STAR [Space Traveling Alien Reject] (Review)
Written by Chris Savage, March 8, 2017
Adam R. Steigert is certainly no stranger to us especially with his previous films A Grim Becoming and Not Human (Ombis: Alien Invasion), but his latest project, STAR [Space Traveling Alien Reject] may just be his most ambitious work to date. And with limited funding, it was always going to be hard to put his vision to

In a Lonely Place [Review]
Written by Chris Savage, March 6, 2017
I’m sure Davide Montecchi’s In a Lonely Place will divide a few of you, and as I’m writing this I’m still trying to process my head around this one. In a Lonely Place is without question a beautifully shot film, it has this sort of melancholy enchantment about it and it simply draws you in. It’s

Adam K [Review]
Written by Chris Savage, March 2, 2017
Joston Theney is certainly no stranger around these parts especially with his slasher flicks Axeman and Axeman 2: Overkill, but what brings his name to our attention today is his latest offering, Adam K. It’s a little different from his previous efforts as it comes off more as a thriller, but it still has that slasher vibe

[Review] ‘Get Out’ is an Amazing Blend of Horror and Comedy
Written by Jason McDonald, February 25, 2017
I remember the day when it was announced that “Key and Peele” star Jordan Peele was making his feature length directorial debut with a horror movie.  I was legitimately excited to learn that Peele was a big fan of horror and that he had as much interest in it as he did comedy.  It just

[Review] ‘Rings’ Has Lost Its Luster
Written by Jason McDonald, February 8, 2017
It’s been over 12 years since the world last had to deal with the threat of Samara and her cursed video.  And while her legacy seemed to grow and continue in Japan, she was seemingly all but forgotten here in the states.  But now Samara is back with a vengeance, but will she receive a

[Review] ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ Stumbles into the Sunset
Written by Jason McDonald, January 29, 2017
I think it’s only fair that I preface this review by saying I grew up as a huge fan of the Resident Evil games.  I played the hell out of them in my younger years and when I heard they were turning it into a movie I was beyond excited.  Being a Junior in high

Capture Kill Release [Review]
Written by Chris Savage, January 2, 2017
There was a time when I absolutely loved the found footage sub-genre, I just couldn’t get enough of it. I would search high and low for the latest films, but quickly that love started to turn into loathing, as everyone and their uncle were making found footage films and they were all the same. Someone

The Autopsy of Jane Doe [Review]
Written by Simon Rother, December 17, 2016
Just like John Smith, Jane Doe is the generic name for an unknown female or when giving an example of an individual. Jane Doe finally reveals her cold, lifeless visage in “The Autopsy of Jane Doe”, and it was well worth the wait. Tommy Tilden (the excellent Brian Cox; “The Ring”, “Troy”, “Braveheart”) and his

[Horror Short Review] Agatha
Written by Chris Savage, December 16, 2016
We’ve seen our fair share of shorts around these parts, and we’re always on the look-out for more. Some hit the brief and others fall flat, and then there are some that leave you so intrigued that you just crave more and more, such is the case with Timothy Vandenberg’s latest short Agatha. The film comes in at

Hellbilly (2003) [Review]
Written by Chris Savage, December 14, 2016
I’ve been on a slasher-fest as of late and in doing so I’ve been on the look out for some more obscure, lesser known flicks. In doing so, veteran director Massimiliano Cerchi gave me the opportunity to watch his lost horror film Hellbilly, a film which is now available on various VOD platforms including Amazon Instant.

Insane (2015) [Review]
Written by Chris Savage, December 5, 2016
Clowns and horror films go together like cheese and pickle or peanut butter and jelly for those of you in the States. Clowns are creepy, they’ll draw you in with their fun little antics, and before you know what’s going on, that sucker has plucked your eyeballs out! Now, of course, not every clown is out to

Meathook Massacre II [Review]
Written by Chris Savage, November 30, 2016
Dustin Ferguson is certainly no stranger to low-budget shock cinema, as he has pretty much made an entire career out of it, while creating his only little niche, and while a lot of his work isn’t going to be for everyone, he still manages to create something entertaining. Enter his latest flick, Meathook Massacre II,

The Dark Tapes [Requiem FearFest Review]
Written by Simon Rother, November 1, 2016
The last film I viewed at the first edition of Montreal’s Requiem FearFest was a horror anthology of found footage films, interlocking storywise, entitled “The Dark Tapes,” written by and co-directed by Michael McQuown, who had written “The Perfect Man” in the past, and was directing his first motion picture. Tape # 1 is entitled

Blood Hunters [Requiem FearFest Review]
Written by Simon Rother, November 1, 2016
When you’re a single mother and you wake up in a medical facility, 9 months pregnant (and you weren’t, up to your last memory), surrounded by dead bodies, that is certainly a rude awakening. Thus is the premise in Corey Brown’s “Blood Hunters,” (aka “One Drop”) directed by Tricia Lee, which was presented at Montreal’s

Night of Something Strange [Requiem FearFest Review]
Written by Simon Rother, November 1, 2016
The Requiem FearFest is a brand new horror movie-related festival in Montreal. It took place on October 29th and 30th on the 7th floor of the Alt Hotel. It featured numerous movies presented among 3 separate rooms; panel talks with actors of the movie world; vendors who exposed movies, posters, and various horror memorabilia for

[Horror Short Review] Cindy Maples’ Out of my Mind
Written by Chris Savage, October 27, 2016
Cindy Maples first caught our eye with her stellar short, Random, and since then we’ve been keeping a close eye on her for her next directorial effort, and again, she has delivered an interesting and engaging tale. The short is titled Out of my Mind, which stars Rusty James, the duo previously collaborated together on Maples’ earlier short,

[Review] ‘Ouija: Origin of Evil’ is the Rare Case Where the Sequel Outshines the Original
Written by Jason McDonald, October 24, 2016
Ask me anything about 2014’s “Ouija” film and the most I could probably tell you is that it starred the young girl from “Bates Motel.”  And that it was mostly forgettable if not a little dull to watch.  But the film did well at the box office, so it wasn’t too surprising that it got

[Review] Criterion Edition of ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ is a Must for Guillermo del Toro Fans
Written by Jason McDonald, October 18, 2016
Guillermo del Toro’s body of work is one of the few collections of films where I feel hard pressed to think of one I don’t like.  It’s equally challenging to think of one that stands out as my favorite.  However, among the ones that I would consider, I know for certain that “Pan’s Labyrinth” would be among my top contenders for

Killbillies [Review]
Written by Chris Savage, October 8, 2016
We’ve had a slew of backwoods horror films and the like, most notably The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes. And for what ever reason, we just can’t get enough of them. Just look at the Wrong Turn series for example, how many sequels are there now? Anyway, I think we have

Good Tidings (2016) [Review]
Written by Chris Savage, October 6, 2016
I think we can all agree, Christmas horror flicks are awesome! We’ve seen a load though, from your average creepy Santa Claus, all the way to a demonic snowman, there’s pretty much something for everyone. Hell, even Bill Goldberg got in on the whole Christmas killing thing with the much overlooked Santa’s Slay. So yeah, festive