Watch Award Winning Horror Short ‘The Sleepover’

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Who doesn’t love when we have some new horror to watch, even if it’s short.  From up and comer Chris Cullari comes THE SLEEPOVER.  It stars Josh Feldman (the flashback boy of Patrick Wilson’s character in Insidious) and Kristine Blackburn.  This is the story of a small town with a dark secret.  Everyone knows how to avoid it, however, the new kid isn’t told about it.  While this is a rather short short film, coming in at just about 5 minutes, director Cullari said that it’s an idea that he would one day like to expand on.  Now, critics didn’t let the short time come in the way of enjoying this as it won multiple awards including: Best Horror Short runner up at Fantastic Fest; Best Super Short at Shriekfest and Palm d’Gore at Knoxville Horror Film Fest (I love that name).

The director’s proudest moment for this flick was when it was picked as the Vimeo Lionsgate/Cabin in the Woods Short Film award.  It’s being featured on Vimeo and the link will be at the bottom of this post.

Given it’s 5 minutes I really can’t tell you much about it without giving the whole thing away, however…IT’S AMAZING.  Chris Cullari takes a simple fear and turns it into this tongue in cheek world that I would love to live in.  Just what this town accepts as reality is so awesome.  I’m literally all smiles having just finished it.  I will say the acting is spot on.  The boys act just like boys their age do.  Everything about this movie screams watch it again and again and of course, show your friends.

I personally love this short, look forward to Cullari’s work in the future and am grateful he shared this with us.  Congratulations! Enjoy:

5 / 5 stars     

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      1. taralundrigan May 16, 2013 at 7:03 pm

        I had no idea what to expect, basically just skimmed through your review. WOW! What a cute, well done story. The ending took me by surprise for sure, but made me love it all the more.