Harvest Lake [Review]
Written by Chris Savage, May 6, 2016
Scott Schirmer has been on the scene since the early 2000’s, but it was his film Found that got me hooked. Since then I’ve been following him meticulously and I’m happy to say that he has continued to carve a nice little niche for himself. His latest flick, Harvest Lake, which is available right now

[Short Film Review] ‘Heir’
Written by Chris Savage, April 23, 2016
We here have been following Richard Powell’s Heir for as long as we can remember, as the short film comes from Fatal Pictures, who certainly have an eye for all things horror. So, when we got the opportunity to check out the fourth short from Fatal Pictures, we jumped at the chance. Now, as Heir is

[Review] ‘Hush’ Puts a New Twist on Slasher Tropes
Written by Jason McDonald, April 18, 2016
Normally when a new horror film makes its debut at a festival we have to wait months or even years (in the case of the “Green Infernos”) before we can see it.  However, this time around we didn’t have too long to wait.  Even before it’s debut at SXSW Netflix announced that it would release

[Review] ‘Baskin’ is Creepy as Hell But Not Without Sin
Written by Jason McDonald, April 7, 2016
I’ve seen a few foreign horror movies in my time, but “Baskin” is my first introduction into the realm of Turkish horrors.  And when you throw something at me that is labeled as “Turkish horror”, I start imagining some pretty horrific stuff.  But, for better or worse, “Baskin” has managed to shape my expectations for Turkish

[Review] ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ is a Thrilling Claustrophobic Experience
Written by Jason McDonald, March 12, 2016
“10 Cloverfield Lane” may have had one of the most surprising advertising campaigns in recent memory.  I still remember the night when word started to get around that a mysterious new trailer suddenly dropped without any fanfare and that it carried the name “Cloverfield” with it.  It was exciting and I immediately got swept up

[Review] ‘The Corpse of Anna Fritz’ Tells a Disturbing Tale
Written by Jason McDonald, March 10, 2016
There have been plenty of films over the years that have explored the idea of what it means to be famous.  However, where most of those films deal with the cost of obtaining fame and keeping it, “The Corpse of Anna Fritz” starts where the story normally ends: with a death. “The Corpse of Anna

[Review] ‘You’re Killing Me’ Has a Lot of Heart and Blood
Written by Jason McDonald, March 7, 2016
The beauty of our new digital age is that we can reach out and touch people all over the world.  I know I’ve met people thanks to my internet excursions that I never would have in my day-to-day life.  This has changed the way we make friends, date, and hook up with people.  However, the increased

[Review] ‘Intruders’ Invades Your Home on DVD
Written by Jason McDonald, March 1, 2016
Released earlier this year in theaters and VOD “Intruders” is finally making it’s way home on DVD today.  This home invasion thriller puts an interesting spin on the old formula, but will it be enough to welcome it into your home? The Movie: “Intruders” comes by way of director Adam Schindler who makes his feature

‘The Walking Dead: Michonne’ Review
Written by Jason McDonald, February 28, 2016
Telltale returns to “The Walking Dead” well once again with a new game based on the hugely successful “Walking Dead” franchise.  This time Telltale is leaving behind their original take on the series and instead exploring an established fan-favorite character.  Does this third trip to the well produce some refreshing water or have things gotten

[Review] ‘The Witch’ Will Put a Spell on You
Written by Jason McDonald, February 20, 2016
Over the course of last year “The Witch” managed to build up a good deal of critical momentum as the film garnered rave reviews and praise from horror fans while it played in festivals.  Now it’s finally out in theaters and it’s time to see if “The Witch” was worth the wait. In “The Witch”

[Review] Southbound is a Thrilling Journey into Hell
Written by Jason McDonald, February 4, 2016
I have to admit that I was feeling a lot of conflicting emotions when I started up “Southbound.”  The premise got my interest and the trailer was very promising, but this was from the same people who brought us “V/H/S/” and “V/H/S 2.”  Both were rather divisive films and I, unfortunately, fell into the camp

[Review] Grandpa’s Psycho
Written by Chris Savage, January 29, 2016
Upon reading the title of Danny LeGare’s Grandpa’s Psycho, a film that I never even knew existed, I instantly thought it was going to be a horror comedy about a crazy grandpa pissed off at the world while slaying people as he rode down on his mobility scooter. But, what I got was a dark and gritty

[Review] X-Files Has Made Me a Believer Again
Written by Jason McDonald, January 25, 2016
When Fox announced that they were reviving the “X-Files” I had two very strong reactions.  The initial one was obviously excitement.  I grew up on the “X-Files” and was eager to dive back into the world once again.  But then the second reaction began to set in: I started to dread this new season.  Despite

[Review] Resident Evil 0 Returns In a Shiny New Package
Written by Jason McDonald, January 19, 2016
A year after releasing the remastered version of “Resident Evil” Capcom has polished up another classic “Resident Evil” title for modern devices. “Resident Evil 0” is a touched up version of the Gamecube game of the same name, but is this game just a pretty picture or is their more substance to it than that? “Resident Evil 0”

[Review] The Abandoned Aims High But Falls Short
Written by Jason McDonald, January 5, 2016
“The Abandoned” had it’s world premiere last year, but if you were like me and didn’t get to see very many film festivals in 2015, then you probably missed out on it.  Thankfully, IFC picked up the film and on January 8th it’ll be getting put into select theaters on VOD.  Will this isolated horror

First Official Clip from the ‘Martyrs’ Remake
Written by Chris Savage, December 15, 2015
It finally happened yesterday, the first trailer (see below) for Kevin and Michael Goetz’ remake of Martyrs hit and many of you voiced your opinions, and today we have even more footage for you guys to gaze upon. That is, if you’re intrigued at all. You know, I’m curious, so I’ll be checking this out regardless.

[Review] Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance
Written by Chris Savage, December 8, 2015
Well, who’d have thought it, eh? A sequel to the infamous 1991 flick Samurai Cop, a film that was so bad it was good. A film which starred the late Robert Z’Dar, and one that people are still talking about to this day, some near 25 years later. Samurai Cop was an absolute blast, it

[Review] Eli Roth’s ‘South of Hell’ is Bland TV
Written by Jason McDonald, November 30, 2015
This past Friday WeTV jumped into the horror pool with their new show “South of Hell.”  In an interesting move the network ran a marathon of the entire season on Friday. So if you were interested in binge watching the whole thing, you could.  Whether or not that’d be a good idea, though, is a

Fallout 4 PS4 Review- Into the Wasteland Once More
Written by Jason McDonald, November 9, 2015
It’s been five years since the last time a lone wanderer ventured out into the wasteland and left their mark on the future of humanity. The “Fallout” series is back with “Fallout 4” and this time we’re heading to Boston to explore the Bean Town wasteland.  Is this sequel prepared to survive in a new

‘The Gift’ Blu-Ray Review- A Tight and Uncomfortable Thriller
Written by Jason McDonald, November 4, 2015
Full disclosure: Universal sent me a copy of “The Gift” on blu-ray and, while it’s not horror, I thought it’d be worth reviewing for the site anyways.  I tend to think that horror fans enjoy good thrillers as well and I was really impressed with what “The Gift” had to offer. The Movie: “The Gift”