming week is Australian zombie film Wyrmwood. Already hailed as “a fearlessly fun and bloody B-movie that mixes up sci-fi-style action with zombie mayhem” comes an enjoyable and a smart bit of midnight movie fun. We’re crossing our fingers that this title will [...]

The Walking Dead’s Actors Talk About Life Before and After “The Prison”
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We got the chance to catch up with some of the actors from AMC’s The Walking Dead at Arizona’s FearCon to get their take on what it was like to work on one of the most popular television shows ever. You may have remembered these two from season 3 as Theodus Crane played “Big Tiny” [...]

The Many Masks Of Edgar Sam
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Hello World, I wrote a children’s book titled The Many Masks Of Edgar Sam. Why would I write about it on a distinguished horror site? That’s a fair question. The simple answer is, I illustrated it with horror fans in mind. Each page pays homage to classic horror films, while not being too overt. You [...]

First Image of Kurt Russell in Bone Tomahawk
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I know for a lot of people Kurt Russell got his Certified Badass credentials from films like “Escape From New York” or “Big Trouble in Little China”, but my awakening to Kurt Russell’s coolness came when I went to see “Tombstone” in theaters.  This was the first “R” rated film I had seen in theaters [...]

[FearCon Review] Scream Queen Tiffany Shepis Shares Some of Her Favorite Films
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It’s been one fun and long Halloween weekend at Arizona’s FearCon and we caught up with Scream Queen extraordinaire Tiffany Shepis, who has appeared in over 100 horror movie titles (first film was Tromio and Juliet and most recently Sharknado 2), to find out what it takes to be the queen. She traces back her [...]

31 Days of Halloween Horror Movies 2014: Complete Recap
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This is it folks. Today is Halloween and I just finished up my 31 Days of Halloween movie marathon. This year went a lot smoother than last year and luckily “real life” didn’t get in the way too much this year. I managed to watch 32 movies in 31 days this year. Not bad if [...]

Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo Confirmed to Direct Leatherface
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Happy Halloween one and all. Today we have some pretty stellar news to share with you guys regarding the upcoming prequel to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. As previously reported, the flick is set to take place during Leatherface’s teenage years, but a director was yet to be attached. Today, my friends, courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting, [...]

First Look at ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 13 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
After being in development hell for an eternity, it seems unreal that we’re finally getting our first look at “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.” It’s like a Halloween miracle. “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” is the creation of writer Seth Grahame-Smith and some new upstart named Jane Austen.  The idea behind the book is simple: [...]

Horror Anthology ‘Tales of Halloween’ Taps Neil Marshall and More
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Horror anthologies seem to be on a slow upswing, but there’s definitely a growing interest in putting together these big collaborative projects.  Now there’s a new film on the horizon that looks to unite quite a few interesting talents in the horror business. Deadline is reporting that Epic Pictures Group is producing a new horror [...]

“The Last Showing” Features Robert Englund
Written by Stephanie Joyce, Posted 13 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
Coming to us from the UK is the psychological thriller/horror movie The Last Showing that stars Robert Englund whose character “Freddy Krueger” has kept me up many-a-night when I was young. This movie proves to be an interesting twist from your traditional horror movie as we have Englund’s character, who is a veteran projectionist, fired [...]