Take a Peek at the New Pinhead in ‘Hellraiser: Judgment’
Written by Chris Savage, March 14, 2016
As you all know, a new Hellraiser movie is in the works, in fact, the film is currently in post-production and it actually appears to be coming together rather nicely, even if it doesn’t star Doug Bradley. I know, a Hellraiser movie without Doug Bradley is like a Nightmare On Elm Street film without Robert

Universal Studios Hollywood is Getting a Year-Round ‘Walking Dead’ Attraction
Written by Jason McDonald, March 14, 2016
It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Universal Studios’ annual Halloween Horror Nights event.  Every year I look forward to the big reveal of mazes and attractions that start to trickle out in the lead up to the Halloween event.  But this year Universal is shaking things up by introducing a new year-round

[Trailer] From the Director of ‘Oculus’ Comes ‘Hush’
Written by Jason McDonald, March 14, 2016
Mike Flanagan’s last horror outing, “Oculus”, garnered a lot of good praise from both fans and critics.  Personally, I really enjoyed what that film had to offer so I’m eager to see how he’ll follow up.  Thankfully we won’t have to wait long for that. “Hush” is currently playing at SXSW, but it’ll be off

[Review] ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ is a Thrilling Claustrophobic Experience
Written by Jason McDonald, March 12, 2016
“10 Cloverfield Lane” may have had one of the most surprising advertising campaigns in recent memory.  I still remember the night when word started to get around that a mysterious new trailer suddenly dropped without any fanfare and that it carried the name “Cloverfield” with it.  It was exciting and I immediately got swept up

Lin Shaye & Robert Englund Reunite for ‘The Midnight Man’
Written by Chris Savage, March 10, 2016
Well, nothing gets better than having these two together, right? And as such, it brings us great joy to announce that Robert Englund and Lin Shaye will be reuniting once again on-screen in Travis Zariwny’s latest flick The Midnight Man. According to the folks over at The Wrap, “Midnight Man is based on the old Pagan

Official Poster & Photos from Robert Englund’s ‘Nightworld’
Written by Chris Savage, March 10, 2016
Robert Englund is just a beast, it’s as simple as that. The dude continues to do what he loves and as such, we freakin’ love him for it! So, what’s next from Mr. Englund? Well, how about a little psychological thriller? Head on down below for the first official poster and photos courtesy of Global

Gary Busey and More Join the Cast of ‘Sharknado 4’
Written by Jason McDonald, March 10, 2016
It’s coming.  Another storm is brewing and this time it might take more than the collective power of Tara Reid and Ian Ziering to stop it.  But who will we call upon in our hour of need?  SyFy has revealed the new list of names that’ll appear in “Sharknado 4” and it includes some choice

You Can Watch the First Episode of ‘Damien’ On YouTube
Written by Jason McDonald, March 9, 2016
And, best of all, it’s  legitimate. This isn’t xXx_420Murder’s upload of the first episode, this comes by way of network A&E.  And you can check it out down below. “Damien” is a sequel series to “The Omen” which was about an Ambassador and his wife adopting a young boy named Damien who turned out to

‘Amityville: The Awakening’ Gets Pushed Back to 2017
Written by Chris Savage, March 8, 2016
Well, I just don’t know. Earlier today it was announced that Dimension Films had pulled Franck Khalfoun’s (Maniac) Amityville: The Awakening from its release this April 1, 2016, and no explanation was given. Now Deadline have received exclusive word that the film will get released, but you’re gonna have to wait until 2017. According to the

Jake Johnson and Annabelle Wallis Join ‘The Mummy’
Written by Jason McDonald, March 8, 2016
The cast of Universal’s upcoming reboot of “The Mummy” is really starting to solidify now.  The first big name to join the project was Tom Cruise who was then followed by “Kingsman” actress Sofia Boutella.  Now we know a few more names that have joined the project along with some brief character descriptions. The Hollywood Reporter

‘The Exorcist’ Casts Geena Davis
Written by Chris Savage, March 8, 2016
Well, all of a sudden Fox’s drama pilot The Exorcist, has my full attention, as Deadline is reporting that Geena Davis (The Fly, Beetlejuice) has been cast in the upcoming series based upon William Peter Blatty’s novel of the same name. It’s said to be a modern reinvention, but, hell, it’s freakin got Geena Davis! According

Amityville: The Awakening Has Been Officially Cancelled!
Written by Chris Savage, March 8, 2016
Wow! I don’t even… Wow. And just like that, Dimension Films’ Amityville: The Awakening has been pulled from its release. According to our friends over at Dread Central, they recently received word that the Weinsteins have officially cancelled the film. Why? Well, that hasn’t been announced, but word is said to come later today. As

First Look at Carles Torrens’ ‘Pet’ Starring Dominic Monaghan
Written by Jason McDonald, March 8, 2016
South By Southwest is coming up in just a few days and we’ll soon be hearing about all sorts of new horror movies coming on the horizon.  Today we’re getting a small taste of one and it sounds pretty promising based on who’s involved. Deadline got their hands on an exclusive clip from the upcoming

Arnold Schwarzenegger to Meet Shane Black and Talk ‘Predator’
Written by Jason McDonald, March 7, 2016
Now, let’s not get too excited here, but there are some interesting things going on behind-the-scenes of the new “Predator” movie and it looks like it might involve an iconic member of the franchise. TheArnoldFans caught up with actor Arnold Schwarzenegger while he was attending the “Arnold Sports Festival” in Ohio.  The site got to talk

[Review] ‘You’re Killing Me’ Has a Lot of Heart and Blood
Written by Jason McDonald, March 7, 2016
The beauty of our new digital age is that we can reach out and touch people all over the world.  I know I’ve met people thanks to my internet excursions that I never would have in my day-to-day life.  This has changed the way we make friends, date, and hook up with people.  However, the increased

Eli Roth Exits ‘Meg’ and Jon Turteltaub Slowly Moves In
Written by Jason McDonald, March 4, 2016
During last summer it was announced that director Eli Roth would take his bloody sensibilities to the high seas with a big-budget creature feature shark film based on the novel “Meg.” Well now it seems like the director has slipped away from the project and a new name is moving in. Deadline is reporting that

Official Photos from the All-Female Horror Anthology ‘XX’
Written by Chris Savage, March 3, 2016
It’s been a while since we last had an update for you guys in regards to the all-female horror anthology flick XX, but it appears as if the ladies have been extremely hard at work as we have scored the first official photos from the upcoming film and you can check them out below courtesy

Luca Guadagnino Says that ‘Suspiria’ Remake Will Star Tilda Swinton and Dakota Johnson
Written by Jason McDonald, March 3, 2016
You might remember some time last year director Luca Guadagnino landed the gig of directing a “Suspiria” remake.  At the time he said he wanted to reunite with his cast from “A Big Splash” which included Tilda Swinton and and Dakota Johnson.  Well it seems like those plans are still continuing forward. During a Q&A

Fox Hires an Old Priest and a Young Priest for Pilot Based on ‘The Exorcist’
Written by Jason McDonald, March 2, 2016
Earlier this year we learned that Fox was finally moving forward with a pilot order for a series based on the horror classic “The Exorcist.”  And now Fox has summoned an old priest and a young priest to help them sort out this demonic business. Deadline is reporting that actors Alfonso Herrera (“Sense 8”) and

Don’t Expect a Sequel to ‘Digging Up the Marrow’
Written by Jason McDonald, March 2, 2016
If you loved Adam Green’s last feature film “Digging Up the Marrow” and were hoping for a follow up to it, I’ve got some bad news for you.  It doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.  Possibly ever. Talking on Periscope tonight Adam Green hosted a little fan interaction session where he answered question from