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‘Inner Demons’ Review
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 24 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
“Inner Demons” is the latest found footage film to take a stab at the subject of demonic possession through guerrilla filmmaking, however, this one uses a unique premise and method to portray the familiar story in a new light.   That being said, does the film manage to do more than simply have a unique hook? The [...]

Sleepy Hollow: Unreleased Episode News and Stills
Written by Stephanie Joyce, Posted 24 Days Ago. | No Comments
If you love haunted histories and witty dialogue, you may have found your Monday night show to round out your Fall season line-up. Already 2 episodes into Season 2, things in Sleepy Hollow are already heating up as main character Ichabod Crane has to leverage his relationships with the likes of George Washington and Benjamin [...]

6 Sinister Signs You’re Watching A Blumhouse Film
Written by Stephanie Joyce, Posted 25 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
The name carries with it some of the most anticipated horror movie titles of the season. Blumhouse, or rather Jason Blum and his team of renegade directors, seem to have the horror movie franchise down to a science. But what actually makes so many Blumhouse films so bloody good? Well, it might be attributed to [...]

Tommy Wirkola Won’t Direct ‘Hansel and Gretel 2′
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 25 Days Ago. | No Comments
In just a few weeks we’ll be seeing the US release of Tommy Wirkola’s “Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead” when it hits theaters and various streaming services on October 10th.  After which, it was believed that Wirkola would be returning to work on another sequel “Hansel and Gretel 2″, however, that doesn’t appear to [...]

Here are the Characters from the ‘Walking Dead’ Spin-Off Series
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 25 Days Ago. | 2 Comments
Earlier this month we told you that AMC had officially ordered a pilot for a “Walking Dead” companion series that would feature a whole new cast of characters in a different part of the “Walking Dead” universe. And while information is pretty sparse about the setting and premise, we’re learning about some of the characters [...]

Knott’s Scary Farm 2014 Review
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 26 Days Ago. | No Comments
It may be September, but the Halloween season is in full swing here in California.  Over the years the business of scaring people has boomed and many theme parks and attractions are looking to cash in on this by opening up their holiday haunts earlier and earlier.  Am I complaining? Hell no.  I just can’t [...]

‘Candyman’ Director to Take on Frankenstein with Xavier Samuel
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 30 Days Ago. | No Comments
Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” has been the recipient of adaptations since 1910 .  I can’t even begin to tell you how many interpretations the classic monster has received, but I can tell you about the latest one. “Candyman” director Bernard Rose will be directing a new film based on the literary classic and it’ll stray far from the [...]

Patrick Wilson and Matthew Fox Join ‘Bone Tomahawk’
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 30 Days Ago. | No Comments
This is a project I’ve been eagerly waiting to hear more about.  A western themed horror movie about cannibals? We definitely need more of those.  I’ve really been curious as to who they would get to star as the four badasses looking to do battle with cannibals and, so far, I’m not disappointed with who [...]

No Xenomorphs in Prometheus 2
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 30 Days Ago. | No Comments
For some of you, the brief cameo of the infant Xenomorph in “Prometheus” might have been the highlight of that film. So if you were hoping for more Alien action in the upcoming “Prometheus 2″, you’ll be disappointed to learn that there probably won’t be any Xenomorphs to be found. While talking to Yahoo, director [...]

“The Drowning” to be Adapted into Feature Film
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 31 Days Ago. | No Comments
I don’t play very many games on the iPhone.  Partially because I don’t like playing video games on my phone and mostly because I don’t own an iPhone.  However, FPS horror game “The Drowning” has an interesting enough premise that makes me wish I could check it out.  Thankfully, I won’t have to sell a [...]

Lena Headey and Charles Dance Join ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 31 Days Ago. | No Comments
“Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” will soon be drawing interest from every corner of geekdom.  Obviously you have the literary geeks by using Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” as the source.  Then you have the zombie fanatics by injecting the undead into it.  Recently they snagged the interest of Doctor Who fans by casting Matt [...]

The Walking Dead New TV Spot: More Stunts, More Dead
Written by Stephanie Joyce, Posted 31 Days Ago. | No Comments
Yet another trailer has surfaced on the AMC website and TV station and this time it looks like an all-out fight for survival. Not that we thought for a second that their wouldn’t be an all-out war with the characters being stuck at the carnivorous Terminus stronghold and all. But damn! This show has more [...]

Shrew’s Nest Movie Review (Fantastic Fest 2014)
Written by Flay Otters, Posted 31 Days Ago. | No Comments
There is an inescapable rumbling, murmuring dread that creeps along in the undercurrent of Juanfer Andrés and Esteban Roel’s Shrew’s Nest that is so steady and so well measured that once things hit the fever-pitch, you hardly know what to do with yourself. It is something that is hard to put your finger on as [...]

Zombie Run Scares Up Money, Highlights Good Causes
Written by Stephanie Joyce, Posted 32 Days Ago. | No Comments
Last year it was for “Make-a-Wish” and this year people got chased down by a horde of zombies for “Hoofbeats With Heart,” but one thing is for sure, whether you support the cause or not, the popular zombie genre and zombie runs can scare up some profits to help any cause. And it warms even [...]

[Photos] Meet the Cast of American Horror Story: Freak Show
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 32 Days Ago. | No Comments
The Freak Show is almost upon, but until October 8th, we have scored for you some pretty cool character portraits of the cast of the upcoming season. So, make your way below and take a gander at the freaks. Synopsis: A troupe of curiosities has just arrived to town, coinciding with the strange emergence of a [...]

Life “After Death” Comes Hither
Written by Stephanie Joyce, Posted 33 Days Ago. | No Comments
Currently in post-production from VMI Worldwide is After Death which stars a shadowy force that looks very much like the dark fog you’ve seen if you were ever a fan of the show Lost. Unfortunately, this title is slated to come out on October 1st in the UK only so far. But we’ll let you [...]

Check Out Your Victorian Gat in ‘The Order: 1886′
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 33 Days Ago. | No Comments
I’m not a huge steampunk fan, but I do enjoy the makeshift weaponry that they create for the style.  I like the idea of Victorian-era mad scientists throwing together random components to create their interpretations of modern weaponry.  It’s the one thing that really has me excited about “The Order: 1886.” Developer Ready at Dawn [...]

Max Borenstein Returns to Script Godzilla Sequel
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 33 Days Ago. | No Comments
It’ll be a long time before we get a sequel to 2014’s “Godzilla.”  As you might remember we told you that the next film won’t hit theaters till 2018.  That’s four years away! The agony.  However, the long reprieve might be good news for writer Max Borenstein as he’ll now have plenty of time to [...]

‘Fargo’ Series Writer Working on Universal Monster Film
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 33 Days Ago. | No Comments
Just to make it clear, we’re talking about “Fargo” the television series on FX.  Not the film.  Still, that show is pretty great from what I hear, so having one of their writers work on a Universal monster film is good news regardless. Deadline has learned that Noah Hawley, one of the writers on “Fargo”, [...]

Sony Buys Shark Script ‘In the Deep’
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 33 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
Over the years sharks have been mostly regulated to the realm of B-movie cinema where they’ve been given two heads, the ability to swim in sand, and travel by tornado.  When was our last truly great cinematic shark experience? “Deep Blue Sea”?  Well it looks like a new entry may be on the horizon as [...]