The ‘Housewife’ Finds a Home with RLJE Films
Written by Chris Savage, April 3, 2018
One film that has been gaining quite a bit of traction on the festival circuit is Can Evrenol’s (Baskin) latest movie, Housewife. The film has been well received and has even won the “Best Director” award at Melbourne’s MonsterFest, now, we have news that the film has found a home. RLJE Films have acquired all North American rights

‘The Stand’ May Wind Up On CBS All Access as a Limited Series
Written by Jason McDonald, April 3, 2018
Remember when it looked like “The Stand” was going to be the next big project from Academy Award winning director Ben Affleck?  That was way back in the magical year of 2013 and, as you can plainly see, that never came to be.  Despite the many other Stephen King adaptations that have come to pass

Funko Pops to Make Elvira and Freddy Krueger Cereal
Written by Jason McDonald, April 1, 2018
Funko loves it’s hilariously dumb nerd products and this year the company is putting together a product that not only taps into my horror love, but my nostalgia for product placement cereal. At the Eagle & Journal writer David Axelson did an interesting report on an upcoming documentary film about the Funko Pop franchise and

Final ‘Sharknado’ Sequel to End with Time Traveling Shenanigans
Written by Jason McDonald, April 1, 2018
I was a big fan of the few “Sharknado” films, but I have to admit I haven’t really kept up with the series.  And that’s not to say that I’ve turned my back against the series, but I feel like I’ve had my fill and don’t really need to dip back into that pool.  That

Infamous Director Uwe Boll Threatens Warner Bros with Legal Action Over ‘Rampage’
Written by Jason McDonald, April 1, 2018
Yeah, I’m posting this on April Fool’s day, but I promise you this is very real.  Uwe Boll, the man who beat the hell out of his critics in a boxing ring, has set his sights on a new target.  If you’re familiar with Uwe Boll’s body of work you might remember he made a

James Wan and a Producer From ‘It’ Are Teaming Up to Adapt ‘The Tommyknockers’
Written by Jason McDonald, March 30, 2018
While not all Stephen King properties have been successfully spun into delicious gold, enough have that of course we’re going to see more and more adaptations.  There are already talks of new Children of the Corn features and a “Pet Sematary” remake, but now we’ve taken the next logical step: an adaptation of “Tommyknockers.” The

A Cannibal Eating Monster Stalks Unsuspecting Teens in ‘The Young Cannibals’- Check out the Trailer Within
Written by Jason McDonald, March 30, 2018
Earlier today I was browsing Reddit at work (shhh, don’t tell anyone) and I saw this interesting little post about this guy’s trailer for his first feature film that he wrote and directed.  I decided to give the trailer a shot and, I have to say, you should definitely check it out as well. The

Could the Sequel to ‘Behind the Mask’ be Finally Happening?
Written by Jason McDonald, March 30, 2018
We’ve known for years now that the people behind “Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon” have wanted to make a follow up film to their cult hit.  However, for reasons unknown to me, things have never quite come together.  Could that finally be changing? We don’t have much to go on at this

The Next Adversary in ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Won’t Be Something We’ve Seen Before
Written by Jason McDonald, March 26, 2018
At this years Wondercon I got the chance to sit down with the “Fear the Walking Dead” (along with 20-30 other bloggers/reporters) and pick their brains about the upcoming season.  With plenty of new additions to this upcoming season, including Jenna Elfman, and the arrival of a familiar “Walking Dead” character it seems like this season

Photo Trip Through Wondercon 2018
Written by Jason McDonald, March 25, 2018
So i’ll be straight with you here. I’ve actually been using my cell phone to take pictures whenever I go to events.  Like some kind of savage I thought “surely my smartphone is good enough to document these journeys, the pictures come out purty.”  And, yeah, it did the job for awhile.  However, I finally

Original Man in the Mask Was Not Pleased with the ‘The Strangers’ Sequel
Written by Jason McDonald, March 24, 2018
Personally, I enjoyed the recent release of “Strangers: Prey at Night,” but I did have some qualms about it.  That being said, I fully recognize I might be in the minority.  Critics mostly turned against it and horror fans seem to be pretty mixed.  But no one seems to be more upset about the sequel

CW Releases a Trailer for Their Upcoming ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Scooby Doo’ Crossover Episode
Written by Jason McDonald, March 24, 2018
I was a huge fan of “Supernatural” back in the day, but after they had their epic showdown with Lucifer in Season 5 I felt content with walking away from the series.  Still, every now and then I catch a new episode on TV and it brings a smile to my life.  I don’t know if

Lin Shaye Joins the Upcoming ‘Grudge’ Reboot
Written by Jason McDonald, March 22, 2018
Not content with dealing with ghosts and demons in the Further, it looks like Elise from “Insidious” is taking on a beast from the east. Okay, it’s not a crossover event, but actress Lin Shaye has landed a role in the upcoming reboot of “The Grudge” according to Variety. Shaye has a long history of

Bruce Campbell Says ‘Ash is Done’ if ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ is Cancelled
Written by Jason McDonald, March 20, 2018
As much as I love “Ash vs Evil Dead” it’s clear that this isn’t the kind of show that would go on for years and years.  However, if it should meet a premature end, it looks like Bruce Campbell may be ready to hang up the chainsaw for good. While “Ash vs Evil Dead” has

There’s a New ‘Leprechaun’ Movie Coming from the Director of ‘The Void’- Check out the Teaser Within
Written by Jason McDonald, March 19, 2018
  St. Patrick’s day is behind us and if you were going to announce a new “Leprechaun” movie, then you really couldn’t pick a better time.  Despite the best efforts of “Leprechaun: Origins” to kill the franchise off, it looks like SyFy is having another go at it.  However, before you freak out, this adaptation looks

IFC Midnight Unleashes Brad Dourif’s Werewolf Flick ‘Wildling’ This April
Written by Chris Savage, March 16, 2018
While I’m still pumped for Fritz Böhm’s feature debut Wildling, it appears as if this is another case of a trailer showing far too much, but I’m still game especially with Brad Dourif attached. So, IFC Midnight have just announced that they will be unleashing Wildling into theatres in New York and on VOD and Digital

James Wan and Netflix Team-Up for Slasher Movie ‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’
Written by Jason McDonald, March 16, 2018
James Wan may be off directing non-horror movies these days, but his producing heart is still very much into horror.  The “Conjuring” director is teaming up with Netflix and the producers of “Stranger Things” to bring a new slasher film to Netflix. Deadline is reporting that young adult novel “There’s Someone Inside Your House” is

Blumhouse Vampire Flick ‘Family Blood’ Will Hit Netflix this Month
Written by Jason McDonald, March 16, 2018
Netflix continues its reign of sudden movie releases with a new horror film from Blumhouse coming very soon. Arrow in the Head is reporting that Blumhouse is set to release its new vampire film, “Family Blood,”  by the end of the month.  “Family Blood” is written and directed by Sonny Malhi who previously directed “Anguish”

Demian Bichir and Andrea Riseborough Join ‘Grudge’ Reboot
Written by Jason McDonald, March 16, 2018
Last year we saw the attempted revitalization of one legendary ghost girl with the subpar release of “Rings.”  Not only did the film bomb with critics, it didn’t exactly light up the box office.  Not to be deterred, Sony is still moving forward with their reboot of another legendary ghost girl. Variety is reporting that

David Freyne’s ‘The Cured’ Hits the UK This May
Written by Chris Savage, March 14, 2018
One zombie movie that is gaining a ton of traction is David Freyne’s upcoming flick The Cured. The film questions; what if a cure to the virus had been found but you remembered all the heinous acts you committed while being infected? Would you be cast out and could you eradicate those that can’t be cured? The