Hellboy 2 The Golden Army New Poster


We have a brand new poster for Hellboy 2 via the fine folk at EmpireOnline. Hellboy and gang are on a mission to stop the prince of the woodland ghouls, who is hell-bent on retrieving three pieces of a key that will allow him to unlock the might of the Golden Army, a fighting force of invincible metallic soldiers. With two of the pieces already in hand, he must obtain the last from his sister. To divert a war, Hellboy and his troupe must protect the princess, but things get complicated when Abe falls in love with her.

Below is some cool concept art we showed you earlier. The first shows The golden army laying dormant in a massive stadium. The gears are for draining water since originally it was planned to have them be underwater waiting to be re-awakened.

Concept art ofthe military base where Hellboy grew up in the 1950's with his father ( the scientist who found him )

The Berserker. A bad dude nobody should mess with. Accept for Hellboy and ME of course. Cause I am a bad ass.

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