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Dead Rising 3 Delivers a Treat (or Trick) with DLC Announcement
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 176 days ago.
If you’re going to trick or treat at Old Man Capcom’s house, this latest announcement will either leave you feeling like you just got a package of dental floss or a full-sized candy bar. In the spirit of Halloween, Capcom has released a special trailer for “Dead Rising 3″ which features the lead character in [...]

Outlast to Get New Story in Upcoming DLC
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 177 days ago.
Outlast, one of the most intense horror game of the year, will be inviting players to journey into the depths of Mount Massive once again, thanks to some new content coming our way. Developer Red Barrels has started work on a brand-new DLC package for Outlast that’ll contain a new protagonist and storyline that’ll further [...]

Telltale Reveals Trailer for The Walking Dead: Season Two
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 177 days ago.
After making a huge splash in the gaming community last year with their first Walking Dead game, many assumed that Telltale Games would release a second season sometime this year.  Ideally, around Halloween and the fourth season premiere of AMC’s “The Walking Dead.”  However, development surrounding the sequel has been relatively quiet. Just in time [...]

Activision Unveils Alien Menace in Call of Duty: Ghosts
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 178 days ago.
Ever since Treyarch introduced the, now legendary, “zombie mode” in World at War there’s always been a question of whether or not Infinity Ward would add a monster mode to their “Call of Duty” games. With the next generation of gaming nearly upon us, it would seem as if we finally have that answer. Activision [...]

New Alien Game to Star Ripley’s Daughter
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 178 days ago.
Despite the fact that “Alien: Colonial Marines” turned out to be a hot mess, it would appear as if someone believes there’s another game that can be mined out of that franchise.  Hopefully not as many miners will be lost in the process this time. According to Kotaku and their source, the next game in [...]

The Wolf Among Us Gets a Launch Trailer
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 197 days ago.
TellTale Games is back with another gritty and dark episodic adventure.  In this follow-up to their Walking Dead series, the team at TellTale is shifting their focus from zombies to famous literary characters in “The Wolf Among Us.” The first episode of the new series makes its debut this Friday for the XBox 360, PC, [...]

Experience Jaws in Text Adventure Format
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 217 days ago.
There have been a few attempts to bring Jaws into the realm of video games and none of them have been particularly well received.  Is the idea of turning “Jaws” into a video game an inherently flawed one? Playing as a killer shark sounds like a cool idea, so why hasn’t it worked? Perhaps previous [...]

New Gameplay Trailer for The Evil Within
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 219 days ago.
The latest trailer for “The Evil Within” features a few monsters, a lot of dead people, and a heavy dose of nostalgia.  I’m not sure if it’s simply the fact that I know Shinji Mikami is behind this, but the whole trailer just has a classic survival horror feel about it. For those that might [...]

Neverending Nightmares Kickstarter and Demo
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 220 days ago.
We’ve talked about Neverending Nightmares once before on this site and I thought I’d bring it up again because now they have a Kickstarter page up and running. Neverending Nightmares is a psychological horror game that deals with the effects of mental illness.  The game is presented in a style reminiscent of artist Edward Gorey [...]

Outlast Review
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 226 days ago.
“Outlast” is the sort of game that leaves you with a long-lasting impression.  Usually those impressions are hand imprints left in your armchair from gripping it too tightly.  Despite it’s bargain price, “Outlast” is chock full of big budget chills and thrills.  However, is this game simply using a tired horror formula or does it [...]

Asylum Jam is Challenging the Use of Mental Health in Horror
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 234 days ago.
A “jam”, in the world of videogames, is when a group of people gather together for a competition in which they must design and build a game within a certain amount of time.  While typically seen as an “indie” event, these jams often allow game developers from all levels of the community to come out [...]

XCOM: Enemy Within Releases a Trailer
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 234 days ago.
While the recent XCOM game, “The Bureau”, may not have fully lived up to expectations 2K Games is still supporting the original game that reignited the franchise. This November Firaxis is releasing an expansion to “XCOM: Enemy Unknown” entitled “Enemy Within.”  Not only does this expansion give you access to new missions, but it also [...]

New Teaser for Chucky Slash & Dash Game
Posted by Goon | Posted 235 days ago.
Awhile back there were plans to make what looked like an awesome Chucky video game. Unfortunately the funding did not come through and they had to abandon the project. Today however an announcement was made that a new game, Chucky Slash & Dash, will be coming to your ios and android devices from Slimstown Studios. [...]

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Review
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 238 days ago.
When XCOM made it’s grand return last year with “XCOM: Enemy Unknown”, it took everyone by surprise. The game was well received, sold well, and by the end of the year it landed on quite a few “Game of the Year” lists.  With the announcement of “The Bureau: XCOM Declassified”, there was a sense of [...]

Resident Evil Coming to Universal Orlando
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 239 days ago.
Today Universal Studios Orlando announced the final franchise to be featured at their upcoming Halloween Horror Nights event: Resident Evil.  And this isn’t a maze based on the movie franchise, no, “Resident Evil: Escape from Raccoon City” is based entirely on the video game series. Taking inspiration from Resident Evil 2 and 3, Universal will [...]

Watch Some Gameplay from U55 End of the Line
Posted by Goon | Posted 243 days ago.
While perusing Kickstarter for something to throw my money at I came across U55 End of the Line. A game that is using a lot of H.P. Lovecraft mythology mixed with modern day game mechanics like Occulus Rift. The gameplay footage that was provided is very interesting and is very reminiscent of Amnesia. In the [...]

Death Comes in Trailer for Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 245 days ago.
During Gamescom in Germany, Blizzard unveiled the first expansion pack for Diablo 3 entitled “Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls.”  During their presentation they also revealed what the first footage of the opening cinematic for the upcoming expansion.  You can check out the video below.  There’s a very brief gameplay video which showcases players raiding dungeons [...]

Reef Entertainment Acquires the Video Games Rights to The Terminator
Posted by Chris Savage | Posted 247 days ago.
Being a huge fan of the first two Terminator movies, I have always been awaiting the day for a new Terminator game based upon these two flicks. And well, I can’t believe it, the day has arrived as according to Variety, British gamemaker Reef Entertainment have acquired the licensing rights to make video games on [...]

Notch Built a Zombie Game in 7 Days
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 248 days ago.
Minecraft creator and all around interesting guy, Notch, participated in a recent Game Jam for first-person-shooters.  In a Game Jam, people are tasked with creating a functioning videogame within seven days.  Obviously these aren’t going to be high-end games, but it’s amazing to see what sort of creativity is inspired in people when they’re placed [...]

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Unleashes Final Trailer
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 248 days ago.
Tomorrow XCom fans will finally get their hands on the latest addition to the popular tactical-alien-killing game series.  ”The Bureau: XCOM Declassified” bucks the trend of progressing forward in the XCOM universe and instead goes back in time to examine the origins of the organization built to be humanity’s only defense against evil aliens. To [...]

Meet Your New Best Friend in Dead Rising 3
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 248 days ago.
The latest trailer for Capcom’s “Dead Rising 3″ is entirely CGI and features no gameplay, but it’s still pretty awesome.  I normally don’t put much stock into CGI trailers.  They don’t accurately represent the game and the action always looks way cooler than what you can actually do, but still, there’s no denying that this [...]

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs Sets a Release Date
Posted by Goon | Posted 251 days ago.
If you have ever played Amnesia you should be excited for the next game in the franchise, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. The original went viral after people began recording themselves playing it. I’ve tried to sit down and finish it but everytime I hear something in the dark corner.. Forget about it. The release [...]

Gameplay Footage for Zombie Game Dying Light
Posted by Ryan Sternfels | Posted 252 days ago.
There are very few zombie games I’ll play, mainly because there really aren’t many quality ones on the market.  I’ve played the ridiculously fun Left for Dead, the mildly disappointing sequel Left for Dead 2, Dead Rising made it so easy to kill zombies that the novelty quickly wore off and I rushed back to [...]

Capcom Essentials Pack Includes Resident Evil 6 and More
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 252 days ago.
If, for some reason, you’ve been holding off on buying Resident Evil 6, Dead Rising 2, Super Street Fighter IV, Devil May Cry 4, and Mega Man 10 on the off chance that they might be one day included in one big bundle then you’re some sort of super genius.  Or you work for Capcom. [...]

Who are the Monsters in the New Trailer for The Witcher 3
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 252 days ago.
In CD Projekt RED’s latest trailer for “The Witcher 3″, it would seem as if they want to remind players that Geralt (the protagonist of the game) exists in a world with various shades of gray. The trailer, which you can view below, doesn’t have any gameplay footage and is entirely CGI, but it does [...]

Resident Evil 7 Returning to its Roots
Posted by Goon | Posted 252 days ago.
If Resident Evil 6 didn’t impress you, good news. Capcom have heard your issues and are planning to return the game to its survival horror roots with Resident Evil 7. Even though the game sold about 5 million copies they had expected the game to hit 7 and have looked at several reviews and plan [...]