Fox Hires an Old Priest and a Young Priest for Pilot Based on ‘The Exorcist’
Written by Jason McDonald, March 2, 2016
Earlier this year we learned that Fox was finally moving forward with a pilot order for a series based on the horror classic “The Exorcist.”  And now Fox has summoned an old priest and a young priest to help them sort out this demonic business. Deadline is reporting that actors Alfonso Herrera (“Sense 8”) and

Don’t Expect a Sequel to ‘Digging Up the Marrow’
Written by Jason McDonald, March 2, 2016
If you loved Adam Green’s last feature film “Digging Up the Marrow” and were hoping for a follow up to it, I’ve got some bad news for you.  It doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.  Possibly ever. Talking on Periscope tonight Adam Green hosted a little fan interaction session where he answered question from

Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey Confirmed for ‘The Dark Tower’ Along with Some Surprising Plot Details
Written by Jason McDonald, March 1, 2016
It’s been a long time coming, but the ink has finally dried on the paper and it can now be made official.  Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” is heading to the big screen and it’s bringing a pair of major stars along for the ride. Stephen King himself confirmed the news today when he announced

[Review] ‘Intruders’ Invades Your Home on DVD
Written by Jason McDonald, March 1, 2016
Released earlier this year in theaters and VOD “Intruders” is finally making it’s way home on DVD today.  This home invasion thriller puts an interesting spin on the old formula, but will it be enough to welcome it into your home? The Movie: “Intruders” comes by way of director Adam Schindler who makes his feature

Shane Black’s ‘The Predator’ Arrives in 2018
Written by Chris Savage, February 29, 2016
A couple of weeks ago we dropped a teaser image for the upcoming Predator sequel, The Predator, and now we have scored a release date for the film, so get this date marked down, now! The Predator, which is set to be directed by Shane Black (he played Hawkins in Predator) has been set for

A New Pinhead Has Risen for ‘Hellraiser: Judgment’
Written by Chris Savage, February 29, 2016
You all know there’s a new Hellraiser movie in the works, right? Of course you do, this sucker has been plastered EVERYWHERE! So, Gary Tunnicliffe is currently in production on the latest Hellraiser movie, Hellraiser: Judgment, and while we know Heather Langenkamp is involved, we’ve all been awaiting for confirmation on the new Pinhead, and well, we

‘The Walking Dead: Michonne’ Review
Written by Jason McDonald, February 28, 2016
Telltale returns to “The Walking Dead” well once again with a new game based on the hugely successful “Walking Dead” franchise.  This time Telltale is leaving behind their original take on the series and instead exploring an established fan-favorite character.  Does this third trip to the well produce some refreshing water or have things gotten

Spike Has Given a Pilot Order for a TV Series Based on ‘The Mist’
Written by Jason McDonald, February 26, 2016
Last year we started to hear the rumblings about a potential TV series based on the Stephen King story “The Mist.”  With such a fantastically dark story it seemed likely that it would probably find itself on cable, but I never would have expected this network to pick it up. Deadline is reporting that cable

The Soska Sisters are Remaking David Cronenberg’s ‘Rabid’
Written by Jason McDonald, February 26, 2016
The Soska Sisters never seem to stop working, I feel like every month we’re talking about some new project they’re involved with.  It’s like they’re in multiple places at once, how do they do it? Oh. Right. Twins. Variety is reporting that the Soska Sisters are taking on the challenge of remaking David Cronenberg’s 1977

Gary Tunnicliffe Talks ‘Hellraiser: Judgement’
Written by Chris Savage, February 24, 2016
Unless you have been living under a rock or a bloody corpse for the past week, you should know that a new Hellraiser is in the works and Doug Bradley will not be back to reprise the role of Pinhead. Instead, Heather Langenkamp has been cast, and Gary Tunnicliffe will be directing the new film, which

‘Krampus’ Finds a Home on Blu-ray & DVD This April
Written by Chris Savage, February 24, 2016
Did you guys get a chance to catch Michael Dougherty’s latest horror flick, Krampus, last year when it initially hit theatres? From what I’ve heard, it’s a freakin’ blast! So, are you hoping to add this one to your collection? If so, we have your back as the film is set to hit Blu-ray, DVD, Digital HD and On

Place Your Bets and Check Out the first Trailer for ‘Sadako vs Kayako’
Written by Jason McDonald, February 24, 2016
Back in December we got an early Christmas gift when it was revealed that “The Grudge” and “The Ring” would be colliding in a Japanese horror showdown.  The film, simply titled “Sadako vs Kayako”, looks to pit the main antagonists from both series in a horrific battle with innocent lives caught in the mix. Sounds

Steven S. DeKnight Will Direct ‘Pacific Rim 2’
Written by Jason McDonald, February 24, 2016
The continuing saga of will “Pacific Rim” get a sequel or not has just received a big push into the “it’ll probably get a sequel” category.  Legendary has announced that a new director is stepping in to take over the sequel. According to Deadline Steven S. DeKnight will be taking over for Guillermo del Toro

Is Don Mancini Teasing the Start of ‘Chucky 7’?
Written by Jason McDonald, February 23, 2016
In 2013 Chucky, the infamous serial killer doll, enjoyed a return to form with the release of “Curse of Chucky.”  The film was well received by both fans and critics and it seemed like we were in for a new age of Chucky films.  And while things have been quiet on the Chucky front for

Casting & Plot Details Have Risen from the Depths of Hell for ‘Hellraiser: Judgment’
Written by Chris Savage, February 23, 2016
And just like that, Gary Tunnicliffe’s Hellraiser: Judgment (I actually thought it was Judgement, my mistake on the last post) is currently filming in Oklahoma as we speak, and yesterday we learned a little where Tunnicliffe was hoping to take the latest installment in the Hellraiser franchise, and now, courtesy of Fangoia, we have a casting

Is ‘Halloween’ Making Its Way to Television?
Written by Chris Savage, February 23, 2016
Well, what the heck is going on with Halloween? Near the end of last year we heard that the planned Halloween Returns was off the table as Dimension Films lost the rights to Halloween, and since then, we have heard nothing. But, bizarrely, the folks over at Fangoria have received word that Halloween could still

[Review] ‘The Witch’ Will Put a Spell on You
Written by Jason McDonald, February 20, 2016
Over the course of last year “The Witch” managed to build up a good deal of critical momentum as the film garnered rave reviews and praise from horror fans while it played in festivals.  Now it’s finally out in theaters and it’s time to see if “The Witch” was worth the wait. In “The Witch”

Roger Corman Brings ‘Death Race’ Back to Life with ‘Death Race 2050’ Starring Malcolm McDowell
Written by Jason McDonald, February 19, 2016
It’s time to rev those engines and prepare for the ride of your life.  Roger Corman is heading back to the “Death Race” universe with an updated take on the cult classic. THR learned today that Roger Corman is producing a new “Death Race” film titled “Death Race 2050.”  The film will be directed by G.J. Echternkamp

Abbey Lee Joins ‘The Dark Tower’ as Tirana
Written by Jason McDonald, February 19, 2016
I must admit, my knowledge about “The Dark Tower” universe is slim to none, but judging by reactions to this news it seems like fans are really perplexed by this casting. According to Deadline actress Abbey Lee, who was featured in “Mad Max: Fury Road”, has signed on for Nikolaj Arcel’s adaptation of Stephen King’s “The

‘Rings’ Release Date Moves Again- Now Coming in October
Written by Jason McDonald, February 18, 2016
“Rings” will eventually be coming to a theater near you, if it can manage to settle on a release date.  Originally supposed to be released last year, “Rings” has now been pushed back once again. Deadline is reporting that the new sequel to “The Ring” will no longer be releasing on it’s new release date