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Terminator Title Changed to ‘Terminator: Genisys’
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 16 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
What’s in a name? The title for the next “Terminator” movie is a little goofy, but let’s be honest, I don’t care what the movie is called. I just want to see the “Terminator” movies be good again.  They could’ve called this “Terminator and the Squeaky Lug Nut” for all I care, just give me a good [...]

Poltergeist Moves to Summer 2015
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Watch out big blockbuster movies, horror is slowly becoming the new star of summer.  Sure, these films may not put up the biggest numbers, but they do surprisingly well and tend to have miniscule budgets compared to the usual summer spectacles.  This year we saw “Purge: Anarchy” do very well by grossing nearly $90 million [...]

Capcom is Bringing ‘Resident Evil’ Remake to Modern Platforms
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This isn’t quite a ‘remake of a remake’, but it’s very nearly there.  Capcom has announced that they are bringing the “Resident Evil” 2002 remake to modern platforms. As you might recall, “Resident Evil” made its debut waaaay back in 1996 on the Playstation.  It, of course, became an iconic staple of the system and [...]

Cast and Director Announced for MTV’s Scream TV Series
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 18 Days Ago. | No Comments
A Scream TV series has been on the cards for quite some time now and with MTV behind the project, we have been eagerly awaiting more news regarding the project. Sure we have heard all sorts of rumors but today we actually have some concrete news for you guys to chow down on. Unfortunately it [...]

Alien Vs Predator Battles it Out at Halloween Horror Nights
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In a rather surprising reveal, Universal has announced that both Xenomorphs and Predators will be coming to Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights. The maze will simply be titled “Alien vs Predator” and will feature the two iconic aliens battling it out for supremacy in the midst of park guests. Here’s a [...]

Elijah Wood Signs Up for “The Last Witch Hunter”
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Just a few months ago I hadn’t even heard about “The Last Witch Hunter”, but the latest casting news has made this one of my more anticipated films.  An actor who has become a recent fan-favorite is set to join an already interesting cast. Deadline is reporting that Elijah Wood (“Maniac”) has signed up for [...]

‘Leprechaun: Origins’ Will Head to Theaters
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If you were hoping to share your love of “Leprechaun” with other fans in an actual theater, then you’ll be thrilled to hear that the upcoming reboot is getting a theatrical release. While “Leprechaun: Origins” was originally slated for a VOD/DVD release, Lionsgate has revealed today that the film will also be getting a limited [...]

‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’ Finally Gets a Cast
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At this point many of you might’ve forgotten that there was such a thing as “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.”  A few years ago a new trend sprung up in the literary world that involved combining classic literary tales/historical figures with monsters.  This can be mostly accredited to Seth Grahame-Smith who wrote the aforementioned “Pride [...]

Release Date Announced for The Pact 2
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 19 Days Ago. | No Comments
Did The Pact send shivers down your spine? If so, are you ready for even more supernatural terror? Well, guys, we have just received word via Fangoria that The Pact 2 will hit VOD on September 5th, and then in limited theatres on October 10th via IFC Midnight. The film stars Camilla Luddington, Patrick Fischler, Scott Michael [...]

Could We Get an All-Female Ghostbusters from the Director of Bridesmaids?
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This is an interesting rumor/unconfirmed report to say the least.  The continuing saga of “Ghostbusters 3″ has added another chapter to it’s development history today.  THR is reporting that Sony has found a new director to pursue and is possibly looking to reboot the film in a big way. According to THR, Sony is currently [...]

The ABCs of Death 2 Hits Theatres This Halloween
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 21 Days Ago. | 3 Comments
Now this is how you celebrate Halloween! We have just learned that the upcoming anthology The ABCs of Death 2 is scheduled to hit limited theatres this October 31st. But for those of you who like to view films from the comfort of your home can witness this one on VOD this October 2nd. The [...]

Dead Island Movie Could Start Production Next Year
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Waaaay back in 2011 it was reported that Lionsgate was looking to make a movie based off of the hit game “Dead Island.” This was around the time that every movie studio was trying to get their hands on a hot video game property.  And like many of those similar announcements, nothing really came of [...]

New Teaser for Mysterious Bioware Project
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 22 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
Bioware, the developers behind “Mass Effect” and “Dragons Age”, are currently drumming up interest for a new project that has yet to be fully revealed.  A few weeks ago they sent us an e-mail that simply read “You have been chosen” and it included an intriguing video with some creepy atmosphere to it. You can [...]

Photos From The Walking Dead Escape
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You want to hear an embarrassing story? I was all set-up to run “The Walking Dead Escape” during San Diego Comic Con.  However, a day before the event I took a tumble at the convention center and hurt my knee.  Alright, maybe that isn’t super embarrassing, but it was disappointing because I was looking forward [...]

Sharknado 2 Sucks in 3.9 Million Viewers
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 23 Days Ago. | 10 Comments
Did you tune into SyFy’s premiere of “Sharknado 2: The Second One” last night? You weren’t alone as the highly anticipated sequel managed to draw in 3.9 million viewers according to the Nielsen’s live plus same day estimates.  This is particularly remarkable, as Variety points out, because the last big hit for SyFy was 2011′s [...]

R.I.P. Makeup Artist Dick Smith
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Sad news today.  Legendary makeup artist Dick Smith has passed away at the age of 92.  Rick Baker, friend and student of Dick Smith, took to Twitter to make the announcement stating that: “The master is gone.  My friend and mentor Dick Smith is no longer with us.  The world will not be the same.” [...]

James Wan’s Demonic to Hit Theaters in December
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Now, before you get all excited about James Wan returning to the horror genre, you need to know that he isn’t directly involved with this new feature film.  “Demonic” is simply an idea he conceived and then passed on to other people.  Still, it’s from his brain, so if you love the work of James [...]

New Details, Artwork & More for Rob Zombie’s Crowd-Sourced Project ’31′
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For some reason Rob Zombie seems to get a lot of stick, be it from something he may have said or from simply the films that he makes. Me though, I’m instantly intrigued by anything that he touches and I believe he certainly has an eye for all things horror. Okay, perhaps Halloween II wasn’t [...]

Alex Kurtzman to Direct Mummy Reboot
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 23 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
Earlier this month we learned that Universal was working on an initiative to relaunch their classic monster franchises.  This meant rebooting all of the films under a single narrative umbrella, sort of like what Marvel and Disney had done with their superheroes. And while Universal has “Dracula: Untold” coming out this year, the first film [...]

Michael Gross Battles Graboids Once More in Tremors 5
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About a week or so ago we got word that a Tremors reboot was indeed on the horizon, after years of rumors. We also learned that Don Michael Paul would be directing the flick for Universal, but that was pretty much all we knew at the time. However, our friends over at MovieHole has scored some [...]