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Nick Frost Makes His Directorial Debut with a Horror Short
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 13 days ago.
Nick Frost is certainly no stranger around parts when it comes to horror, having starred in the excellent Shaun of the Dead and most recently The World’s End. But it appears as if Frost is finally taking a step behind the camera as he is set to make his directorial debut with a horror short. [...]

Ghostbusters 3 Suffers Yet Another Setback
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 13 days ago.
Just when we thought that things were looking up for Ghostbusters 3 despite all the unfortunate events which quickly came to the fold, it appears as if Ghostbusters 3 is simply plagued with bad luck. It was recently announced that Ivan Reitman would not be returning to direct the third installment for Columbia Pictures, but [...]

A&E Keeps the Doors Open – Bates Motel Renewed for a Third Season
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 13 days ago.
Thankfully at least one show isn’t being cancelled as Bates Motel has just been confirmed for a third season! Oh yes, make your way below for all the details you need regarding the future. From the Press Release: A&E Network has picked up a third season of the critically acclaimed original series “Bates Motel,” it [...]

Syfy Unleashes the Zombie Horde with ‘Z Nation’
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 13 days ago.
What with zombies all the rage thanks to a little show some of you may of heard of, The Walking Dead. Syfy are looking to get in on some of that undead goodness with a zombie series of their own entitled Z Nation. According to Deadline, Syfy is teaming up with The Asylum and Karl Schaefer [...]

Animal Planet Teams with The Asylum for Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 13 days ago.
What are you doing!? Who said you could get back in the water? Jeez, people, don’t you know these here parts are lurking with flesh-eating eel-like fish!? That’s right, it’s the freakin’ Lampreys! Yep, what we have for you today is the first details and photos for The Asylum and Animal Planet’s latest collaboration Blood [...]

First Details for Brightlight Pictures’ Save a Bullet for Me
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 13 days ago.
After all these years I still haven’t got round to watching Adam Rehmeier’s The Bunny Game. This is one film I had on my radar and then unfortunately it just slipped away, I must rectify that stat! And talking of Rehmeiser, we have just received word of his latest film, Save a Bullet For Me, courtesy [...]

Keanu Reeves and Eli Roth Team-Up for ‘Knock Knock’
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 16 days ago.
While not explicitly horror, this bit of news might appeal to certain horror aficionados.  Particularly those who are interested in veteran horror-director Eli Roth’s career.  Deadline has learned that Keanu Reeves and Eli Roth will be teaming up on a “pyschosexual thriller” called “Knock Knock.” Roth revealed the details to Fleming at Deadline saying that [...]

Dan Trachtenberg Teams with Paramount Insurge for ‘Valencia’
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 16 days ago.
We have just received word of a new thriller that is on the horizon and it certainly has me intrigued, and hopefully it fits into the genre, but we’re going to run with it anyway as it certainly sounds as if it may. According to The Wrap, commercials director Dan Trachtenberg, is attached to direct Valencia [...]

MPCA Wants to Reboot Pumpkinhead
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 17 days ago.
“Pumpkinhead” has been a long neglected stepchild of the horror genre.  It’s been about seven years since someone last touched the franchise, but it looks like ol’ Pumpkinhead is finally going to get some love. The Tracking Board is reporting that production company MPCA is looking to reboot the horror franchise with a new film. [...]

Blumhouse and Universal are Remaking ‘The Sentinel’
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 17 days ago.
Some remake news can boil the blood of horror fans.  Others might ignite a sense of excitement.  And then there are those stories that make you say “Really? That movie?” Such is the case with the latest horror production from Universal and Blumhouse. The Tracking Board has learned that Universal Pictures has approached Blumhouse Productions [...]

McKenna Grace Moves into ‘Amityville’
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 17 days ago.
Here we have some quick casting for Franck Khalfoun’s Amityville, as the folks over at B-D have exclusively learned that McKenna Grace (“Young and the Restless) has been cast in the upcoming film. According to the site she will play the youngest daughter of Jennifer Jason Leigh’s character Joan. Leigh will be playing Joan, a single mother raising [...]

Character Breakdowns for the ‘Scream’ TV Series
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 17 days ago.
It certainly appears as if MTV’s TV adaptation of Wes Craven’s Scream, is moving along at a very steady pace as we have just scored some new details for the upcoming series including early character breakdowns. Following on from what we learnt yesterday, according to TV Line, the series “kicks off with a YouTube video [...]

R.I.P. Lewis Tice
Posted by Goon | Posted 18 days ago.
When I first starting writing for Horror-Movies.ca I made a couple initial connections in the film community. One of the first people I met was Lewis Tice who at the time was working for TLA Releasing. He was really a fantastic guy and made sure to pass on all the news to us so that [...]

Wes Craven to Direct the ‘Scream’ Pilot Episode? Early Plot Details Inside
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 18 days ago.
Do you guys remember all that talk regarding the TV adaptation of Wes Craven’s slasher flick Scream? Well, things have quickly started heating up as we have just received word via B-D on the progress of the series. According to the site, Wes Craven will direct the pilot episode for MTV from a script penned [...]

Amy Adams to Battle Aliens in ‘Story Of Your Life’?
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 18 days ago.
From Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners) comes his latest project, Story Of Your Life, which is said to be based upon the short story by Ted Chiang. And with the film churning along, we have just received some interesting casting news. According to Deadline, Adam Adams (pictured right; American Hustle) is currently in early talks to star in [...]

Anchor Bay Picks Up The Dead 2: India
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 19 days ago.
Are you guys still stoked for The Dead II: India? If so, we have some very good news for you as the wonderful folks over at Anchor Bay, have just announced that they will be unleashing the film in the U.S. and Canada and we have all the details. From the Press Release: Anchor Bay [...]

Snowpiercer Will Make American Premiere at LA Film Festival
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 19 days ago.
Bong Joon-Ho’s long-awaited film “Snowpiercer” will finally be gracing our American shores on June 27th.  However, if you live in California, you’ll have the chance to see the film nearly two weeks earlier. In an announcement made today, Film Independent revealed that “Snowpiercer” will open this years 20th annual LA Film Festival. “Snowpiercer” comes by [...]

Teaser Poster for The Walking Dead Season 5
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 19 days ago.
Just as quickly as season 4 of The Walking Dead ended, we’re already looking ahead to season 5 and the folks over at AMC are wasting no time as they have unleashed the teaser poster for the upcoming season. All in all, I thought this season was pretty good. They built it up well, especially [...]

First Official Photo from Turbo Kid!
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 19 days ago.
A few years ago a great crime occurred. The awesome short T is for Turbo didn’t make its way into the ABCs of Death. Sure it was up against some truly great works, but this just had the makings to be something truly awesome. However, all is not lost as all is right in the [...]

New Photo from Bermuda Tentacles
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 19 days ago.
Oh that title. Its like something straight outta Spongebob Squarepants! And you know what? I’m actually pretty stoked for Syfy’s Bermuda Tentacles, and if you’re too, we have another look at the film via a brand new photo. Thanks to our eagle-eyed friend, Avery, we have scored a brand new photo and you can check [...]

Terminator: Genesis Casts Three More
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 19 days ago.
And another week brings even more casting for Alan Taylor’s Terminator: Genesis as we have just received word that three more are set to do battle with the machines in the latest film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Byung-hun Lee (G.I. Joe), Michael Gladis (“Mad Men”) and Sandrine Holt (“House of Cards”) will all be joing the [...]

David Duchovny to Star in Series About Charles Manson
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 20 days ago.
David Duchovny is making a return to network television with a new series about the infamous cult leader Charles Manson.  For the last few years Duchovny has enjoyed a successful run on cable with Showtime’s “Californication”, but with the end of the series in sight, the actor has set his eyes on a new project. [...]

The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale Review
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 21 days ago.
With a short flashback juxtaposed against Rick’s quivering hands, and the thematic score fading in, goosebumps riddle the tops of our skin and at the top of the episode we are still reluctant to accept that the season is over yet again. What surprised me about this episode’s start is the fact that last week, [...]

Michael Chiklis Joins American Horror Story
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 22 days ago.
Last night was the final panel in the annual PaleyFest gathering in Beverly Hills, California.  Every year a handful of TV shows are selected to come down to the iconic Paley Center for a tribute/panel discussion.  Usually the cast and crew of the TV shows appear to answer questions and talk about their experiences.  On [...]

Dayo Okeniyi Cast in Terminator: Genesis – Plus Plans for a New Trilogy
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 23 days ago.
And Alan Taylor’s Terminator: Genesis continues to cast up as we have just received word regarding the final piece of the puzzle. Recently John Boyega (Attack the Block) was on the shortlist to star in the film as Danny Dyson, Miles Dyson’s son, but it appears he is out and Dayo Okeniyi (pictured right; The [...]

Release Date Announced for the Restored Edition of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 23 days ago.
A few weeks back we gave you guys the pretty awesome news regarding Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Basically, to coincide with the 40th Anniversary of the film, it is being restored with a new 4K transfer na dwith that, the film will be hitting theatres! Today, the official release date has arrived. Dark [...]