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Matilda Lutz Cast in New ‘Ring’ Film
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 44 Days Ago. | 4 Comments
The next “Ring” film is starting to finally come together as a the lead actress has been cast for the upcoming horror film.  The Wrap has learned that the new will film will star a fresh face from Italy. According to the site Italian actress Matilda Lutz has been cast as the lead star of the [...]

Hannibal Season Three Won’t Start Till Summer
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Hey “Hannibal” fans, I’ve got some bad news. It looks like we won’t be seeing the third season of “Hannibal” this spring. According to Entertainment Weekly the series is forgoing its annual spring debut in favor of a warmer climate. The site reports that NBC has decided to move the premiere of “Hannibal” to this summer. [...]

H1Z1 Offering Limited No Questions Asked Refund
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H1Z1 recently launched into Early Access on Steam and, like most Early Access games, there was quite an uproar over the game as players began to uncover some things they found to be unsavory. Initially, there was a big uproar over the game not launching or crashing while trying to connect to servers.  To be [...]

First Trailer for Horror Comedy Bloodsucking Bastards
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Premiering next week at Slamdance will be the vampire-themed horror comedy “Bloodsucking Bastards.”  The film is directed by Brian James O’Connell and features a writing credit from someone named “Dr. God.”  I’m not even sure what to make of that, but let’s just roll with it. “Bloodsucking Bastards” centers on an office worker who begins [...]

J.K. Simmons Reveals Kong: Skull Island Details
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I know the location of Skull Island is supposed to be mysterious, but who would’ve ever guessed that it was in Detroit? J.K. Simmons talked with MTV briefly and dropped a few details regarding his upcoming film “Kong: Skull Island.”  Details that are a little puzzling. According to Simmons the new Kong film will be [...]

H1Z1 Hits Early Access Today and Here’s a New Trailer
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Are you looking to jump in early on the zombie survival action? Then grab your machete, strap on your head-stomping-boots, and sit in front of your computer.  H1Z1 is debuting on Steam today through Early Access and you can potentially see what the game is all about.  I say potentially because it looks like people [...]

Ouija 2 is on the Way and Frank Grillo Could be in Purge 3
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 45 Days Ago. | 2 Comments
If there’s one thing that you can expect from a new horror film, it’s that it’ll probably have a sequel at some point.  And the latest horror film to get the franchise treatment is last year’s release “Ouija.” Producer Brad Fuller spoke with Collider recently about his upcoming films and among the projects that he [...]

Will the Poltergeist Remake Be a Kids’ Movie?
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Sam Rockwell seems like an awesome guy, I definitely enjoy his acting, but he couldn’t have possibly thrown up more red flags during his latest interview with Collider. While talking with the site about his upcoming film “Loitering with Intent”, the conversation inevitably turned towards the “Poltergeist” remake that he is set to star in. [...]

[Book Review] ‘in Sanity, AZ’ Will Leave You In Stitches
Written by Stephanie Joyce, Posted 45 Days Ago. | No Comments
After attending a most awesome first annual Phoenix ComiCon Fan Fest in Phoenix, AZ  I got deathly sick with whatever killer flu bug that’s been going around, but I had the chance to read an anthology that really highlights…em… the natural beauty that is Arizona. What I really enjoyed about Fan Fest is that it [...]

Scandinavian Werewolves Become Party Animals
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 45 Days Ago. | No Comments
Yes! More werewolf love! I love these gnarly beasts, I don’t know what it is but to me they’re awesome. Maybe it’s just that they can tear you from limb to limb and not bat an eye and still come back for more. So, today we have word of a new werewolf flick entitled Party [...]

Kung Lao and Kitana Enter the Fray in New Mortal Kombat Trailer
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 46 Days Ago. | No Comments
Who’s next?  Well, it looks like Kung Lao and Kitana are as they’ve just been given a special announcement trailer for their upcoming appearance in “Mortal Kombat X.” The trailer doesn’t go into too much depth regarding each combatant’s varying fighting styles, but it does give you a quick and dirty look at what they [...]

New Teaser for Call of Duty’s Exo Zombie Mode
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 47 Days Ago. | No Comments
The newest teaser for Call of Duty’s upcoming zombie DLC pack finally introduces us to the characters that we’ll be playing as.  We don’t get to see much of them, granted, but it’s nice to see what polygonal John Malkovich looks like. The video, which you can watch below, details the entire Havoc DLC pack [...]

‘Escape From New York’ Remake is Back on Track
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 47 Days Ago. | No Comments
The remake train is refueled and ready to leave the station. Everyone hop on board! Choo choo!  Deadline is reporting that Fox has won the right to remake the classic John Carpenter film and will be moving forward with a remake of “Escape from New York.” The film starred Kurt Russell is the ultimate badass [...]

Richard Armitage to Play the Tooth Fairy in Hannibal Season Three
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Here’s a big hint as to where the next season of Hannibal will take us.  TVline is reporting that Richard Armitage, who most recently starred in the Hobbit films, will be playing the role of the Tooth Fairy in season three of “Hannibal.” Fans of the Hannibal Lecter series will know that we aren’t talking [...]

First Look at CW’s iZombie
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The CW finally announced that iZombie would be hitting the small screen on March 17th and along with that announcement we have our first look at the upcoming series down below. The teaser trailer basically covers most of what’s seen in the pilot episode, but it also gives away a big twist that is better saved for [...]

Ash Vs. Evil Dead to Feature Half Hour Episodes
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 49 Days Ago. | No Comments
Am little while back it was announced that Starz would be continuing the Evil Dead franchise in the form of a TV series entitled Ash Vs. Evil Dead. Since then we have learned that Ash will not be alone as he will be accompanied by two other characters and we did hear that the episodes [...]

New Teaser for Walking Dead Season Five
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Look, I’m gonna admit something to you.  I haven’t watched the latest season of “The Walking Dead” yet. Not out of protest or anything like that, but because I decided to cut cable out of my life.  So that means I’m a little behind on my favorite shows.  I fully intend on catching up with [...]

iZombie Gets Premiere Date and Supernatural Moves to a New Night
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I got the chance to see a short cut of the pilot episode for “iZombie” during last year’s San Diego Comic Con and I came  away with some mixed feelings regarding the show.  Still, I’ve been looking forward to the premiere of the series to see if they could improve on some of the basic [...]

Barry Bostwick, Joe Dante, and More Join ‘Tales of Halloween’
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 50 Days Ago. | No Comments
Axelle Carolyn’s “Tales of Halloween” continues to draw in some big names from around the horror industry.  Last October we learned that directors like Neil Marshall, Darren Bousman, and Mike Mendez had been attached as directors for the anthology film. Now we’re starting to hear about who will appear in it. Deadline is reporting that [...]

Ryan Reynolds Has Gone Insane in First Trailer for ‘The Voices’
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 50 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
“The Voices” has been running the festival circuit for a little while now, but we’re finally getting our first look at it thanks to a new trailer published on Entertainment Weekly’s website. Ryan Reynolds plays Jerry, a loveable goofball who has a hard time making connections with other people.  However, he isn’t totally alone as [...]