John Carpenter is All Skin & Bones

Though I have my reservations about the show Fear Itself, one being the fact that its being put onto NBC, which means some of the more disturbing stuff the directors were able to do on Masters of Horror are gone, commercials breaking the movies apart, and the fact its being done before the WGA strike and some stuff might be rushed has me nervous. 

However, Shocktillyoudrop has the briefest of words of the episode Master of Horror John Carpenter will be directing.  Carpenter teams up again with writers Drew McWeeney and Scott Swan, both of whom penned his Masters entries, Cigarette Burns and Pro-Life, two of the very best episodes from the show.  The trio should really tackle a feature film together after Fear Itself.

From what Swan & McWeeney were willing to divulge about the project, the title is Skin & Bone and is described "as a western set in present day with a slight supernatural bent".  Needless to say we all know Carpenter loves Westerns, Assault on Precient 13, Vampires, and Ghosts of Mars were Westernish in their presentations.  

Fear Itself is set to debut in the summer on NBC.  I do hope that the series is better than what I think it will be, I will be very, very happy to be proven very wrong. 

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