Horror Short Films

[Video] Its the Ultimate Mash-up – Halloween vs Battle Royale
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 538 days ago.
So Halloween has technically ended, that means absolute squat around these parts, we party like its Halloween 24/7! So what’s next on tap for you horror junkies? How about if we lived in a world where the girls from Battle Royale starred in Halloween instead of Jamie Lee Curtis? Yeah, I know, but just imagine, [...]

Watch Eric England’s Trick or Treater: Part II Inside
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 542 days ago.
Eric England has returned for another year of Halloween goodness with the follow-up to last years Trick or Treater. Lets just say this time around things get a little bitey. Head on down below and watch the massacre unfold, this is truly awesome, please share this sucker so all your horror friends can witness the [...]

New Images From The House That Cried Blood
Posted by Goon | Posted 545 days ago.
A week ago we told you about a little short called The House That Cried Blood that is coming out shortly. Today we got two new images from the film to show you guys below. The film was written and directed by Frank Sabatella (Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet) and produced by Frank Mosca of [...]

Watch The Green Ruby Pumpkin Short Now
Posted by Goon | Posted 548 days ago.
Miguel Ortega and Tran Ma have put together a fantastic little short film that perfectly captures the mood of Halloween. This short came to my attention when AITH posted it on their site. The entire thing was mainly done by two guys. The entire project was rendered on 7 computers, Running Maya for 3D, Mudbox for [...]

The House That Cried Blood Short Coming Soon
Posted by Goon | Posted 552 days ago.
New York City-based genre production company, Sideshow Pictures, has announced their second annual Halloween short film, The House That Cried Blood. The film was written and directed by Frank Sabatella (Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet) and produced by Frank Mosca of Harrington Talents. A classic haunted house tale with a mix of scares [...]

Damien Leone Working on Full Length The 9th Circle
Posted by Goon | Posted 562 days ago.
Director Damien Leone is someone you should be keeping a close eye on. His short film Terrifier is amazing and his aesthetic is right up any old school horror fans alley. His films have very distinct ’70s horror vibe along with some truly bad ass music as well. His first short I mentioned above is [...]

Paramount Acquires the Sci-fi/Horror Short ‘Vessel’ for a Feature Film
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 568 days ago.
I’m pretty sure many of you have seen Clark Baker’s stellar sci-fi horror short floating around the Internet, if not? Well, head on down below as we have it for you again, see, we are nice like that. Once you’ve checked it out, you might be pleased to know that the short has now been acquired for [...]

Official Trailer for the Horror Short ‘Creepy Crawly’
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 568 days ago.
We here have been following Robert J. Massetti and Jason Daly’s upcoming creature feature, Creepy Crawly for quite some time now. We have shown a poster or two, had a little bit of casting news and now today the official trailer has come in for the short. Care to take a look? The short star’s Cyndi Crotts, Scott [...]

Justin Lin Launches an Online Anthology Series ‘Silent Terror’
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 575 days ago.
What with Halloween lurking around the corner, be prepared for a slew of awesome genre content. This is the season to get your horror groove on, and with all the projects on the horizon, it appears as if a very awesome anthology series is making its way to the land of YouTube, read on for [...]

Lionsgate is Tempted by a ‘Lovely Monster’
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 595 days ago.
Lionsgate has often picked up some stellar work in the past, but they have also picked up a few bad eggs which can leave a nasty taste in your mouth, perhaps this latest could be one of the better ones. According to Variety, Lionsgate is currently in negotiations to acquire Francesco Calabrese’s well-received horror short Lovely [...]

UK’s Horror Channel Announces FrightFest 2012 International Short Film Lineup
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 643 days ago.
Its almost that time of year again where horror invades London via the ever awesome film festival FrightFest. And the lineup is shaping up to be absolutely killer, what with screenings of the Soska sisters’ American Mary, V/H/S, [REC] 3 and the Cabal Cut of Nightbreed just to name a small fraction. This is one [...]

Teaser Trailer for the Horror Short ‘Seed’
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 668 days ago.
Tyson Wade Johnston is back with ever more short horror madness. Johnson who gave us the pretty awesome short Exist, is back with more for us and we have the teaser trailer for his latest below. Seed is set in the “year 2071, where technology has brought mankind to the brink of colonization on a [...]

Will Dunn to Adapt Post-Apocalypse Short ‘Rosa’
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 674 days ago.
Last year, Jesus Orellana unleashed a post-apocalyptic sci-fi short on the festival world and it exploded into a global phenomenon. Initially, Orellana made the short with the intentions of creating a feature film, and now it looks like that will happen and then some. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Will Dunn has been attached to write [...]

Matt Westrup’s The Gate Becomes a Feature-Length Film
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 680 days ago.
No wonder Matt Westrup’s short The Gate, was named one of 2011′s best short films, it looks stunning and definitely has me intrigued. But it also looks like Wayfare Entertainment has seen potential, as the short is set to for a feature-length version. According to Deadline, Wayfare Entertainment has acquired the rights to produce and finance a [...]

The Mechanical Grave Makes its Way to DVD
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 684 days ago.
In the short time between our last post on The Mechanical Grave and this one, it appears as if they have got 15-minute short film onto DVD and we have all the information about this truly unique horror extravaganza, read on for all the details. From the Press Release: “Highland Myst Entertainment and Wolfclan Productions have recently [...]

Watch the Fantastic Horror Short – The Darkness
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 684 days ago.
I’ve seen absolutely hundreds of horror shorts and each one is unique in their own way, but I don’t think I’ve seen one quite as unique as EKP Pictures’ short film The Darkness. Its a truly stunning short with fantastic visuals and enough gore and disturbing images to keep even the most hardened gore fanatics [...]

Summer of the Zombies Horror Short Film
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 691 days ago.
I love horror shorts and I love zombie films so when you combine the two you have a pretty good shot at pleasing my horror bone. Its one thing to combine the two however and its quite another to deliver a unique and entertaining cinematic experience. Summer of the Zombies is witty, fun, well thought [...]

Watch the Stunning Short – Metro: Last Light
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 700 days ago.
What you’re about to watch is simply breathtaking, so please, brace yourselves. Below we have the live action short film which is entitled Metro: Last Light. This is of course based off of the original novel, but also from the upcoming sequel of the same name. Now I love me some shorts, but this is [...]

The Raid: Ultra-Violent Claymation Version!
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 712 days ago.
I still haven’t witnessed Gareth Evans’ The Raid, although it does look like all sorts of bad-ass. Without giving away any spoilers for those who haven’t seen it. Claymation extraordinaire Lee Hardcastle, has returned with yet more clay madness with his rendition of The Raid. Lets just say, two words, ultra-violence! Go check it out below [...]

Sunday Terror: Watch Four Little Slices of Death
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 719 days ago.
I’m sure you guys love horror shorts as much as I do, they’re simply amazing, nice little chunks of horror that get straight to the point, or in some cases leave you scratching your head wondering as to what you just witnessed. Well, below courtesy of AICN, we have four horror shorts for you guys [...]

Rudy Gold’s Horror Short VHS 1987
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 722 days ago.
I miss the days of the VHS, even the somewhat annoying habit of having to keep pressing the ‘tracking’ button to try and get a decent picture, or even blowing inside the machine itself to get and get that sucker up and running. But even though there was hassle, I enjoyed it, it was all [...]

Drew Daywalt’s Kart Driver Teaser Trailer – Donkey Kong Has Gone Ape!
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 722 days ago.
Drew Daywalt, as soon as you read that name, you know you’re about to watch something pretty damn awesome, I mean, this is off the chart of awesomeness. I’m a huge fan of Super Mario and Donkey Kong and Drew Daywalt has basically created the ultimate video, I want a feature, stat! Forget the Super [...]

Apocalypse Pizza Short Film
Posted by Herner Klenthur | Posted 724 days ago.
I love short films and Apocalypse Pizza can be summed up with one easy word… AWESOME. Apocalypse Pizza can be best summed up as Blockbuster meets Pizza Pizza meets Zombieland. While Hollywood is busy churning out remakes and half baked sequels once again the indie filmmakers are being creative and creating content, all be it [...]

First Photos From Drew Daywalt’s Latest Shorts
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 731 days ago.
Drew Daywalt has reignited his Daywalt Fear Factory shingle and with that we have two new intriguing horror shorts on the way, and lets just say they look awesome. Love practical effects? You’re going to love this! From the Press Release: “Smoke plumes are once again rising from the long dormant Daywalt Fear Factory. With two new [...]

Watch Bill Oberst Jr.’s Werewolf Short The Beast
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 737 days ago.
Let it be known that Bill Oberst Jr. is the freaking man, and Peter Dukes’ fully engaging werewolf short The Beast is no exception to his outstanding talents. I’ve been babbling on for a while that I want more werewolf flicks and thanks to Dukes, we have an exceptional short and you can watch it [...]

Scared of Spiders? These Two Shorts Won’t Help Matters
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 739 days ago.
Most spiders maybe innocent, but that doesn’t stop many of us jumping a mile when we witness one crawling next to us, or dangling from the ceiling. Those spiders are nothing compared to two giant ones I’m about to show you, and lets just say, you’re going to need a bigger cup to trap these [...]