Horror Screen Writers Conduct Exorcism


If you are ever going to go on strike and flip the bird to the big studios what better way then to show up at one of the big studios and perform an Exorcism. Now thats some good stuff.... John from TheMovieBlog gives us this:

Chanting “Out, demons, out!” a group of more than 65 horror writers staged an exorcism outside of two gates at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank on Nov. 27, part of the ongoing writers’ strike, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Pickets wore T-shirts emblazoned with “Horror Writers on Strike: We Eat Scabs.” Other writers showed up in priest and nun getups and brought along holy water.

The goal was to “get rid of the evil infesting the studios,” the trade paper reported. The idea for the exorcism came from Scott Kosar, who wrote the remakes of 1970s horror classics The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Amityville Horror.

I like that the horror writers have the sense of "fun and daring" to do something different while on strike but I am sure the folks at Warner Brothers are not laughing. Or are they? Perhaps they are who knows! Unlike when auto-workers go on strike it seems Horror Writers make striking the life of the party... street party at least. Have you been following the strike at all? Do you care? Sound off in ye comments!

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