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Teaser Trailer for Killing Floor 2 is Metal
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Throw up your horns and bang your head! Now apologize to everyone around you for causing a scene.  Jeez, you’re embarrassing me here. Developer Tripwire has unleashed one of the first teaser trailers for their recently announced sequel “Killing Floor 2.”  The teaser, which you can view below, doesn’t offer too much footage of the [...]

Check out the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 3 Trailer
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So… If you haven’t played the previous games in Telltale’s “Walking Dead” series, you should probably avoid this post.  There will be spoilers ahead.  In fact, after this sentence the spoilers will begin.  Alright? I know I said it would be after that last sentence, but this time I really mean it. Looks like Clem [...]

A Sequel to Killing Floor is on the Way
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Tripwire announced today, through an exclusive reveal on PC Gamer, that they are moving forward with a sequel to their popular wave shooter “Killing Floor.” “Killing Floor”, for those that don’t know, is an over-the-top wave based shooter that pits a player and a few companions against a horde of nightmarish creatures.  In the original [...]

New Unreal Tournament Will be Free to Play
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Epic Games hosted a live stream today (which is still currently running at the time of this post) where they revealed their plans for a new Unreal Tournament game.  In a move that seems to be inline with other Epic Game releases, the developers announced that the next Unreal Tournament will be free-to-play. However, before [...]

Multiplayer Coming to ‘Don’t Starve’
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Klei, the developers behind the Tim Burton-esque survival game “Don’t Starve”, has announced that they’re taking their highly addictive single-player game and moving it towards the realm of multiplayer. Making the announcement on their forums, Klei discussed the path the studios took towards developing the game for multiplayer.  Essentially it wasn’t a matter of not [...]

Is There a New Mortal Kombat on the Way?
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 138 Days Ago. | 4 Comments
Or am I desperately grasping at straws for a chance to play a new “Mortal Kombat” game? Maybe it’s both! Either way, something is afoot and “Mortal Kombat” creator Ed Boon is playing coy. IGN first noticed that Ed Boon was up to some suspicious activity on his Twitter account when he asked his followers [...]

Wolfenstein To Be Four Discs on XBox 360
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 142 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
Bethesda has come out with their official specs for their upcoming game “Wolfenstein: The New Order” and it’s proving to be a hefty package, clocking in at 47 GB. The most surprising detail revealed on Bethesda’s Blog is that the Xbox 360 version of the game will require an 8 GB install and will utilize [...]

‘Outlast: Whistleblower’ Unleashes New Trailer
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The first DLC for last years hit horror game “Outlast” is due out in a couple of weeks, but we have a new trailer to help build anticipation. The DLC, titled “Whistleblower”, follows the horrific misadventures of the man who blew the whistle on Mount Massive Asylum.  In the core game, players were able to [...]

‘Dead Island’ Developers Showcase ‘Hellraid’
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While Techland, the developers behind “Dead Island”, are still developing their next zombie-themed game deemed “Dying Light”, they’re also putting work into a second game that features a different sort of nightmarish reality. “Hellraid” is their slightly smaller entry into co-op slashers and features a significant focus on combat. Techland announced the game several years [...]

First Gameplay Trailer for ‘H1Z1′
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Sony Online Entertainment is entering the bustling field of online multiplayer zombie games with their newest product “H1Z1.” The name, of course, is a play on the name H1N1 which is commonly associated with Swine Flu.  The game was actually announced earlier this month and just a few days ago they held a 12 hour [...]

Will You Opt for Stealth or Mayhem in Wolfenstein?
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“Wolfenstein: The New Order” is inching just a little closer to it’s May 20th release date.  At this point, you might want to start preparing for battle by considering your tactical options.  Perhaps you’d prefer to bleed em, real quiet?  Or are you looking to chew gum and kick ass? The latest trailer for “Wolfenstein” [...]

The Inquisition Begins with Dragon Age: Inquisition Trailer
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It’s time to dust off your van with the sweet medieval wizard painted on the side! The rockin’ fantasy world of Dragon Age is back again with Dragon Age: Inquisition. Demons, dragons, and all sorts of fantasy miscreants are invading the world of Thedas and it’s up to you to set things right. Or not. The [...]

New Bloodrayne Game in the Works
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 157 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
Ever since that time Uwe Boll got his hands on “Bloodrayne”, the franchise as a whole seems to have slipped from the pop culture conscious. With its wild heroine and combination of vampires and Nazis, Bloodrayne used to hold a certain charm that popularized it in the 90s. In 2012 Wayforward took a crack at [...]

CCP Cancels World of Darkness
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In a world where MMOs are struggling to live long enough just to become “free-to-play”, its always a surprise to see another franchise attempt to enter the fray.  One such MMO was the long-gestating “World of Darkness” which was an online game based on the “Vampire: The Masquerade” series. “World of Darkness” was originally announced [...]

New Gameplay Trailer for ‘The Evil Within’
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With PAX East currently underway a few of the big game companies, and some smaller ones, have brought their wares to the annual convention/gathering.  One of which is “The Evil Within” from Shinji Mikami, the man who created “Resident Evil.”  Bethesda, who is releasing the game, has put out a new gameplay trailer for the [...]

Outlast DLC ‘Whistleblower’ Arrives Next Month
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 164 Days Ago. | 2 Comments
If you’ve been waiting to dive back into the world of “Outlast” with their first DLC expansion, then you probably know that it’s been a scary-long wait.  “Whistleblower”, the upcoming DLC expansion, was first announced way back around Halloween of last year.  And while I initially hoped we would be seeing it sooner rather than [...]

The Last of Us: Remastered Coming to PS4
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Surprisingly, there’s a sizeable segment of Playstation 4 owners who missed out on playing “The Last of Us” because they either didn’t own a PS3 or they ditched their old system in favor of a new one.  Sony is giving those individuals a chance to rectify their predicament by bringing the PS3 hit to the [...]

Nowhere to Hide from New Wolfenstein Trailer
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 166 Days Ago. | 2 Comments
The return of the Third Reich is nearly upon us as Bethesda gets ready to release their new take on “Wolfenstein” on May 20th.  The company is currently slowly building up hype for the new game with a steady drip of new trailers and alternate reality content like a Nazi owned music company. The newest [...]

New Soma Trailer Reveals a Big Surprise
Written by Jason McDonald, Posted 171 Days Ago. | 1 Comment
A lot of news articles about the latest trailer for “Soma” have opted to reveal the surprising twist showcased in the video below.  However, I think its better if you see it first before you learn what the twist is.  The way Frictional Games reveals this particular secret is pretty clever and worth watching untainted. [...]

Release Date Finally Announced for Alien: Isolation
Written by Chris Savage, Posted 176 Days Ago. | 2 Comments
Are you guys stoked for Alien: Isolation? We’ve been talking about it for long enough, but we can finally reveal that the game has an official release date locked in. So, pen and paper at the ready guys, this sucker is on the horizon. Alien: Isolation will hit Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Playstation [...]