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Phantasm 5 is Official and Coming Soon
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 21 days ago.
Some days you just never know what the world is going to throw at you.  A few years ago the rumor mill began to churn about the existence of a fifth sequel in the “Phantasm” series.  However, things quickly grew quiet again and it just seemed like another hopeful rumor. But it would appear that [...]

Will We Ever See Another ‘Blair Witch Project’ Sequel?
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 22 days ago.
Way back in 1999, a little indie horror flick by the name of The Blair Witch Project, hit the scene. There soon after it exploded into a global phenomenon, found-footage was what everyone wanted and to this day many still do. I loved it, it was definitely an experience and one that I shall never [...]

First Look at Steven Quale’s ‘Into the Storm’
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 22 days ago.
As many of you know, we’re living in very dangerous times. Every other day there is a news story about storm warnings and other natural disasters around the world. But we endure and we fight much like our protagonists in Steven Quale’s (Final Destination 5) latest film, Into the Storm. With the film set to [...]

Witness ‘Jurassic World’ in New Concept Art
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 22 days ago.
For those of you who are anxious to see just what is in store for us when it comes to Jurassic World, will be pleased to know that some concept art has appeared online via the IBT and it is truly stunning. The concept art, which you can see below, comes from the online portfolio of [...]

First Casting & Details Announced for American Horror Story: Freak Show
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 22 days ago.
Well it’s all coming to fruition now my friends. As you all know, the fourth season of American Horror Story will take place in a carnival setting and just yesterday co-creator Ryan Murphy announced that it would be titled American Horror Story: Freak Show. With that, our good friends over at EW have scored some [...]

Green Lantern Writer Working on Prometheus 2
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 22 days ago.
Who would have ever thought that the first “Prometheus” would have been divisive as it was? On paper it seemed like a fantastic movie and then that first trailer just blew everyone away.  However, the final product stirred up quite a debate on the internet and left more than one fan with a sour taste [...]

A Tucker and Dale Sequel is Likely
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 22 days ago.
Three years ago a pair of kindly rednecks touched our hearts and splattered blood everywhere with a movie called “Tucker and Dale Vs Evil.”  With the passage of time, it seemed like any hope of a sequel had dwindled away.  But now, in a surprise announcement, it seems like plans for a “Tucker and Dale [...]

The Fifth Underworld Film Looks to the ‘Next Generation’
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 23 days ago.
What’s that I hear? You guys want more Underworld? Well my friends, ask and you shall receive! That’s right, a fifth Underworld film is apparently on the horizon as our good friends over at B-D have just broke the news. According to the site, the fifth installment in the franchise is set to be titled [...]

American Horror Story Season 4 Welcomes the ‘Freak Show’
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 23 days ago.
About a week ago it was confirmed that American Horror Story season 4 would take place in a carnival setting, but at that time a title wasn’t announced. Skip forward a week or so and series creator Ryan Murphy has chimed in with the official title. Ryan Murphy recently took to Twitter to announce that [...]

New Behind-the-Scenes Photo from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 23 days ago.
Considering my dislike for all things CGI, I was surprised by how much I liked Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I guess it just goes to show that CGI does have a place if, and only if it is done well. And with that, we have ourselves a brand new behind-the-scenes photo from [...]

Franck Khalfoun Confirmed for ‘Amityville’ Plus First Casting News Announced
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 23 days ago.
Several days ago our friends over at B-D received word that Franck Khalfoun (Maniac) could be directing the latest installment in the Amityville franchise, and today the site has officially confirmed this. Along with Khalfoun now attached to direct the project for Blumhouse Productions and Dimension Films, they have also announced that Jennifer Jason Leigh (Fast Times [...]

Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 15 Review
Posted by Richard L. Haas III | Posted 23 days ago.
The reviews are back after a short hiatus and boy has a lot happened. The previous episode though, was arguable the best of this half of the season. I’m not going to lie, but I shed a tear when Lizzie had killed her sister and when Carol had to shoot her. It’s someone ironic because [...]

First Look at Linda Hamilton’s Bermuda Tentacles
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 24 days ago.
Oh Syfy how we love you so. Are you guys ready for more monster mayhem? If so, we have your back as Syfy and The Asylum are set to unleash a new original movie entitled Bermuda Tentacles, and thanks to a heads up via our good friend Avery, we have your first look. Bermuda Tentacles [...]

First Poster Artwork & Photos for NBC’s Rosemary’s Baby
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 25 days ago.
With NBC’s upcoming remake of Rosemary’s Baby on the horizon, we have scored the first poster and a couple of photos courtesy of EW, and you guys can check them all out below. The adaptation is set to be a four-hour miniseries. The series is set to star Zoe Saldana, Patrick J. Adams, Jason Isaac, [...]

Omar Sy to Enter Jurassic World
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 26 days ago.
Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic World, appears to be coming along very nicely as we have just learned that another actor has joined the fold. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Omar Sy (Pictured right; The Intouchables) has joined the cast of Jurassic World. Unfortunately details regarding his role are currently unknown, but I’m sure all will be [...]

Franck Khalfoun to Direct the Latest Amityville Film?
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 26 days ago.
Well this is interesting. I’m sure you guys remember that Amityville film that was entitled The Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes? Well, it’s now simply titled Amityville and the folks over at B-D have got word that a director may be attached. According to the site, Franck Khalfoun (Maniac) is currently in negotiations to direct Amityville [...]

The Last of Us Wins at GDC
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 26 days ago.
“The Last of Us” love train has rolled into the Game Developer Conference taking place this week in San Francisco, California.  Fresh off its victory at the BAFTA Game Awards, “The Last of Us” is continuing to receive praise from the industry. Naughty Dog’s recent venture into the survival/horror genre has taken home the “Game [...]

Get on a Train with Wolfenstein Gameplay Video
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 26 days ago.
Bethesda has released a new “gameplay” video for “Wolfenstein: The New Order.”  I put gameplay in quotes because there isn’t much actual gameplay to be seen in the video as its more of an interactive scene. However, you should still check it out as it does present a fairly intense moment from the game that’s [...]

The Grudge is Getting a Reboot
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 27 days ago.
I wasn’t a huge fan of “The Grudge” when it originally came out, but I understood its popularity and could see why people enjoyed it.  I was honestly pretty surprised when “The Grudge” just fizzled out here in the states and didn’t spawn a massive number of sequels like it did in Japan.  However, it [...]

Phil Lord & Chris Miller to Direct Ghostbusters 3?
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 27 days ago.
And just like that, we may have found our directors for Sony Pictures’ forthcoming Ghostbusters flick. Recently it was sadly announced that Ivan Reitman would be stepping down from directing duties on the third Ghostbusters installment, but we may have found a replacement, or two. Today, Deadline founder Nikki Finke, posted the following on Twitter [...]

The Forest Releases New Creepy Trailer
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 27 days ago.
The four man team of Endnight Games is drawing closer to the release of their upcoming game “The Forest” and to commemorate the announcement of an early access date, they’ve put out a brand new trailer. Admittedly, this is the first time I’m hearing about “The Forest”, but the trailer below was more than enough to [...]

John Travolta and Ethan Hawke to Team with Ti West on ‘In a Valley of Violence’
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 28 days ago.
When it comes to micro-budget horror, Blumhouse certainly know a thing or too, especially when it comes to turning a huge profit. There their latest film certainly sounds as if it fits the bill with some truly heavy hitters. According to The Hollywood Reporter, John Travolta and Ethan Hawke are currently in negotiations to star in [...]

Ghostbusters 3 Is Officially On! – Ivan Reitman Will Not Direct
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 28 days ago.
It seems strange, but we actually have some official Ghostbusters 3 news for you today, but I can’t help think why did it take so freakin’ long!? Sadly, with the passing of Harold Ramis, the franchise will never be the same but here’s hoping they can do something in his honor. Now, the folks over [...]

A Familiar Face Will Return in Jurassic World… But Who?
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 29 days ago.
As a fan of the franchise I would love to see certain characters return, I mean, there is a lot of nostalgia there, but at the same time I know we are all really clamoring for something fresh. But, there is word of a returning character and this one just makes a whole lot of [...]

A Slew of New Wolf Creek 2 Photos Inside
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 29 days ago.
Just last week we ushered in the official U.S. poster for Image Entertainment’s Wolf Creek 2, and today we have been provided with a slew of new photos for you guys to chow down on below. Synopsis: Lured by the promise of an Australian holiday, backpackers Rutger, Katarina, and Paul visit the notorious Wolf Creek Crater. [...]

Terminator: Genesis to have a Terminator 2 Vibe?
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 29 days ago.
We all know that Terminator: Genesis is now on the horizon. The director has been attached as well as most of the cast and we even have a locked in release date. With that, we have also heard a slew of rumors as to where the new film will take place and now Arnold Schwarzenegger [...]