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Neill Blomkamp ‘May Make’ His Alien Film After All
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Grab your bucket of salt and consume it generously.  While director Neill Blomkamp may be super optimistic about pursuing his “Alien” project, it doesn’t mean that it’ll happen.  Still, the fact that he’s so passionate about it and actively putting inquiries out there is definitely a good sign. While speaking with Collider about his upcoming [...]

SXSW Trailer for We Are Still Here
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Making it’s world premiere at the upcoming South By Southwest festival this year will be “We Are Still Here”, an intriguing little film by director/writer Ted Geoghegan.  The film centers on a couple that decide to move into a house in a quaint little New England town.  As you might already suspect, there’s something terribly [...]

New Photo from the Newly Titled Tremors 5: Bloodline
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Hang on a minute. I’ve seen that ‘Bloodline’ somewhere before, wasn’t that the one where Pinhead was in space, Hellraiser: Bloodline? That gives me an idea, why don’t they do a Tremors in space! I’d be down for that, unless it’s already be done as I’ve missed most of the Tremors sequels. Anyway, speaking of [...]

[Trailer] No Boys Allowed In Slasher ‘Girlhouse’
Written by Stephanie Joyce, Posted 16 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
Slated to be released Friday the 13th, and one of the movies featured in last year’s Screamfest in Los Angeles, is the slasher throw-back film Girlhouse. And if you think this movie is about a bunch of college girls that get paid to make naughty videos – that conveniently pay enough for them to go [...]

‘Saw’ Writers to Take on Halloween
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 16 Days Ago. | 3 Comments
When I think “Halloween”, at least with the earlier films, I certainly don’t think of over the top violence and general ugliness.  I imagine a quieter experience that has a purer intensity.  It’s certainly not something I would associate with the “Saw” series, but that could soon be the case. The Hollywood Reporter has learned [...]

Dying Light PS4 Review
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  I think we’ve gotten to the point where zombies have more than saturated the game industry.  At this stage they could be their own self-contained genre like RPGs or action games.  The prevalence of the shambling undead have left many feeling burnt out on the concept, but is there still room for improvement?  Is “Dying Light” [...]

Mortal Kombat X Announces New Modes
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If there’s one thing to be said about the Mortal Kombat series it’s that it is the densest fighting game out there.  You can argue about the quality all you want, but there’s no denying that Mortal Kombat usually packs more content into it’s package than any other fighter out there. And now we’re getting [...]

Keanu Reeves and Christina Hendricks Join ‘Neon Demon’
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Nicolas Winding Refn is pulling an interesting cast together for his journey into horror with “The Neon Demon.”  In his newest project he’s hoping to assemble a cast of strong female leads for a female-centric horror film.  However, one male has managed to find his way into the group. According to Deadline Keanu Reeves, Christina Hendricks, [...]

Check Out the First Images From the Poltergeist Remake
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In just two days we’ll be getting our first trailer for the upcoming “Poltergeist” remake, but in the interim we’ve got a couple of new images to hold us over thanks to USA Today. The upcoming remake of the 1982 Tobe Hooper classic is being directed by Gil Kenan (“Monster House”) and is set to [...]

Check Out The First Teaser Trailer for LEGO Jurassic World
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Ever wanted to experience the world of “Jurassic Park” through the lense of LEGO creations? Perhaps you want to introduce your young one to the magic of Jurassic Park in a friendly fashion. Or maybe you want to play with some LEGO dinosaurs without anyone learning of your secret obsession.  Well, soon there’ll be a [...]

Adam Wingard Announces Next Directorial Project
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With back to back critical successes in “You’re Next” and “The Guest”, I’m eager to see what director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett have up their sleeve next.  At this point we don’t have a whole lot of details about their next film, but we do know the title and the basic premise. According [...]

Warner Bros Reveals $180 Mortal Kombat X Collector’s Edition
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Want to drop nearly $200 on a single game? Outrageous, you say? What if they threw in a sweet looking statue? Eh? Yeah, now I got your attention. Warner Bros. has revealed the four special editions Mortal Kombat fans will be able to purchase when the game drops in April.  The packages vary in price, but [...]

Check Out This Visually Stunning Trailer for Russian Horror Flick ‘III’
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 22 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
“III” just placed a fat mark on my map with this debut trailer.  Whether or not the film itself will be any good, there’s no denying that it looks to be a visual treat.  There’s something about it that reminds me of “Silent Hill”, but the good parts that they got right. The film comes [...]

[Video] The 90’s Were a Pretty Weird Time
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Sometimes a video comes along and you realize that you can’t really explain it without ruining best parts of said video.  So instead, why don’t you check out the video below as it takes you down 90’s memory lane.  A time when neon clothing and cool kid drinks were worth their weight in gold. Oh [...]

Horror Goes Noir in Trailer for ‘White Night’ Horror Game
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OSome Studios is pairing up with Activision to release a new horror game in March that looks to take the 1930’s noir style and marry it with horror imagery.  It’s a smart concept and the trailer below shows how effectively the idea works.  Check it out. Set in the 1930s and drawing from the rich themes [...]

CW Orders Pilot for ‘Tales From the Darkside’ and ‘Cordon’
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What’s up CW? Look at you, you were once the network equivalent of a bad neighborhood.  When I was channel surfing I would roll up my windows and lock my doors as I skimmed passed you and safely moved on to ABC.  Now you’ve renovated the streets and cracked down on the murders, becoming a [...]

Alien Outpost Review
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Aliens and mockumentaries have generally been an interesting combination.  I’ve either found them to be absolutely terrifying, like “Incident in Lake County”, or entertaining set pieces like “District 9.”  The latest film to combine the two is “Alien Outpost.”  Does it successfully build a narrative based on “real life” events or does the facade fail [...]

Nick Carter is Directing A Zombie Western
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I was going to write this article using only Backstreet Boys lyrics, but I realized that was a big commitment for such a tiny joke. So instead I’ll lead with the only Backstreet lyric I know: Backstreet’s back, alright! Nick Carter, known for his musical talents and hip shaking maneuvers, is tackling the world of [...]

Drafthouse Films to Unleash ‘Spring’ This March
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During many festival runs we hear of several films, one of them being the highly talked about Spring from Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, and is one film that I must check out, speaking of which, Drafthouse Films have just announced that this one will hit this March 20th in limited theatres and VOD. Synopsis: Evan (Lou [...]

‘Paranormal Activity’, ‘Friday the 13th’, and ‘Rings’ Change Release Dates
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 29 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
Paramount is hopping on the release date merry-go-round once again.  Round and round we go, where we stop, nobody knows! If you were looking forward to seeing ghosts or Jason Voorhees in the near future, I’ve got some bad news.  If you wanted to see the latest “Ring” film, though, there might be good news [...]