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Get Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare for Free This Weekend
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Like free games? Want to play a free game on your PS4? Then I have a post relevant to your interests.  During Playstation’s “Playstation Experience” event in Las Vegas EA came out and made a special announcement about how they were going to honor the system’s 20th anniversary. From now until the end of the [...]

Hayden Panettiere Stars in New Horror Game ‘Until Dawn’
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When you’ve helped save the world as a cheerleader you’ve probably earned yourself a little rest and relaxation in an isolated mountain cabin.  You just have to make sure you don’t pick a cabin that happens to be the hunting grounds of a psycho in a mask. “Until Dawn” is the next game from Supermassive [...]

Godzilla Stomps on to the PS3 and PS4 in 2015
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If the most recent “Godzilla” film left you wanting more giant monster action, then there’s a possible remedy on the way.  During the Video Game Awards Namco Bandai revealed that the next Godzilla game will be hitting both the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 in 2015.  Along with their reveal came a small teaser trailer [...]

New Official Photos from [REC] 4: Apocalypse
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What with the release date now set for January 2, 2015 in the States, a whole bounty of photos have been unleashed and we have them below for you guys to scope out. Let us know if you’ll be checking this one out next year? Synopsis: [REC]4 picks up a few hours after the gruesome events [...]

Resident Evil Remake to Hit Consoles in January 2015
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Don’t worry, we’re not talking about a remake of the “Resident Evil” movie series. We’re talking games here, specifically the upcoming HD remake of the remake of the the first “Resident Evil” game.  We knew the game was coming out in the near future and now Capcom has peeled back the veil and revealed that the [...]

Cliff Curtis Lands Male Lead in “Walking Dead” Companion Series
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The other day we got our first bit of casting news for the “Walking Dead” companion series that AMC is currently working on.  The news continues to trickle out today as now we know who will be taking on the lead male role. Deadline is reporting that Cliff Curtis has landed the part of a divorced [...]

Bradley James set to Play Damien in New Series
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Earlier this year we learned that Glenn Mazzara (formerly of “The Walking Dead”) was working on a new series based on the young adult years of Damien, the anti-Christ from “The Omen.”  The series is set to debut on Lifetime and now we know who will be directing the first episode and who will be [...]

The Crow Remakes Sets Corin Hardy as Director
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It seems like ages ago, but it was only last year that we learned that Luke Evans would be starring in a remake of the classic 1994 film “The Crow.”  Since the announcement news about the sequel had run dry and I had, honestly, forgotten all about it.  But, just like the main protagonist of the [...]

Evolve Unleashes New Story Trailer
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“Evolve” hits store shelves this February and, to be honest, up until this point I didn’t realize the game had a story to it.  I simply thought it was a unique multiplayer experience, but as it turns out there is a story that ties the whole thing together.  And to prove it, they’ve released a [...]

Barry Returns in New Resident Evil Revelations 2 Trailer
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Capcom has released a new trailer for their upcoming title “Resident Evil Revelations 2″ and it features a pleasant surprise for those who enjoy a Jill sandwich.  Barry, who has been out of action for some time now, is making a return to the Resident Evil series. Announced via a trailer that you can watch [...]

“Slender Man” Look-alike ‘Flay’ Will Trap Your Soul
Written by Stephanie Joyce, Posted 39 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
Don’t know if anyone has heard about the new “Slender Man” entity that steals the show in the movie Flay, which is currently in post-production looking to be released in 2015. And from what we’re hearing from Pham Factory productions, they are sparing no expense and taking the time to make the effects look brutal. [...]

The Walking Dead ‘Cobalt’ Companion Series Introduces Cast
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With the death of a beloved Walking Dead member, its comforting to know that a whole new cast will be introduced to one of the biggest television fan-bases in the world for the spin-off series officially titled Cobalt… And eventually get killed off one by one. Over 6 million people watched the mid-season finale last [...]

New Official Images from The Woman In Black 2: Angel of Death
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We are practically a month away from the release of Hammer Films’ The Woman In Black 2: Angel of Death, and with those days passing by quicker than Santa Claus himself, we have for you a set of new images courtesy of Hammer Films, check them out below. Synopsis: During the London bombings of World War [...]

Universal Recruits Jay Basu for Classic Monster Movie Relaunch
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Though we haven’t seen anything too concrete from Universal regarding their classic monster movie relaunch, we have seen that they’re building a stable of writers to help helm the project.  When this all started we learned that Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan would be leading the relaunch and creating the vast new universe that would [...]

The Evil Within PS4 Review
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Renowned game designer Shinji Mikami made his mark on the horror genre when he released “Resident Evil” way back in 1996 on the original Playstation.  Now, after a nine year break, he has returned to the genre that he once revolutionized with a new horror title: “The Evil Within.” “The Evil Within” follows Detective Sebastian Castellanos (Anson Mount), [...]

Got A Black Friday Horror Story? Tell Me About It!
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So let me be clear…we don’t want to hear your statistics about how many people die each year because they got trampled on or shot. That’s just plain sad. And apparently the statistics show that last year was a “calm” Black Friday as reported by Time as there were only 15 reported injuries and one [...]

Paranormal Activity 5: The Ghost Dimension to be In 3D?
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 45 Days Ago. | 4 Comments
You guys ready for more Paranormal Activity news? Well, hold on to your hats as the folks over at Bloody-Disgusting are reporting that Paranormal Activity 5: The Ghost Dimension, is set to be in 3D, via some post-conversion technology. So, expect to see some projectile objects hurtling towards your screen next year if this does [...]

Independence Day Sequel Gets Official Green Light
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 45 Days Ago. | 6 Comments
Didn’t we already say this movie was happening? I’ve talked about this damn film so many times that I feel like it already came out.  How many mother loving ways can I say “It’s happening”? Mark this post, it’s the last time I ever say “a sequel to ‘Independence Day’ is getting made.”  The next [...]

Lovecraft Feature “The Thing On The Doorstep” Hits DVD
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I’ve seen one too many Lovecraft short stories-to-film to say that they’re worth the watch. Often times, they are not good at all as filmmakers simply use the name H.P. Lovecraft to draw an audience to their film. And let’s face it – it’s a good plan for low-to-no budget films. But here’s one Lovecraft [...]

Constantine Stops Production After 13 Episodes
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Constantine has proven to be a resourceful individual when it comes to getting out of jams, but I’m not sure if even the “master” of dark arts can figure out how to get out of this situation. While “Constantine” has been pretty well received by most critics and fans, the supernatural-themed show has struggled to [...]