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Telltale Reveals Trailer for The Wolf Among Us
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 247 days ago.
Telltale Games has finally debuted the trailer for their next big adventure game title “The Wolf Among Us.”  In this new game, the developer has turned away from the world of zombies and adorable kids to focus instead on a world filled with fairytale characters. “The Wolf Among Us” is based upon the Vertigo Comics [...]

Independent Horror and Gaming
Posted by Adam Knehans | Posted 251 days ago.
Horror is a gamble, if it goes well it is incredibly profitable.  If it does too good a job it doesn’t sell as well because pretty creepy sells better than genuinely disturbing or terrifying.  And when it bombs, it bombs hard.  This is why, historically, the best horror tends to come out of the independent [...]

Dead Island 3 Most Likely Exists
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 253 days ago.
The “Dead Island” series may have hit a bit of a rough patch with the release of “Dead Island: Riptide” earlier this year, but that hasn’t stopped Deep Silver from being optimistic about the future of their zombie franchise. Yesterday we told you that Deep Silver was pursuing a MOBA based around the “Dead Island” [...]

Black Ops 2 DLC Reveals Zombie Origins
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 253 days ago.
If you’re a fan of the zombie mode featured in Treyarch’s “Call of Duty” games, then you might be aware of the fact that there’s a hidden story going on underneath all the zombie mayhem.  If you’re a killing machine with no time to investigate your surroundings, you probably missed all the underlying context.  That’s [...]

Murdered: Soul Suspect Gets Release Window
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 253 days ago.
When Square Enix announced it’s list of upcoming games, players who were interested in getting their hands on “Murdered: Soul Suspect” were left a little perplexed.  The game was nowhere to be found in the announcement.  Fear not though, the game didn’t vanish into the ether like a wayward spirit.  It’s just not being released [...]

More Content Coming to XCOM: Enemy Unknown
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 253 days ago.
While XCOM fans are anxiously awaiting the release of “The Bureau: XCOM Declassified” at the end of this month, there may be something else on the horizon to satisfy that alien killing desire. A recent update to the Steam version of “XCOM: Enemy Unknown” included an updated achievement list which now shows thirty unmarked and [...]

Deep Silver Developing Dead Island: Epidemic
Posted by Goon | Posted 254 days ago.
The Dead Island franchise is on its way to becoming a free to play platform. Yep, Deep Silver has made the announcement of their upcoming game, Dead Island: Epidemic. They are calling it a ZOMBA (Zombie Online Multiplayer Battle Arena) game. Dead Island: Epidemic pits three teams of players against each other in a “desperate [...]

NECA Announces Video Game Freddy Krueger Action Figure
Posted by Goon | Posted 254 days ago.
At this years San Diego Comic Con, NECA released a Jason figure from the Friday the 13th video game on Nintendo. The figure did amazingly well and has since fetched a pretty penny on the secondary market. After the con NECA teased that they may release a Freddy Krueger figure in the same style after [...]

Lost Planet 3 Trailer Explains Hypothermia with Horrifying Detail
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 255 days ago.
I’ve never been happier to be living in the moderately warm climate of California.  The latest trailer for “Lost Planet 3″ chooses to divert it’s attention away from gameplay and story and focus, instead, on another sort of adversary: the weather. Using some excruciatingly precise scientific detail, the trailer below explains what happens to the [...]

Left 4 Dead 3 Has Been Accidentally Revealed
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 255 days ago.
It’s not a surprise that another “Left 4 Dead” game would be coming our way.  It’s long been rumored to have been in development, it was simply a matter of when and where the big announcement would come.  However, I’m sure a leaked photo from a tour group wasn’t how Valve imagined their game would [...]

F.E.A.R. Developer Reveals New Game: Betrayer
Posted by Goon | Posted 256 days ago.
Ex-Monolith developers have formed a new indie game studio called Blackpowder Games. This team was responisble for the original F.E.A.R. and the No One Lives Forever series. Today they announced their next game was going to be Betrayer. It is described as an eerie and suspenseful first person action adventure set in and around an abandoned [...]

Lost Planet 3 Will Have a Pacific Rim Tie-In
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 260 days ago.
A movie like “Pacific Rim” would seem like the easiest movie in the world to translate into a video game tie-in. Unfortunately, things often seem easier than they actually are and the “Pacific Rim” game that we got wasn’t all that great.  However, if we’re lucky, it might not be the only game featuring Jaegers [...]

You Only Live Once in The Bureau
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 260 days ago.
Things were getting a little heavy there for “The Bureau: XCOM Declassified” and their ad campaign.  When a video offers you the choice of either alcoholism or suicide, you know it’s time to lighten things up a bit.  However, some fans are feeling that the latest video is a little too light. 2K Marin wanted [...]

New Mortal Kombat Game in the Works
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 261 days ago.
You knew it was coming, even if you didn’t.  Like the changing of the seasons or the coronation of a new Pope, there will always be another Mortal Kombat game.  At this point it was simply just a matter of when and where it would be announced. Like all great announcements, this one came in [...]

Neverending Nightmares Inspired by Battle with Mental Illness
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 262 days ago.
Video games are the highest form of escapist entertainment I can think of.  When the world starts to become overbearing, we can turn on a console and assume the form of somebody else for a few hours.  Maybe you’ll journey to the Mushroom Kingdom and save a princess or perhaps you’ll be a soldier battling [...]

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow PC Demo Available Now
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 262 days ago.
If you’ve been waiting to play “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow” on PC, your long wait will soon be over as the Ultimate Edition of the game will drop on August 27th.  However, if you want to test the waters before your buy it, Konami is giving you the chance right now with a demo available [...]

Bioshock Returns to Rapture in New DLC
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 262 days ago.
While the first bit of “Bioshock: Infinite” DLC is hitting the market today in the form of a horde mode called “Clash in the Clouds”, Irrational Games has gone ahead and announced the next two bits of DLC. The announcement of a combat-centric DLC add-on to “Infinite” left fans a little cold as the combat [...]

A look back at The Chronicle’s of Riddick – Escape from Butcher Bay
Posted by Adam Knehans | Posted 263 days ago.
As we are fast approaching the next instalment in the Chronicle’s of Riddick I thought I might talk about the “origin” game as it were, Escape from Butcher Bay.  Originally released in 2004 for Xbox and PC Escape from Butcher Bay is set before Pitch Black where Riddick is being delivered to Butcher Bay by [...]

Neil Gaiman Steps Into The Video Game Market
Posted by DarkwingMantis | Posted 265 days ago.
Fan favorite, Neil Gaimon, will be stepping into unknown territory when he releases his first video game Wayward Manor. Set in Gothic New England, the game follows the misadventures of a ghost who wants nothing more than a peaceful afterlife, and to kick out the motley crew living in the house he once called home. [...]

Deadly Premonition and More Pass Greenlight
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 266 days ago.
Well that didn’t take long to happen.  ”Deadly Premonition” has made it past the latest round of community voting and is on it’s way to being launched on Steam. Given that they wanted to release the game towards Halloween, it can be safely assumed that it’ll be available for purchase sometime in October. But wait! [...]

Agent Cole’s Fate Revealed in New XCOM Video
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 267 days ago.
A few days ago, 2K Games asked the world to decide the fate of Agent Ennis Cole.  The man was, understandably, in a bad place.  Not only were aliens harassing the Earth, but they also horribly murdered his family.  By the end of the previous video we were left two options: The bottle or the [...]

Outlast Hits PCs in September
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 267 days ago.
Red Barrels’ first indie-title “Outlast” will finally be available to own on September 4th on PCs.  The game is also slated to come to the PS4, but there’s no word on when that’ll happen. In the remote mountains of Colorado, horrors wait inside Mount Massive Asylum. A long-abandoned home for the mentally ill, recently re-opened [...]

Deadly Premonition Will Get All DLC on PC
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 269 days ago.
If you’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of “Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut” on Steam after our reading previous story, then there’s even more good news for you. Rising Star Games has released a FAQ that reveals what sort of features will be included with the PC version of “Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut.” One [...]

Aliens: Colonial Marines DLC Reveals Hicks’ Fate
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 269 days ago.
Man, “Aliens: Colonial Marines”, what a crazy ride that was, right?  It was a long-awaited and highly-anticipated game that failed to live up to just about everyone’s expectations.  Still, the game managed to sell well enough with 1.31 million units moved.  It wasn’t a titan, but it definitely sold better than the reviews would’ve suggested. [...]

Infestation: Survivor Stories Hits 1 Million Users
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 269 days ago.
Maybe the name “Infestation: Survivor Stories” doesn’t ring a bell.  Before the developer decided to change the name of their game, it was known as “The War Z.”  Yes, the same game that suffered through a pretty controversial period where it was temporarily pulled from Steam just a day after its release in December.  The [...]

Darkstalkers is Temporarily Dead Again
Posted by Jason McDonald | Posted 269 days ago.
It seems sadly fitting that a fighting series about monsters just refuses to die.  In the latest round of “will they/won’t they”, Capcom has come out once again to squash the hopes of Darkstalkers fans worldwide. Speaking with Siliconera, fighting game manager for Capcom Matt Dahlgren revealed that a new Darkstalkers game is unlikely due [...]