[Review] ‘Baskin’ is Creepy as Hell But Not Without Sin
Written by Jason McDonald, April 7, 2016
I’ve seen a few foreign horror movies in my time, but “Baskin” is my first introduction into the realm of Turkish horrors.  And when you throw something at me that is labeled as “Turkish horror”, I start imagining some pretty horrific stuff.  But, for better or worse, “Baskin” has managed to shape my expectations for Turkish

Seth Rollins & Wesley Snipes Join Forces for Gene Simmons’ ‘Temple’
Written by Chris Savage, April 6, 2016
I was going to put a headline that read “Seth Rollins and Wesley Snipes Enter Gene Simmons’ Temple,” but it sounded a little wrong, so I opted not to. Still, it brings a little smile to my face. Anyway, it has been made apparent that WWE wrestler Seth Rollins (pictured; right) and Wesley Snipes are

First Trailer for the New ‘Wolf Creek’ Series
Written by Jason McDonald, March 31, 2016
The new series based on the popular Australian thriller “Wolf Creek” is set to debut this May and with the release date just over a month away we’ve finally got our first look at the series. “Wolf Creek” is set to debut on Australian streaming service “Stan” on May 12th and will be a six-part

Could We Possibly See a 3D Remake of ‘Demons’?
Written by Chris Savage, March 29, 2016
Do you guys remember the boom in gory Italian horror flicks? Man, they sure had their finger on the pulse when it came to giving us the gore, they freakin’ nailed it! One that really stood out was Lamberto Bava’s Demons, a film filled to the brim with face-melting gore, a great story and a killer soundtrack.

Here’s Your First Glimpse At Negan from ‘The Walking Dead’
Written by Jason McDonald, March 29, 2016
So if you want to remain pure and innocent of all “Walking Dead” spoilers, you may want to turn away now.  There isn’t anything mind blowing in the trailer below, but it is for the season finale of “The Walking Dead” which is to air on April 3rd. However, the trailer does offer us one

The New ‘Friday the 13th’ Might Be Set in the Past
Written by Jason McDonald, March 29, 2016
Early this year director David Bruckner, who had left the “Friday the 13th” project, revealed what his vision was for the new film.  As you might recall one of his ideas included a found footage version of “Friday the 13th.” TooFab caught up with “Friday the 13th” producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form at WonderCon

Release Date Announced for Rob Zombie’s ’31’
Written by Chris Savage, March 25, 2016
I don’t know about you guys, but I really enjoy Rob Zombie’s films, even Halloween II had its moments, not many, but it had them. So, when Rob announced that he was set to unleash a clown-based horror flick entitled 31, we began smiling from ear-to-ear! Soon after, concept art began poring out, then the casting began

Dark Sky Films to Release Scherzo Diabolico on VOD in May
Written by Jason McDonald, March 25, 2016
The next few months are going to be jam packed with horror releases on both VOD and in theaters.  It’s kind of exciting honestly.  Joining the release party is Dark Sky Films with a new film by “Late Phases” director Adrián García Bogliano. “Scherzo Diabolico” will be hitting VOD services on May 3, 2016 after

Bill Oberst Jr. Enters the ‘Death House’
Written by Chris Savage, March 23, 2016
There is a new film in the works and it’s being billed as “The Expendables of horror,” and by looking at the cast, it’s easy to see why. From Harrison Smith comes Death House, a film that was penned by the late Gunnar Hansen, which revolves around a secret prison with nine levels of hell inside, and

‘Monster Squad’ Gets the ‘Suicide Squad’ Treatment in this Awesome Fan Made Trailer
Written by Jason McDonald, March 22, 2016
I love trailer mash-ups.  The best ones are the ones that seem painfully obvious in retrospect, but it’s only when a keen eyed individual with some editing talent puts it all together that I realize what I was missing out on. For example YouTuber thatmattcaronguy  had the brilliant idea of taking the most recent “Suicide Squad”

Ron Perlman and Christopher Plummer Will Lend Their Voices to an Animated ‘Lovecraft’ Movie
Written by Jason McDonald, March 22, 2016
If you’re looking for great voices to add to your animated movie, you really can’t go wrong with the grizzled gullet of Ron Perlman and the dignified air that Christopher Plummer provides.  But what’s even more exciting about those two voices coming together is that they’ll be doing so for a Lovecraft film. Shout! Factory

‘Annabelle 2’ Gets a Release Date
Written by Jason McDonald, March 22, 2016
Back in 2013 when I first watched “The Conjuring” I never would have imagined that Annabelle would be such a breakout character.  But here she stands with one successful movie under her belt and now another one on the way. Warner Bros. has come out today with an update to their 2017 film schedule that includes

Jon Watts’ ‘Clown’ Finally Hits the States This June
Written by Chris Savage, March 22, 2016
I’m probably going out on a limb here, but I’m guessing the majority of you have already seen Jon Watts’ Clown? The film has been out in the UK for about a year now, and it was gearing up for a VOD release in the States this month, but it was suddenly pulled from its release. However

Michael Ealy Joins ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ Reboot
Written by Jason McDonald, March 21, 2016
It’s been a long while since we heard anything about the “Jacob’s Ladder” remake, but it looks like the project is still moving along.  We first learned that the classic supernatural thriller was getting a remake way back in 2013, but at the time we only knew that the project had a writer.  Now we

Are the ‘Killer Klowns from Outer Space’ Heading for TV?
Written by Chris Savage, March 21, 2016
I used to think that I was alone in my love for Stephen Chiodo’s 1988 flick Killer Klowns from Outer Space, but I’ve found out that many have a soft spot for this one, and maybe you do too? Well, over the years we have heard numerous rumblings regarding a sequel to the film, but as

The New ‘Children of the Corn’ Movie is a ‘Runaway’
Written by Chris Savage, March 21, 2016
As you’re well aware, a new Children of the Corn movie is reportedly in production via Dimension Films, and everything seems to be top-secret. But, our friends over at Bloody-Disgusting have done a little digging and have unearthed some new details from the latest installment. According to the site, the new movie is reportedly titled Children

A Sequel to ‘I Come in Peace’ May Finally Be in the Works
Written by Jason McDonald, March 19, 2016
This is a shocking bit of news, but it looks like a sequel to “I Come in Peace” may be in the works.  Nothing official has been announced yet, but a certain alien drug dealer seems to be back in the game.  And if you can’t trust your intergalactic drug dealer, who you can you

[Trailer] Blake Lively Takes on a Shark in ‘The Shallows’
Written by Jason McDonald, March 19, 2016
It’s been a hot minute since we’ve seen a normal shark movie.  I’m talking about the kind of shark that doesn’t have two heads, lives in a tornado, or requires an exorcism. Just a straight up shark that swims in the water doing shark stuff and occasionally biting people. “The Shallows” is taking shark films back

‘Dr. Giggles’ Actor Larry Drake Has Passed Away at the Age of 66
Written by Jason McDonald, March 18, 2016
Horror has lost another familiar face today.  Actor Larry Drake, who had numerous roles on television and the big screen, has passed away today the age of 66. Larry’s acting career started in the early 70s with bit parts in television and film until he landed the breakout role of Benny on the TV series

Is John Gulager Directing a New ‘Children of the Corn’ Sequel?
Written by Chris Savage, March 16, 2016
As is often the case, history tends to repeat itself and it certainly appears as if that is the case. You guys remember when Hellraiser: Revelations was rushed into production back in 2010, right? Well, you may also remember that Dimension Films also put a new Children of the Corn movie into production, which was