Jessica Alba Awake Review.. Uh Oh.


No reviews have come in yet for AWAKE, but I did read a funny review on TerrorFeed in the comments section about AWAKE that make me think we are probably not missing much by avoiding it. Quote;

A true disappointment on so many levels. In terms of the "awareness" component of the movie...its clear that the movie director has never set foot in or has any clue as to the working of an OR. I saw the movie with a half dozen surgical and anesthesia colleagues and we could'nt stop laughing at how badly the film was out of touch with the reality and safety measures that are employed in the operating room.

....the Best part of the movie...of course is the presence of Jessica Alba...who should FIRE her manager for getting her involved in this fiasco

Its a very lengthy post about the movie and nothing positive is said about the movie. Read the whole comment. If you have seen AWAKE and liked it or did not like it submit your review and share your views!

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