[Review] Criterion Edition of ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ is a Must for Guillermo del Toro Fans
Written by Jason McDonald, October 18, 2016
Guillermo del Toro’s body of work is one of the few collections of films where I feel hard pressed to think of one I don’t like.  It’s equally challenging to think of one that stands out as my favorite.  However, among the ones that I would consider, I know for certain that “Pan’s Labyrinth” would be among my top contenders for

New Official Trailer for Hiroshi Katagiri’s Creature Feature ‘Gehenna: Where Death Lives’
Written by Chris Savage, October 17, 2016
Well, this looks freakin’ awesome! If you love creature features as much as us, you’re gonna fall head over heels for this sucker. How about a film from Hiroshi Katagiri, which stars Lance Henriksen? Well, make your way below for Gehenna: Where Death Lives, and feast your eyes upon the new official trailer, and be sure to

Momentum Pictures Scores a Deal with ‘The Possession Experiement’
Written by Chris Savage, October 13, 2016
Earlier in the year we ushered in the official poster and trailer for Scott Hansen’s (Texas Chainsaw, Monumental, Until it Hurts) The Possession Experiment, but since then, any and all news had dried up. Well, until today that is. We can reveal that the folks over at Momentum Pictures have acquired the rights to the film, check

Boyd Holbrook in Talks to Replace Benicio Del Toro in new ‘Predator’ Movie
Written by Jason McDonald, October 13, 2016
This is definitely news I don’t know how to feel about.  On one hand we’re losing Benicio Del Toro, but on the other hand we could be getting a talented young actor.  It’s a nice dilemma to have. THR has announced that actor Benicio Del Toro is no longer involved in Shane Black’s upcoming “Predator” film.

Robert Englund Shares His Idea for a New ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’
Written by Jason McDonald, October 11, 2016
As of late it seems that Hollywood can’t figure out what to do with their iconic horror villains.  Michael Myers still has a way to go, Jason Voorhees keeps running in circles, and Freddy Krueger has been virtually non-existent since his remake. Perhaps what they need to do is ask the men behind the monsters

[Video] Rick and Negan Have a Little Talk in this Season 7 Preview
Written by Jason McDonald, October 11, 2016
Yeah, I’m still severely annoyed with how Season 6 of “The Walking Dead” ended.  It was a damn near perfect introduction for Negan that was fumbled at the last minute.  That being said, I’m still hoping they can put together a great first episode of season 7 that’ll make up for it.  Judging by this

[Trailer] ‘The Monster’ Emerges from the Darkness
Written by Jason McDonald, October 7, 2016
It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a good creature feature, but it looks like “The Monster” might scratch that itch. From the director of “The Strangers”, Bryan Bertino, comes a new horror movie that features the most descriptive name a horror movie could have: “The Monster.”  In the film a mother and daughter are on

A New ‘Halloween’ is Still a Long Ways Off According to Jason Blum
Written by Jason McDonald, October 7, 2016
If you were hoping for a nice little treat this October to get your excited about the future of the “Halloween” franchise you’re in for a surprise.  Instead of putting a giant sized candy bar into your trick-or-treat bag,  Jason Blum has lobbed a couple of pennies in there instead. “Ouija: Origin of Evil” is

[Review] The Queen Mary Sails into Dark Waters
Written by Jason McDonald, October 6, 2016
For eleven months out of the year the historic Queen Mary rests peacefully on the Long Beach harbor.  The ship, once a majestic liner, is now a floating museum and hotel where guests can come and marvel at it’s glory and appreciate its long history.  However, during one month of the year the ship turns

‘The Shining’ Returns to Theaters for Two Days this October
Written by Jason McDonald, October 5, 2016
“Heeeeeeere’s Joseph!” Wait… that’s not right. Oh well, it’ll come to me.  This year October seems a little mix bag when it comes to it’s horror movies selections.  In a couple of weeks we’ll have Rob Zombie’s new film, a sequel to “Ouija”, and Tyler Perry’s “BOO! A Medea Halloween.” One of which is bound to

Chloe Moretz, Tilda Swinton, and Dakota Johnson to Star in ‘Suspiria’ Remake
Written by Jason McDonald, October 4, 2016
It’s been a hot minute since we last heard about the “Suspiria” remake, but in case you thought it meant it had quietly disappeared, I’m here to burst your bubble. Variety has reported that Chloe Moretz has officially joined Tilda Swinton and Dakota Johnson in the upcoming remake of the Dario Argento classic “Suspiria.”  This

Don Mancini Delivers an Update on ‘Chucky 7’
Written by Chris Savage, October 1, 2016
There hasn’t been much revealed in regards to Don Mancini’s Chucky 7, all we pretty much know up to this point is that Jennifer Tilly is attached to star in the film and that’s about it. So, while we wait for more, Don Mancini took to Twitter and gave us a little tease, in which

Universal Working on New Hitchcock Anthology Series ‘Welcome to Hitchcock’
Written by Jason McDonald, September 29, 2016
Over fifty years after he left the air Alfred Hitchcock is making a return to a television near you. Universal has announced today that they have reached a deal with the Alfred Hitchcock estate to bring the iconic director’s brand of mystery and intrigue back to television with a new anthology series titled “Welcome to Hitchcock.”

Dust Off That BMX – ‘Turbo Kid 2’ is Confirmed!
Written by Chris Savage, September 28, 2016
Well, just like that, the sequel to Turbo Kid has been made official. I was just talking about the possibility of a full-on prequel, but I’m just as happy for a sequel, how about you? So, the guys over at Joblo have announced that Téléfilm Canada and SODEC have given the sequel the go-ahead. Details are

‘Phantasm: Remastered’ Makes its UK Premiere This October
Written by Chris Savage, September 28, 2016
While some of you fine folks in the US have already got to witness Don Coscarelli’s Phantasm: Remastered, the vast majority of you will finally see it when the film hits theatres this October 7th. And now some of us in the UK will get to witness the film on October 15th, as it makes its UK premiere at

[Review] Knott’s Scary Farm Returns With Best Year Yet
Written by Jason McDonald, September 27, 2016
It may not be October, but the Halloween season is in full swing as Knott’s Berry Farm has kicked opened it’s barn doors and unleashed all the ghouls and goblins on their traditionally family friendly park.  Charlie Brown himself invited us down to check out the park and I’ve returned with a trip report for,

The “Godfather of Gore” Herschell Gordon Lewis Has Passed Away at Age 87
Written by Chris Savage, September 26, 2016
Man, this never gets any easier to do. It is with a deeply heavy heart that we report on the passing of the “Godfather of Gore” Herschell Gordon Lewis, who passed away last night at the age of 87. James Saito recently took to the official Herschell Gordon Lewis Facebook page to report the sad news in the

Michael Gross Says ‘Tremors 6’ is Happening
Written by Jason McDonald, September 22, 2016
There’s been a lot of talk lately about “Tremors” and how Kevin Bacon was going to be starring in a new series set to premiere on Amazon.  And while I’m very excited for that, there’s one inescapable question that we’ve all been wondering: What about Burt Gummer? We still don’t know if he’ll appear in

New ‘Re-Animator’ Film is More Remake than Sequel
Written by Jason McDonald, September 20, 2016
Over the weekend some news broke about the upcoming “Re-Animator” film titled “Re-Animator: Evolution.” The news got some people stirring as it sounded like the new film was going to be a remake of the original.  However, that’s not entirely the case. Sort of. The guys at That’s Not Current have been on this thing

New Official Photos from ‘Phantasm: Ravager’
Written by Chris Savage, September 19, 2016
It’s almost here, guys. Don Coscarelli’s Phantasm: Ravager is set to hit limited theatres this October 7th via Well Go USA, and with that date looming ever closer, we have scored a slew of official photos from the film, one of which features The Tall Man (Angus Scrimm), and you can check them out below. Also,