Ash Goes Patriotic in This New Poster for ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’
Written by Chris Savage, August 30, 2016
Did you guys get a chance to watch the first season of Ash vs. Evil Dead? What did you think? Me personally, I thought it was a whole lot of fun with plenty of the red stuff, and speaking of the red stuff, with got a little bit of the red, white, and blue below

Eli Roth is Teaming Up with Universal Studios to Present this Year’s Terror Tram at Universal Studios
Written by Jason McDonald, August 30, 2016
The crazy storm of Halloween announcements has finally reached it’s end.  And this final announcement we begin to play the most maddening game of all: the waiting game. Universal Studios has announced that it is partnering up again with horror director Eli Roth for a new Terror Tram experience.  For those that don’t know the

‘Grimm’ Cancelled and Set to End After Season Six
Written by Jason McDonald, August 30, 2016
This news might not be so shocking if you’re a “Grimm” fan like myself.  For one, the last season seemed to be pushing things to a natural conclusion.  And secondly, it was announced earlier this year that “Grimm” would be getting a shortened season six.  So putting those two things together, it’s not all that

‘Let The Right One In’ Secures a Pilot Order with TNT
Written by Chris Savage, August 29, 2016
It was announced last year that a TV series based upon Let The Right One In was on the cards, and that the series was heading to towards A&E, and then quickly switched to TNT, but that was the last we heard. However, it appears as if things have moved rather quickly. According to Deadline, TNT has finalized a

Knott’s Berry Farm Unveils the Full Slate of Scares for this Years Knott’s Scary Farm
Written by Jason McDonald, August 28, 2016
The summer days are finally dying out and Fall is just peaking around the corner.  That can mean only one thing: it’s nearly Halloween season.  And while I’m the type of person to complain about Christmas decorations infesting stores early and early, you’ll hear no such complaints from me about the Halloween season.  I’m more

Dark Sky Films Celebrates 30 Years of ‘Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer’ with a 4K Restoration
Written by Chris Savage, August 27, 2016
I can’t believe it’s nearly been 30 years since Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer was released in the States, where has the time gone!? But, 30 years is a tremendous occasion and Dark Sky Films are celebrating in style. They will be re-releasing the film theatrically in 20 cities beginning this October 21st, plus it

This New ‘Blair Witch’ Poster is Kinda Awesome
Written by Chris Savage, August 26, 2016
With the release date for Blair Witch set for September 16th, we’ve had a few bits and pieces thrown at us to hype up the movie, but nothing has been quite as awesome as this. The powers that be have unleashed a new official poster, and it’s assembled with people, people being stretched, and perhaps being

Doug Liman is Set to Direct ‘Justice League: Dark’
Written by Jason McDonald, August 25, 2016
After going around the dancefloor a few times with director Guillermo Del Toro it looks like “Justice League: Dark” has found itself a new dance partner and a new identity. Variety has revealed today that director Doug Liman (“Edge of Tomorrow”) will be directing “Justice League: Dark” which is now being called “Dark Universe” for

Train to Busan Horror Movie Review
Written by Simon Rother, August 19, 2016
Best. Zombie. Movie. In. The. Last. 10. Years. Do I have your attention, now? Good. Because you do NOT want to miss the insane ride that is “Train to Busan”, straight out of South Korea, which made its north American premiere at Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival. Seok-Woo is the typical, workaholic, office-working man: always

Marcus Dunstan’s ‘The Neighbour’ Comes Knocking This September
Written by Chris Savage, August 19, 2016
From Marcus Dunstan (Writer/director The Collector, The Collection, writer of Saw 4-7) comes his latest tale of terror with Arrow Films’ The Neighbour, and with the film making its present felt at FrightFest, Sunday, August 28th, we’ve received word regarding its wider release in the UK. The Neighbour is set to hit UK cinemas and VOD

The CW is Bringing ‘The Lost Boys’ to Television
Written by Jason McDonald, August 19, 2016
After the CW finally gave the axe to the “Friday the 13th” series this past week, it seemed like their journey to bring a horror movie property to their network had finally come to an end.  Or did it?! In a surprise move the CW announced on Deadline that they were bringing iconic ’80s film

Would Kevin Bacon Like to Play Freddy Krueger?
Written by Jason McDonald, August 17, 2016
This isn’t news so much as it is high-level fan casting, but oh boy, could you imagine if it came to pass? There are few actors that I can enjoy in pretty much anything and Kevin Bacon is one of them.  So if Kevin is into the idea of playing an iconic horror villain, then

Mark Duplass Teases Development on ‘Creep 2’
Written by Jason McDonald, August 17, 2016
I don’t know if I can trust Mark Duplass.  He’s got the air of a trickster about him, but who am I to second guess him?  After seeing “Creep” I know I definitely don’t want to cross him. I didn’t absolutely love “Creep”, in fact I thought the film went off the rails with its

‘American Horror Story’ to Haunt Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights
Written by Jason McDonald, August 17, 2016
I know feelings tend to be mixed about “American Horror Story”, but there’s no doubt that the show has become quite the cultural sensation.  And now it’s diving deeper into the mainstream this year with an appearance at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood and Orlando. Universal Studios announced that the hit FX series

Pennywise Arrives in Full Costume in New Promo Photo from ‘It’
Written by Chris Savage, August 16, 2016
Last month we gave you guys your first look at Bill Skarsgard as “Pennywise the Clown” and it was definitely different to say the least, and it had us salivating for more. So, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, we have a promo picture in full costume, and he looks absolutely creepy! It’s pretty cool that they’re going

Bed of the Dead Fantasia Review
Written by Simon Rother, August 15, 2016
What happens when two couples attempt to have a foursome on a bed made from a cursed, ancient tree, inside a sex-crazed hotel? We discover the outcome of this bizarre premise in “Bed of the Dead”, which made its world premiere at Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival, with director Jeff Maher present. The first scene

Rob Zombie Unleashes the New Official Poster for ’31’
Written by Chris Savage, August 13, 2016
We’ve had a slew of posters for Rob Zombie’s 31 already, but they were simply just a tease of this. Rob Zombie took to his Facebook page to unveil the official one-sheet for the upcoming movie and you guys can check it out below, what do you make of it? From the Press Release: From

David Fincher Might Direct ‘World War Z 2’
Written by Jason McDonald, August 12, 2016
The last time David Fincher directed a horror sequel things didn’t go so well for the now renowned director.  However, with a few years of experience under his belt and a lot more clout perhaps things will be different this time around. Variety is reporting that director David Fincher is in talks to possibly direct

‘Friday the 13th’ Series at CW is Dead. . . For Now
Written by Jason McDonald, August 12, 2016
Just like the classic horror movie villain that the show would be based on, the “Friday the 13th” series at the CW network seemed to live and die again over and over.  But, at least, we may have reached the final chapter of this tumultuous journey. For years now they’ve toying with the idea of

New Official Poster for Rob Zombie’s ’31’
Written by Chris Savage, August 10, 2016
Rob Zombie’s latest flick 31, definitely has us intrigued and pretty freakin’ hyped! And with the news that the film will be released earlier nationwide on September 1, 2016 for a special one-night event, we couldn’t be happier. So, how about a peek at the new poster? Make your way below and check out the