Cold Prey 2 In the Works


Just last week it was announced that Cold Prey would be making its way stateside. So now those madmen in Norway have decided to greenlight a sequel. The director Roar Uthaug dropped Twitch a line regarding what will be happening in the sequel. Beware if you haven't seen the original there are some spoilers.

"The story will pick up where the first one left off: The winter of 2006 five young friends met a brutal death in the Jotunheimen mountain range of Norway. Only a young woman survived. Cold and weak Jannicke struggles her way back to civilization. In the small local hospital the personnel are going through their daily routines. But then the bloody and beaten young woman is brought in. Later Jannicke wakes up in her hospital bed. But the hospital is darkened and not a living soul is in sight. Alone she carefully steps out into the corridors. Is her nightmare not over after all?"

Even though Uthaug tipped them off he will not be directing the sequel. That duty has been given to Mats Stenberg and is expected to be released in 2008.

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