‘Bates Motel’ Offers Us a Look at Rihanna as Marion Crane in this First Trailer
Written by Jason McDonald, February 1, 2017
“Bates Motel” will open it’s doors for the final season on February 20th and while we know how it all ends, the journey there is bound to be full of twists and turns. However, one of the biggest surprises is one we learned a few months ago.  Actress/Singer Rihanna will be stepping into the iconic

[Review] ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ Stumbles into the Sunset
Written by Jason McDonald, January 29, 2017
I think it’s only fair that I preface this review by saying I grew up as a huge fan of the Resident Evil games.  I played the hell out of them in my younger years and when I heard they were turning it into a movie I was beyond excited.  Being a Junior in high

Jacob Tremblay Joins the Cast of “Predator”
Written by Jason McDonald, January 26, 2017
Shane Black’s upcoming “Predator” film seems to be growing by the day as the project gets ready to start production this February.  Yesterday we learned that actor Thomas Jane was in talks to join the production, but now it looks like someone on the opposite end of the age spectrum may be joining as well.

Thomas Jane Could Star in Shane Black’s ‘Predator’
Written by Jason McDonald, January 25, 2017
While we don’t know a whole lot about Shane Black’s upcoming return to the “Predator” series, there’s one thing that we can definitively say about it: it’s shaping up to have a pretty eclectic group of actors. At first it seemed like Benicio Del Toro was set to join the project; however, he suddenly backed

Michael Dougherty to Direct ‘Godzilla 2’ for Warner Bros
Written by Jason McDonald, January 24, 2017
Late last year we learned that “Krampus” director Michael Dougherty had been brought on by Warner Bros to help put together their “Godzilla” universe along with his writing partner Zach Shields.  Now it looks like Dougherty is going to have a more hands on involvement with the sequel. According to Variety Warner Bros and Legendary

James Cameron to Reboot ‘Terminator’ With Tim Miller Directing
Written by Chris Savage, January 21, 2017
You know when Arnold used the phrase “I’ll be back” in The Terminator, we never really knew how many times he’d be back, but true to his word, he’s been back quite a few times and perhaps he’ll be back one more time as Deadline has the latest. According to the site, James Cameron will regain

First Photo & Behind-the-Scenes Image from ‘Cult of Chucky’
Written by Chris Savage, January 21, 2017
Don Mancini and his entire crew are currently hard at work as Cult of Chucky is currently in production and as such, a few photos have emerged. First off, courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting is a shot of a pool of blood with “Chucky did it” written within it. Secondly, courtesy of star Fiona Dourif, who returns

Emma Roberts Becomes ‘The Blackcoat’s Daughter’
Written by Chris Savage, January 12, 2017
We have just received word of Osgood Perkins’ latest flick The Blackcoat’s Daughter, which stars Emma Roberts, and we have all the details below including the official poster and a few photos from the film. Keep those eyes peeled as this one is set to hit theatres this March 31, 2017. Also, the film will be

Syfy Films Ventures into a Remote Nuclear Bunker with ‘Atomica’
Written by Chris Savage, January 11, 2017
Would you check out the casting on this one!? Some pretty stellar names are attached to this one and we’re stoked to let you in on it. From Syfy Films comes Dagen Merrill’s Sci-fi/Thriller Atomica, and we have the first official still and word as to when this one will hit. Check out all the details

Frank Grillo May Be Done With ‘The Purge’
Written by Jason McDonald, January 10, 2017
Sometimes you have to get while the gettin’ is good and it looks like actor Frank Grillo may be well aware of that.  The star of the last two “Purge” films may not be returning for a fourth installment. Actor Frank Grillo jumped into the Purge series with “Purge: Anarchy” and helped turned a pretty

Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant’s New Netflix Show is About Cannibalism
Written by Jason McDonald, January 6, 2017
This is a strange twist I wasn’t expecting.  I heard some time ago that Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant were working on a new Netflix show, but early descriptions made it sound like a lighthearted family drama.  Turns out it might still be that, but with a hook we can sink our teeth into. Speaking

Universal Announces ‘Cult of Chucky’ Along with a Synopsis and Teaser
Written by Jason McDonald, January 6, 2017
If you’ve been following the Twitter feeds of people like Fiona Dourif or Don Mancini then you know they’ve been teasing a new Chucky film since pretty much the release of the last Chucky film.  It was obvious it was going to happen, but when it would be announced was anyone’s guess. Well, today EW

‘Bates Motel’ Sets a Date for its Final Season
Written by Jason McDonald, January 4, 2017
This year marks the fourth and final year that “Bates Motel” has been on A&E.  It’s troubling to think that four years have gone by so quickly.  I feel like i’m going a little mad just thinking about it. A&E has announced through EW that the fifth and final season of “Bates Motel” will premiere

Jason’s Top Ten Horror Movies of 2016
Written by Jason McDonald, January 3, 2017
Like the villain in so many horror movies 2016 is finally retreating into the darkness and  leaving us to comprehend the madness it has left in it’s wake.  However, while it may have been a chaotic year in just about every respect, the horror genre made out pretty damn  well.  There’s probably a correlation that

‘Gremlins 3’ Update: Chris Columbus Aggressively Working on a Sequel
Written by Chris Savage, December 28, 2016
Gremlins 3, that old chestnut. We’ve had various news of a third installment for years, we’ve heard that it’s going to be a remake, then a reboot and of course a sequel. But which way will they actually go? While nothing has been confirmed or officially announced, Zach Galligan recently spoke with the guys over

Has TNT Cancelled Their Planned ‘Tales From the Crypt’ Reboot?
Written by Chris Savage, December 21, 2016
Earlier in the year there was a buzz, a buzz regarding the rebirth or should I say a reboot of Tales From the Crypt. Of course there were skeptics about bringing back the show and of course the unfortunate events regarding the rights to the original Crypt Keeper, but I think most of us were

First Official Look at Katherine Waterston from ‘Alien: Covenant’
Written by Chris Savage, December 21, 2016
We recently unveiled the official teaser poster for Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant and since then, we’ve been absolutely stoked! So, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, they’ve scored our first look at Katherine Waterston and she certainly looks familiar, go check it out below and let us know what you think? The film also stars Michael Fassbender, Billy Crudup,

[Trailer] Mister Returns for ‘Stake Land 2: The Stakelander’
Written by Jason McDonald, December 20, 2016
Fans of the first “Stake Land” have been waiting since 2010 for the return of Mister and his vampire slaying antics.  This year they finally got their wish when “Stake Land 2: The Stakelander” premiered on the SyFy Channel.  But for those of you looking for a more uncut experience, you won’t have long to

[Trailer] Murder Goes Prenatal in ‘Prevenge’
Written by Jason McDonald, December 20, 2016
Pregnancy can be a traumatizing and exhausting experience when you’re carrying an average everyday baby, but what if your baby was also telling you to kill people? ‘Prevenge’ is a new horror comedy from “Sightseers” co-writer and star Alice Lowe.  Lowe is not only making her feature length directorial debut here, but she is also

Remember ‘Amityville: The Awakening’? It Has Apparently Been Pushed Back Again
Written by Chris Savage, December 13, 2016
I don’t know what the deal is with Dimension Films, and perhaps they don’t either. If you were looking forward to the release of Franck Khalfoun’s (Maniac) Amityville: The Awakening this January 6, 2017, you may want to scratch that date off, as according to the folks over at Bloody-Disgusting, the film has been pushed back… Again. According