Check Out the First Teaser Trailer for Netflix’s New Film ‘Bright’
Written by Jason McDonald, February 27, 2017
If you were watching the Oscars tonight you might have caught a glimpse at the upcoming Netflix film “Bright.”  If you had better things to do, well, we’ve got you covered down below. “Bright” comes by way of director David Ayer whose last film was the Oscar-winning movie “Suicide Squad.”  I kid you not, it

Bill Paxton has Passed Away at the Age of 61
Written by Jason McDonald, February 27, 2017
There are certain people in cinema that just seem immortal.  They’ve been around forever and have done so many films that seeing them on the big screen just feels natural and it’s hard to imagine them not always being there.  For me, Bill Paxton is one of those people and now we live in a

First Official Artwork for Netflix’s ‘Castlevania’
Written by Chris Savage, February 24, 2017
As a kid I LOVED Castlevania on the NES, it was truly an awesome time, but I never even thought of the possibility of the game being adapted into an animated TV show, but now that it is I’m freakin’ stoked! Anyway, Adi Shankar recently shared the beautiful artwork over at his Facebook page and we

Adrienne Barbeau and More Have Signed on for ‘Jeepers Creepers 3’
Written by Jason McDonald, February 23, 2017
As you might have heard this week it was announced that “Jeepers Creepers 3” was finally beginning production and shooting this week.  While a whole lot of details about the film are being kept underwraps, we now know who will be starring in it. Cinema Runner has learned that a few veteran actors and quite a

Fox Has Released a Short Film for ‘Alien: Covenant’ Titled ‘Prologue: Last Supper’
Written by Jason McDonald, February 23, 2017
“Alien: Covenant” is only a few months away (holy cow already?) so Fox is cranking up the promotional machine for Ridley Scott’s new feature film.  In a unique twist the studio has put together a short film, that looks like it was cut straight out of the film, that acts like a prologue of the

Stephen King’s ‘Castle Rock’ Has Been Given a 10-Episode Order
Written by Chris Savage, February 22, 2017
Well, it’s official, guys. Stephen King and J.J. Abrams’ Castle Rock has just been given a 10-episode order via Hulu according to the folks over at Deadline, and a new press release has ushered in a few more details. Will you be travelling to Castle Rock? From the Press Release: A psychological-horror series set in

ArieScope Pictures Needs Your Help with Some Flood Damage
Written by Jason McDonald, February 22, 2017
If you live in Southern California then  you know the drought that plagued us last year was eviscerated by some pretty heavy rainfall over the past month or so.  This past weekend was especially heavy and caused all sorts of damage around the state. One place that suffered a bit of damage was Adam Green’s

Guillermo Del Toro Says ‘Hellboy 3’ will ‘100%’ Not Happen
Written by Jason McDonald, February 22, 2017
Nine years after the release of “Hellboy 2” I can’t imagine there are a whole lot of people out there holding out hope for Guillermo Del Toro to make a third film.  I know for sure there was me, Ron Perlman, and Guillermo Del Toro.  So there’s at least three that wanted to see it.

‘Tales From the Crypt’ Is Still Alive – First Promo Clip Within
Written by Chris Savage, February 21, 2017
So, it appears as if the Tales From the Crypt reboot from M. Night Shyamalan is still very much on the cards as Bloody-Disgusting have learned that the show is aiming to air later this year! At the end of last year, Bloody-Disgusting noted that the show had hit a snag due to rights issues and it

Here’s Our First Look at the Cast of the new ‘Predator’ Film
Written by Jason McDonald, February 21, 2017
There are a lot of good things going for this new “Predator” film that have me cautiously optimistic.  For one, Shane Black is both writing and directing the project along with his “Monster Squad” partner Fred Dekker.  Secondly they’ve managed to assemble a cast of talented actors who have a diverse range of skills in

‘A Cure for Wellness’ and ‘The Great Wall’ Open Up Small- What Did You Watch this Weekend?
Written by Jason McDonald, February 20, 2017
Happy President’s Day weekend fellow Americans.  Hope you got to enjoy a peaceful four day weekend.  Did you head out to the movies this weekend? If you did you were probably one of the few to actually watch a horror movie this weekend. With Valentines last week it comes as no surprise that “Fifty Shades

‘Conjuring’ Spin-Off ‘The Nun’ Will Hit Theaters in 2018
Written by Jason McDonald, February 18, 2017
Shortly after the release of “The Conjuring 2” we learned that the monstrous Nun featured in the film would be getting her own spin-off film.  Now we know when it’ll be coming. Warner Bros has announced that “The Nun” will be slinking her into theaters on July 13, 2018.  Add that to the fact that

‘The Purge’ Will Return in 2018
Written by Jason McDonald, February 18, 2017
Following the timely release of “The Purge: Election Year” last year the future of the “Purge” series seemed to be rather uncertain.  For one, “Election Year” has a rather interesting ending that could swing the direction of future films in drastically different ways.  Secondly, “Purge” star Frank Grillo seemed to be ready to move on

The Next Season of ‘American Horror Story’ Will Take on the Presidential Election
Written by Jason McDonald, February 17, 2017
While the last season of “American Horror Story” seemed to be shrouded in secrecy up until the last minute, it looks like Ryan Murphy is being rather open about this new season. And it looks to be a topical one. Speaking with Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live”, “American Horror Story” producer Ryan Murphy

Graboids Become Weaponized in ‘Tremors 6’
Written by Chris Savage, February 16, 2017
It appears as if Tremors 6 is going to become the most outrageous installment yet, as the sequel is set to feature weaponized graboids and the quest to milk one of them suckers for an antidote! Check out the official details below and let us know if you’re looking forward to this one or not?

‘Leatherface’ Writer Offers New Details on ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Prequel
Written by Jason McDonald, February 16, 2017
At this point you may have forgotten that there was a “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” prequel that is not just in the works, but actually completed.  I don’t blame you, it’s been a long time since Lionsgate has made any mention of it and it might be still some time before we ever see it.  However,

A New ‘Halloween’ Film Will Arrive in October 2018! – Details Within
Written by Chris Savage, February 10, 2017
Halloween has had a bit of a rocky ride as of late, with many stops and starts, but thankfully it hasn’t been quite as messed around as the whole Friday the 13th fiasco. Instead, Halloween appears to be showing signs of life and they have just got a whole lot more serious. We can reveal that David

[Review] ‘Rings’ Has Lost Its Luster
Written by Jason McDonald, February 8, 2017
It’s been over 12 years since the world last had to deal with the threat of Samara and her cursed video.  And while her legacy seemed to grow and continue in Japan, she was seemingly all but forgotten here in the states.  But now Samara is back with a vengeance, but will she receive a

Paramount Has Pulled ‘Friday the 13th’ and ‘World War Z 2’ From Their Schedule
Written by Jason McDonald, February 7, 2017
As of late there seemed to be some rumors swirling around about how production was finally gearing up for the new “Friday the 13th.”  However, it seemed like any hope of a new “Friday the 13th” releasing this year was short lived. Paramount, in a move that isn’t all too surprising, has pulled both “Friday

The Director of Bone Tomahawk is Teaming up with Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn for New Film
Written by Jason McDonald, February 2, 2017
It’s hard to say if this one will be an actual horror film, but if it involves the director of “Bone Tomahawk” then I’m all ears. According to THR director S. Craig Zahler is starting out on a new feature film that he wrote and will now direct (like he did with “Bone Tomahawk”) and