Joe Lynch Talks Wrong Turn 3


A while back Fox had brought up that they had an interest in doing Wrong Turn 3. Bloody Good Horror took that knowledge with them during an interview with Joe Lynch. Of course they asked him if he would be back to the franchise. Of course he is into the idea but thinks that of course because of the writers strike that things will be on hold for a while.

"There's one idea in particular that I FUCKING LOVE that would answer all the questions that people have had in the past as to why people who survived the previous films didn't say anything, and where are the cops in all of this." Lynch tells the site. "So it answers a lot of questions, it opens up the mythology a little more too which I really like."

If they do make a Wrong Turn 3, Joe Lynch is the man to do it. Otherwise it will be another mindless sequel which seems to be on the rise. Hopefully Fox will be smart enough to bring him on board for more.

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