Asylum's Tokyo Monster and Dinosaurs

I posted my review for The Asylum's latest genre offering I Am Omega a short while ago. Director of Omega Griff Furst is already hot on his next project called Prehistoric (penned by Paul Bales of Legion of the Dead), a movie where scientist go back in time and accidently bring back a pissed off T-Rex. More along the lines of A Sound of Thunder, the film is meant to come out around Ronald Emmerich's epic 10,000 BC. The Prehistoric page has been updated with cast photos, previously held by pictures of dinosaur puppets, no trailer as of yet. The film does star Michael Gross, Burt Gummer of Tremors fame. Prehistoric is due out in March 11, 2008.

Their website has also updated with the trailer for their January release titled Monster. Monster was originally called Tokyo and is due out on 1-15-08 to tie-into JJ Abrams' top secret project Cloverfield due out on the 18th. Check out the trailer for Monster here.

I have to say the trailer looks pretty interesting. The camcorder way it was shot does mimic Cloverfield and there is of course a gigantic monster rampaging through the city. For anyone curious yes, the film was really shot in Tokyo with some pickups done in LA after the majority of the film was shot. I give props for Asylum for not just going to Chinatown and shooting there. Considering their films are made for under $1million, curious on why they chose to actually go to Tokyo instead of just shooting in Chinatown.

The movie page is credited to Erik Estenberg for writing and directing though IMDB lists Asylum regular Eric Forsberg (writer on Snakes on a Train and director of Night of the Dead: Leben Tod) as director and Asylum head David Michael Latt (has penned Alien vs Hunter and wrote/directed War of the Worlds) as writer. Gonna have to wait till the film comes out to see whats up with this.

Anywho, like all Asylum movies, Monster will come with special features:

  • Bloopers
  • Making of Featurette
  • Trailers

Though its not mentioned, I'd imagine a commentary is probably on the disc as well. Haven't known as Asylum movie that lacks one of those. Monster hits store shelves on January 15, 2008 (13 days after my birthday:)) and will go for $24.95.
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