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‘ZombiU’ is Coming to PS4, XBox One, and PC this August
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Remember Ubisoft’s last big entry on the Wii U? It was the zombie themed survival horror game “ZombiU.”  After the console underperformed and “ZombiU” failed to produce the big sales Ubisoft was hoping for the developer opted out of supporting the WiiU with any new original titles.  For those that actually really enjoyed “ZombiU”, this [...]

Activision Reveals Voice Cast for ‘Black Ops 3′ Zombies
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With the arrival of another “Call of Duty” game we’re, of course, getting a new iteration of the famous Zombie mode.  The previous Call of Duty released the zombie mode as a bit of DLC content, but it looks like Black Ops will be getting the mode on the disc. Here’s what developer Treyarch had to [...]

Tremor Arrives Next Week for Mortal Kombat X
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It really hasn’t been all that long since we got Predator in Mortal Kombat X, but the team at NetherRealm Studios is ready to unleash another kombatant on us.  Today they dropped a new video featuring the latest addition: Tremor. Tremor has had an interesting history in “Mortal Kombat”  the character was always intended to [...]

Five Nights at Freddy’s Comes Home with New Trailer and Release Date
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Infamous game series “Five Nights at Freddy’s” will be releasing its fourth iteration very soon and the latest title looks to be changing up the formula just a bit more than previous entries. Developer Scott Cawthon has released the first big trailer for the game, that you can watch below, and it reveals that the [...]

The Predator Joins Mortal Kombat- Check Out the Trailer Within
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Tomorrow the latest guest character joins the Mortal Kombat roster.  The Predator emerges from the shadows and throws his hat in the ring with the likes of Johnny Cage, Scorpion, Jason Voorhees, and more.  If you bought the season pass then the Predator will be available for free starting tomorrow. If you don’t own the [...]

DONTNOD Has Released a Concept Trailer for their New Game ‘Vampyr’
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DONTNOD is currently enjoying some critical success with their latest release “Life is Strange”, but they’re not waiting for that series to be done before teasing their new title.  The developer has released a new trailer that shows off the art style and a bit of the story for their new title “Vampyr.” Here’s a [...]

Gears of War 4 Debuts Gameplay Footage
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During Microsoft’s E3 conference developer The Coalition came out to talk about their upcoming remastered version of the original “Gears of War” and to debut their next game “Gears of War 4.” Not much is known about the story surrounding “Gears of War 4″, but it would seem that there is a new protagonist and [...]

Microsoft Announces New Survival Horror Game ‘ENKI’
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During Microsoft’s XBox conference today the publisher announced a new survival horror game from developer SOEDESCO.  The game is titled “ENKI” and is being touted as an evolving horror game with a multitude of endings.  Along with the announcement came a brief trailer that you can check out down below. Here’s how SOEDESCO described the [...]

Walking Dead’s Michonne Will Get Her Own Telltale Game
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E3 is fully in effect and the publishers have come out swinging with massive announcements, but smaller studios are also getting out there and making their own reveals.  While Microsoft was showcasing big Triple A titles, Telltale Games snuck out an announcement regarding a new game based on the Walking Dead series. The new game [...]

Bethesda Announces Fallout 4 Release Date
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Bethesda came out with guns blazing tonight as their E3 presentation dropped bomb after bomb.  After a strong Doom presentation and the reveal of “Dishonored 2″, the publisher went on to open up about one of their most anticipated games “Fallout 4.” The first major revelation about “Fallout 4″ is that the game will open [...]

Doom Gameplay Trailer is a Bloody Mess
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E3 is upon us and the announcements are flooding in through the doors, send help! The first big announcement out of the gate (that relates to our interests) was a gameplay trailer for Bethesda’s “Doom.”  During the presentation they showed footage of their upcoming “Doom” game that was originally showcased at Quakecon last year.  That [...]

Resident Evil 0 Remastered Gets a Trailer
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Just last month Capcom revealed that they were giving “Resident Evil 0″ the remastered treatment similar to what they did with “Resident Evil” last year.  And while the came isn’t due out till 2016, Capcom has gone ahead and released a new announcement trailer for the project. “Resident Evil 0″ is a prequel to the [...]

First Gameplay Trailer for Night Terrors Creeps In
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A little while ago we ushered in the news of a new mobile horror game. Now usually when we see a mobile horror game they’re pretty lame, right? Well, not Night Terrors, it’s an augmented reality survival horror game, and it puts you in the center of the game, by mapping out your home, your [...]

Sweet Tooth Joins the Rocket League on PS4
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It might be a while before we get to see another “Twisted Metal” game.  In fact, we may never get to see another traditional one given how that last game performed.  But the legacy will live on in one way or another. For example, this summer you’ll be able to play as Sweet Tooth in [...]

[Video] Jason Voorhees Goes One on One with Scorpion
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As you probably know by now you can take Jason Voorhees into the world of Mortal Kombat and find out for yourself how well the unstoppable killing machine would fare against the world’s deadliest Kombatants.  However, if the Kombatants took on Jason in the cinematic universe, how well would they do there? The guys at [...]

Fallout 4 Has Been Announced- Check Out the First Trailer
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Hype. Hype never changes. We’ve known/suspected for a long while now that Bethesda was working on “Fallout 4.”  However, somehow, the people working at the studio managed to keep a tight lip and we haven’t heard too much regarding the project… until today! After revealing an agonizing countdown clock yesterday Bethesda finally released the firs [...]

Tanya Coming to Mortal Kombat X This Week
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Are you still chipping away at “Mortal Kombat X”?  I admit, I haven’t really touched it much in the past few weeks, but I still pick it up when people want to throw down at home.  I’ve settled into the fact that I’ll never be great at Mortal Kombat, but I at least can take comfort [...]

XCOM 2 Reveal Trailer Shows the World in a Dire Place
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If you were the kind of person that played XCOM to the point that you had a perfect run through with minimal loss of life, you’ll be sad to hear that all of your efforts were in vain.  In XCOM 2 it looks like the Earth is under alien control. Picking up 20 years after [...]

Microsoft Squashes Silent Hill Rumor
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Ah, good ol’ “Silent Hills!” Giving us one last gasp of hope before finally letting out it’s final breath.  The other day a rumor began circulating around that Microsoft was looking into purchasing “Silent Hill” from Konami.  At  the time the rumor seemed a little farfetched, but it was exciting enough to get people to [...]

Sci-Fi Horror Game SOMA Releases 12 Minute Video and Release Date
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Frictional Games, the developer behind “Amnesia”, has finally given a release date for its new sci-fi horror game “SOMA” and to accompany the announcement they’ve released a twelve minute gameplay video. Something is happening in PATHOS-2. Communications have gone dark. Key personnel have gone missing or been declared dead in preceding weeks, and the machines [...]