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CCP Cancels World of Darkness
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 2 days ago.
In a world where MMOs are struggling to live long enough just to become “free-to-play”, its always a surprise to see another franchise attempt to enter the fray.  One such MMO was the long-gestating “World of Darkness” which was an online game based on the “Vampire: The Masquerade” series. “World of Darkness” was originally announced [...]

New Gameplay Trailer for ‘The Evil Within’
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 5 days ago.
With PAX East currently underway a few of the big game companies, and some smaller ones, have brought their wares to the annual convention/gathering.  One of which is “The Evil Within” from Shinji Mikami, the man who created “Resident Evil.”  Bethesda, who is releasing the game, has put out a new gameplay trailer for the [...]

Outlast DLC ‘Whistleblower’ Arrives Next Month
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 6 days ago.
If you’ve been waiting to dive back into the world of “Outlast” with their first DLC expansion, then you probably know that it’s been a scary-long wait.  ”Whistleblower”, the upcoming DLC expansion, was first announced way back around Halloween of last year.  And while I initially hoped we would be seeing it sooner rather than [...]

The Last of Us: Remastered Coming to PS4
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 6 days ago.
Surprisingly, there’s a sizeable segment of Playstation 4 owners who missed out on playing “The Last of Us” because they either didn’t own a PS3 or they ditched their old system in favor of a new one.  Sony is giving those individuals a chance to rectify their predicament by bringing the PS3 hit to the [...]

Nowhere to Hide from New Wolfenstein Trailer
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 7 days ago.
The return of the Third Reich is nearly upon us as Bethesda gets ready to release their new take on “Wolfenstein” on May 20th.  The company is currently slowly building up hype for the new game with a steady drip of new trailers and alternate reality content like a Nazi owned music company. The newest [...]

New Soma Trailer Reveals a Big Surprise
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 12 days ago.
A lot of news articles about the latest trailer for “Soma” have opted to reveal the surprising twist showcased in the video below.  However, I think its better if you see it first before you learn what the twist is.  The way Frictional Games reveals this particular secret is pretty clever and worth watching untainted. [...]

Release Date Finally Announced for Alien: Isolation
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 17 days ago.
Are you guys stoked for Alien: Isolation? We’ve been talking about it for long enough, but we can finally reveal that the game has an official release date locked in. So, pen and paper at the ready guys, this sucker is on the horizon. Alien: Isolation will hit Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Playstation [...]

Call of Duty: Ghosts Teases Predator Appearance
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 19 days ago.
When Michael Myers joined Activision’s “Call of Duty: Ghosts”, it seemed like a perplexing choice.  The world of slasher horror doesn’t really intersect too often with fully-armed military grunts.  As slick as Michael Myers is, he probably wouldn’t stand much of a chance against a guy with a futuristic grenade launcher. But perhaps Activision has [...]

Go Behind the Terror of Alien: Isolation
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 21 days ago.
The more I hear about “Alien: Isolation” the more I like.  Almost everything they’ve discussed sounds like the perfect “Alien” experience.  It’s all so good, that I’m starting to worry that it can’t possibly live up to the promise.  However, I’m attempting to remain cautiously optimistic.  I don’t want to build this game up too [...]

Bethesda Unveils $100 Collector’s Edition for Wolfenstein
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 21 days ago.
Here’s an interesting twist on an old favorite.  Video games receiving “collector edition” bundles are the norm now.  No one is particularly shocked when a publisher announces that you’ll be able to spend more money for some cool little trinkets or bonuses.  However, this may be the first time that a collector edition is being [...]

Own All Three Bioshock Games for $12 on the PC
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 21 days ago.
If you’ve heard the buzz surrounding the “Bioshock” games and have been looking for a way to jump into the series at a low price point, then this post is for you.  As long as you live in the US and enjoy playing games on the PC, you can purchase “Bioshock”, “Bioshock 2″, and “Bioshock: [...]

Ether One Game Review
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 23 days ago.
The mind is an inconceivably complex network of thoughts, emotions, memories, and other things that I can’t articulately explain.  I’m no brain scientist, yet, but I know the brain is super important.  And it really is terrifying just how susceptible to damage it is. Dementia, for example, can alter your memory and behavior and essentially [...]

The Last of Us Wins at GDC
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 26 days ago.
“The Last of Us” love train has rolled into the Game Developer Conference taking place this week in San Francisco, California.  Fresh off its victory at the BAFTA Game Awards, “The Last of Us” is continuing to receive praise from the industry. Naughty Dog’s recent venture into the survival/horror genre has taken home the “Game [...]

Get on a Train with Wolfenstein Gameplay Video
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 27 days ago.
Bethesda has released a new “gameplay” video for “Wolfenstein: The New Order.”  I put gameplay in quotes because there isn’t much actual gameplay to be seen in the video as its more of an interactive scene. However, you should still check it out as it does present a fairly intense moment from the game that’s [...]

The Forest Releases New Creepy Trailer
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 27 days ago.
The four man team of Endnight Games is drawing closer to the release of their upcoming game “The Forest” and to commemorate the announcement of an early access date, they’ve put out a brand new trailer. Admittedly, this is the first time I’m hearing about “The Forest”, but the trailer below was more than enough to [...]

Ether One Releases a Brain Bending Launch Trailer
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 29 days ago.
The complex and delicate nature of the mind has always unsettled me.  The mind is an infinitely powerful tool that can easily break if mishandled.  A knock to your head or the discharge of a particular synapse is all it takes to irrevocably change your life forever. Which is why I find “Ether One” to [...]

Horror Game ‘Home’ Heading to PS4 and Vita
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 29 days ago.
Yes, Home is a service/cesspool on the Playstation network that is filled with all sorts of horrors, but this isn’t that Home.  Instead, this is indie-horror game “Home” from developer Benjamin Rivers.  The game originally debuted as a PC game, but soon it’ll take up residence on a new platform. Via the Playstation Blog, Benjamin [...]

The Last of Us Sells 6 Million Copies
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 32 days ago.
It’s been a big couple of weeks for Naughty Dog’s latest game “The Last of Us.”  After releasing last year to rave reviews, it has gone on to become a financial and culture success.  The culmination of which came this week through a sales milestone and the acquisition of some prestigious awards. Over on Sony’s [...]

[Video] Go Behind-the-Scenes of Alien: Isolation
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 34 days ago.
After the disappointment that was Aliens: Colonial Marines, I nearly gave up on the game franchise. But then Alien: Isolation came along and damn! This sucker looks hot, and it may just be the Alien game that we have all be waiting for. So, make your way below and check out a new behind-the-scenes clip [...]

Telltale Releases New Trailer and Song for The Walking Dead
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 34 days ago.
Still coming to grips with the latest episode in Telltale’s “Walking Dead” game series? I won’t spoil anything if you haven’t seen it, but if you’re a fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead or good stories, you should really catch up with the game.  Bring the tissues, you’ll be needing them. However, if you have [...]

The Witcher 3 Pushed Back till 2015
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 35 days ago.
If you’re anxiously awaiting the release of CD Projekt Red’s next installment in the “Witcher” series, I have some bittersweet news for you.  It looks like you might be waiting just a bit longer before you can start slaying demons and romancing the ladies. CD Projekt Red announced today that their upcoming game “The Witcher [...]

Costume Quest 2 is in Development
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 36 days ago.
While the original “Costume Quest” may be the furthest thing from a “horror” game, it still holds a special place in the hearts of those that love the Halloween season.  ”Costume Quest” had the trappings of a simple RPG, but what made it stand out was the way it captured the feeling of being a [...]

SOMA Offers a Creepy Teaser
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 40 days ago.
“SOMA” won’t hit the PS4/PC until 2015, but that won’t stop Frictional Games from releasing a quick teaser to whet your horror game appetite. The video, which you can watch down below, is a brief tour of a dark and foreboding space station.  You won’t see anything in terms of gameplay, but the video gives [...]

Bethesda Working on Hardcover Art Book for Wolfenstein
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 40 days ago.
If you’re a fan of the long running game series “Wolfenstein”, you might be interested to know that Bethesda is teaming up with Dark Horse Comics to release a hardcover art book that explores the creation of the latest game “Wolfenstein: The New Order.” And Wolfenstein won’t be the only game getting the art book [...]

The Walking Dead Season 2: A House Divided Review
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 41 days ago.
Telltale’s “Walking Dead” has returned with another chapter in their action/adventure series.  The newest chapter is called “A House Divided” and it’s packed with shocking revelations, tense moments, and some dire choices.  But before we get to the actual review, I’m going to lay the ground work for how reviews will work for the series [...]

Release Date and Trailer for Walking Dead Season 2- Episode 2
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 48 days ago.
If you’ve been keeping up with Telltale’s “Walking Dead” series, then you’ll know that the last episode ended with a hell of a cliffhanger.  Now it looks like we’re finally about to get our next installment as “Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 2″ has been given a release date and a trailer. If you’re new [...]