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‘Lost Boys Star’ Edward Herrmann Has Passed Away at 71
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 2 Days Ago. | 2 Comments
After a year long battle with a brain tumor, actor Edward Herrmann has passed away at the age of 71.  The actor may be best known in the horror community for playing Max in the 1987 classic “The Lost Boys.” However, Herrmann’s career stretches far beyond that as the actor got his start in Hollywood [...]

Paul Feig Wants the New Ghostbusters to be Scarier Than the Original
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 3 Days Ago. | 2 Comments
Director Paul Feig is walking a curious tight rope right now as he continues to put together the newest “Ghostbusters” film.  In a recent interview with Empire Magazine, the director discussed how he wants to respect the original films while also creating something entirely new.  Will his words manage to soothe the angry “Ghostbusters” fans out [...]

First Poster for Adam Green’s Digging Up the Marrow
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 3 Days Ago. | No Comments
The year is almost over, but there’s still more horror on the horizon.  Just around the corner is Adam Green’s (“Hatchet”) newest film “Digging Up the Marrow” which sounds like an intriguing venture into the realm of mockumentary filmmaking for the director.  The film is slated to hit theaters and VOD on February 20th and [...]

Jason’s Best and Worst Horror Movies of 2014
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 4 Days Ago. | 6 Comments
Now that Christmas is behind us and the New Year is just around the corner it’s time to get down and dirty and sort through the vast number of horror movies that came out this year.  I’ve managed to chop together a list of, what I think, are the best horror movies put out in [...]

Cool ‘Critters’ Fan Film From the Director of ‘ThanksKilling’
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 11 Days Ago. | 4 Comments
With new “Critters” content on the horizon in the form of a digital online series, you have to wonder who would be up to the task of directing a series based on such a campy property.  In order to capture the spirit of the film series, you would have to be able to combine a [...]

Voice Cast Revealed for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Exo Zombie DLC
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 11 Days Ago. | No Comments
If you’ve been missing out on the zombie action in the latest “Call of Duty” game, then you’ll be thrilled/dismayed to hear that the next big DLC pack will be bringing all the zombie killing you could possibly want.  However, you won’t be just killing zombies with no-name characters.  You’ll be doing it with some [...]

Check Out Teaser Footage of ‘Phantasm Ravager’
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 11 Days Ago. | No Comments
Christmas is nearly upon us and while many of us may still be desperately searching for that perfect gift, the team behind “Phantasm Ravager” know what they’re gifting to fans this year. A sneak peek at “Phantasm Ravager”!  Don Coscarelli and director David Hartman have put out a special holiday video where they offer seasonal greetings [...]

Michael Pitt Leaves ‘Hannibal’ and is Replaced by Joe Anderson
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 14 Days Ago. | No Comments
Well this is a big bummer for fans of “Hannibal” and Michael Pitt. It looks like a certain actor won’t be making a grand return for season three of NBC’s “Hannibal.” According to TVLine actor Michael Pitt won’t be returning for the next season of “Hannibal.”  The actor, in my opinion, turned in a fantastic [...]

Dying Light Gets an Interactive Trailer
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 15 Days Ago. | No Comments
Want to kind of play through a “Dying Light” mission before the game releases next month? Techland has released a new 30 minute trailer which includes some interactive bits that allow you to choose the path you’re on.  It’s pretty rudimentary, but it’s a cool advertising tool nonetheless that lets you play through a short [...]

New US Trailer for ‘It Follows’
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 15 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
There are probably two movies that are getting a lot of discussion in the horror communities.  The first of which is “The Babadook” and the second is this film, “It Follows.”  There’s some pretty strong buzz going for both films, though I haven’t seen either.  Our own Flay Otters did see “It Follows” and he [...]

Cronenberg’s ‘The Fly’ Continues in New Comic Book Sequel
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 16 Days Ago. | No Comments
When ever anyone tells me that remakes suck, I go tell them to check out David Cronenberg’s The Fly. It is quite possibly the greatest remake ever, although there are a slew of others fighting for that title. But for me, The Fly is one film that I love dearly, and while we have heard [...]

Could a Remake of ‘The Craft’ Be in the Works?
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 17 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
This is so far in the “probably not happening” category, that it barely warrants mentioning.  However, it’s a topic that keeps coming up every now and then and so we might as well mention it in case this all finally leads to something. Dread Central got an interesting tip today from a reader who was taking [...]

Until Dawn Releases Seven Minutes of Demo Footage
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 17 Days Ago. | No Comments
If you wanted to see even more of that demo that was briefly showcased during the past Playstation Experience event, then Sony has you covered with a seven minute long video which takes you through the entire demo that was shown. I’m not sure how I feel about “Until Dawn” as an actual game.  The [...]

The Walking Dead Spin-Off Will Be Set in Los Angeles
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 17 Days Ago. | No Comments
How do you differentiate your zombie show set in the south from it’s new counterpart? By moving it to the west coast apparently.  It looks like the new “Walking Dead” companion series will be set in the modern day disaster zone of beautiful Los Angeles. TVLine broke the news today that AMC is planning to set [...]

DmC Definitive Edition Announced for PS4 and XBox One
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 18 Days Ago. | No Comments
While this new console generation attempts to find its footing and get moving, more and more publishers are latching on to the hot new trend of “definitive editions” to get them through these early stages.  The latest title to get the “definitive” treatment is probably the oldest of the bunch so far, having been released [...]

J.K. Simmons Heads to ‘Kong: Skull Island’
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 18 Days Ago. | No Comments
“Skull Island” recently got a name change and a new release date, but it’s also getting itself a new cast member.  The film’s new title is “Kong: Skull Island”, which doesn’t flow as nicely as the original title, and is set to premiere on March 10th, 2017.  However, even with a release date so far [...]

SEGA’s ‘Altered Beast’ to Receive the Big-Screen Treatment!
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 21 Days Ago. | No Comments
Now this I would love to see! According to our friends over at Variety, SEGA is looking to turn more of its video-games into various forms of entertainment, be it television or film, and some of the games that are looking to receive some of this treatment is Altered Beast and Golden Axe! SEGA has [...]

Rise of the Tomb Raider is Getting a Live-Action Prequel
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 23 Days Ago. | No Comments
I mean, the prequel to “Rise of the Tomb Raider” would obviously just be the last “Tomb Raider” game, but this will actually be a live-action story.  It would appear that developer Crystal Dynamics is putting together a live-action prequel that will lead into their upcoming sequel “Rise of the Tomb Raider.” According to Joystiq [...]

Men in Black Could Be Teaming Up with 21 Jump Street
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 23 Days Ago. | No Comments
What has the world of entertainment come too? I don’t even recognize this place anymore.  It looks like we could be in store for a potential crossover between Sony’s “Men in Black” and “21 Jump Street.” A little while ago Sony was the victim of a massive hacker attack which resulted in quite a few [...]

New Fiery Trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 23 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
With a release date tentatively set for Summer 2015, it’s no wonder that things have been rather quiet on the “Mad Max” front.  However, with the dead of winter upon us, now is the perfect time to release an explosive trailer set in the unforgiving desert. The newest trailer for “Mad Max: Fury Road” gives [...]