Good friend of the site Director Scott Phillips (Stink of Flesh) has been fielding distribution offers for his new film, Gimme Skelter (my review). So far nothing has proven worth giving his movie over. So he has decided to begin selling the film on his own.

Right now he is starting up pre-orders for the film so you can own it now rather than waiting on someone to give him a deal. So these will be pre-release discs that will most likely be out months before any kind of deal comes down. If you want more information on how to obtain this fantastic indie film check out his latest blog.

GIMME SKELTER follows a group of characters in a small, sleepy New Mexico town, particularly Todd Aherne and his girlfriend Jonda. Through a terrible mistake, Todd puts his relationship with Jonda in jeopardy -- and when the town is besieged by a group of would-be serial killers led by a man who may very well be the son of Charles Manson, Todd must suffer trials he never imagined in order to save Jonda -- and himself.

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