First Look at Thomas Negovan’s Creature Feature Short ‘Aurora’
Written by Chris Savage, October 16, 2017
From Thomas Negovan and Aaron Shaps comes their short film, Aurora, a film which takes a look at the first documented UFO crash in American history, the April 17, 1897, crash in Aurora, Texas. But, these guys are going one step further with the popular conspiracy that German scientists developed an antigravity engine in the 1940s and suggesting that it’s connected

Deadly Damsel [Short Film Review]
Written by Chris Savage, October 4, 2017
There are so many talented individuals in the indie scene that I have my eye on and two of them just so happen to be involved in this little title, Deadly Damsel. First is writer/director Ryan McCurdy who first caught my eye with his excellent short Misread, a sort of thriller which keeps you on

The Dog Walker [Horror Short Review]
Written by Chris Savage, September 6, 2017
Our friends from over the pond; Slumberjack Entertainment, are doing a ton of fun stuff, ranging from their zombie web-series all the way to their crazy slasher short film, The Quacky Slasher. Now, Peter Mckeirnon and his team have completed yet another short film and it’s their quickest turn around on any one of their projects to

[Horror Short Review] The Quacky Slasher
Written by Chris Savage, August 16, 2017
Well, as someone who is always on the lookout for something different and unique, I see a variety of varying pieces, and I have to say that a guy in a duck mask slashing the throats of many was certainly something I never expected and certainly hearing the killer lyrics, “Quack, Quack, You’re Dead” just

SRS Cinema Delves into Todd Sheets’ Early Work with ‘Sheets of Gore’
Written by Chris Savage, August 5, 2017
If you love gore, then you’re probably quite familiar with the work of one Todd Sheets. The dude made a slew of films that were shot-on-video in the 90s, and each one was filled to the brim with the red stuff, with such films as Zombie Bloodbath and Violent New Breed, that helped satisfy that lust

[Video] War is Hell in Neill Blomkamp’s Latest Short ‘Firebase’
Written by Chris Savage, June 29, 2017
Over the past month or so, Neill Blomkamp’s Oats Studios have truly delivered the goods and better yet, they’re entirely free to view! But what makes it even more interesting is that they’re experimenting with a new model in which they’re releasing content on Steam with the option to purchase a DLC. The DLC section

[Video] Neill Blomkamp’s First Shorts from Oats Studios Have Arrived and They’re Awesome!
Written by Chris Savage, June 22, 2017
A little while back we learned that Neill Blomkamp was starting his own production company that would primarily focus on short films while being a platform to experiment with a slew of ideas which may be of interest to you. The idea is that this could be a platform to turn these ideas into something much bigger,

[Faux Trailer] This Masked Killer in ‘Canada Day’ Will Help You Celebrate in Style
Written by Chris Savage, June 16, 2017
Oh, Kyle Martellacci, you absolute legend! Kyle has been creating short horror movies and trailers for several years now with his independent film production company, Red Razor Pictures. He truly has found his calling as he always delivers something exciting to watch, but his latest, which is a faux trailer for the slasher film Canada

The Official Trailer for ‘The Quacky Slasher’ Has Arrived to Ruffle Some Feathers
Written by Chris Savage, June 6, 2017
It’s no secret, I absolutely love Willard Huyck’s Howard the Duck, maybe view it as the worst film ever but I just have a complete and utter soft spot for the film. But, it does get me thinking sometimes, if I was Howard and I landed on some alien planet, I’m pretty sure I’d go a

New Trailer Has Arrived for “Volume 1” of Neill Blomkamp’s Awesome Experimental Shorts
Written by Chris Savage, June 6, 2017
While it appears that we may never see Neill Blomkamp’s Alien sequel, he isn’t just about to rest on his laurels, instead he is keeping extremely busy with his latest venture Oats Studios. His very own studio will allow Blomkamp to play around with a slew of experimental shorts which could in turn be adapted into feature

[Video] Audi Gives Us a Taste of ‘Alien: Covenant’ with Their Awesome Product Placement
Written by Chris Savage, May 9, 2017
You all know Alien: Covenant is hitting theatres this May 19th, and I’m pretty sure many of you already have your tickets booked, but with just over a week until the film hits, we have some new footage for you from an unlikely source. It appears as though Audi have designed an exclusive moonrover, the lunar Quattro,

‘Dead Air’ Unleashes Gremlins on a Plane
Written by Chris Savage, April 29, 2017
We are always on the look-out for an intriguing short film to share with you guys, and thanks to Avery, he has spotted one which he thinks we will love, and so far we do. The upcoming short film is titled Dead Air, and the team are seeking funds to help bring this to life

[Video] Dead Town : Episode 3 – ‘Once in a Lifetime’
Written by Chris Savage, February 13, 2017
And here it is, the season finale of Peter Mckeirnon’s Dead Town has arrived, and it’s just as fun as the previous episodes while leaving it open to continue. I won’t go into details, I’ll let you guys check it out for yourselves, although I’ve had a ton of fun with this little web-series, but I’m sad to

‘Attack of the Cyber Octopuses’ Goes Old School
Written by Chris Savage, January 20, 2017
Over the past few years old school has become the new school as many filmmakers have embraced the look, feel and techniques used in the eighties and earlier. Just look at David Sandberg’s Kung Fury, and how he managed to encapsulate the eighties in his awesome short, or the stellar Australian TV series Danger 5, from

There’s Fowl Play to Be Had with ‘The Quacky Slasher’
Written by Chris Savage, January 11, 2017
I often think, “Do I have a duck fetish?” Ever since I watched Willard Huyck’s Howard the Duck all those years ago, I’ve been obsessed, I think I might just be the biggest fan of the movie or maybe even the only fan? Either way, I took to that film like a duck takes to water,

9 Awesome Christmas Themed Short Horror Films You Must See!
Written by Chris Savage, December 22, 2016
**[UPDATE]** As more and more Christmas themed shorts are created, I’ll be growing this list with the best that I can find, so enjoy and check out the festive mayhem below! I’m pretty sure you guys have seen every single Christmas-themed horror movie known to man, and let’s be honest, you can only watch the same

Eve of the Nutcracker [Horror Short]
Written by Chris Savage, December 21, 2016
Being that Christmas is almost upon us, I think it’s time we get into the festive spirit, but I think we could use a little help, you know, to gets things really sinister. Thankfully our good friend Kyle Martellacci is treating us with a little festive terror. Below, for your viewing enjoyment, we have his latest

[Horror Short Review] Agatha
Written by Chris Savage, December 16, 2016
We’ve seen our fair share of shorts around these parts, and we’re always on the look-out for more. Some hit the brief and others fall flat, and then there are some that leave you so intrigued that you just crave more and more, such is the case with Timothy Vandenberg’s latest short Agatha. The film comes in at

Candy Skin [Horror Short Review]
Written by Chris Savage, November 4, 2016
What is it with body horror and Canadians doing it so freakin’ well? You know, it really all boils down to the master, and that is David Cronenberg, and thanks to him we have a slew of works inspired by the man to help salivate our craving for body horror. And speaking of which, we

[Video] Sneak Peek Look at ‘Linnea & Lacey: Millennial Witches’
Written by Chris Savage, November 1, 2016
From Linnea Sage, known for her voice work in Marvel’s Avengers Academy game (Nebula and Agent 13) comes her upcoming horror-comedy series, Linnea & Lacey: Millennial Witches, and we’ve scored a sneak peek look to give you a little taste of what to expect. The series is described as a profusion of Clueless and The Craft, which features Linnea